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6 Ways To Prepare For Change

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Some change is welcome – some change is not. Every month or year or two life has a habit of throwing something at us that we can't expect; it could be a job promotion, acquisition, sale, tournament loss, separation or graduation. Change comes in a number of ways in our life almost constantly, dictating our future step by step of the way.

Change is sometimes uncomfortable whether it be starting a new job or moving to a big new house. There's always an adjustment period for any new habits; and despite our reluctant fear of change, we spend our whole lives overcoming it and finding new ways to adapt and deal with change.

changeHere's a couple things to remind yourself about when you are struggling to get through some changes:

1. Remember there is always another time

We tend to remember the bad changes more than the good changes and they reflect in our memory for a long time. Whenever a big change occurs we have to remember there is always going to be another time. Life has a tendency to move faster than we expect, and before we know it, new changes are occurring all around us. It only takes a minute for something to change in your life, and suddenly a new life is spiraling into being.

2. We anticipate and are prepared for change

It doesn't take a lot for us to perceive the immediate future but when something jars us it affects our plans. Perhaps bad timing of work incident upsets your schedule for a while. We should anticipate and be prepared for change whenever it rears itself. We can appreciate the moment we have but know that it may not last forever – whether for better or worse; and we will survive on through.

3. We've survived through many changes

Remind yourself about all the times you've already survived a big change in your life. The last breakup, you made it through. The last time you got fired, here you are, we made it again. That time someone was really upset with you – well here we are. We seem to survive every single time our life changes, and we didn't even break a sweat.

4. We've thrived with continuous change

And every time we go through one of those changes things seem to start looking better. Everything gets really low for a few days, a few weeks, or months; we're not sure what's going to happen! We are however, an expert on getting through our changes, however we do it; and every time we come right back up again.

5. We've lived through many changes

All those times we resurface from change, we continuing living the same life we did, being who we are, but with the memory in our heads; a lesson learnt, a story told or a tragedy survived. We become stronger with the knowledge and more confident the more experiences we have, and with that we become better people. We know what we can get through and we know how to do it.

6. Change is necessary

Change comes in the form of anything from relationship separation and family deaths to job changes, moving houses, accidents or successes. Regardless of what path we follow in life, we are bound to experience change, and our resilience to succeeding obstacles is profound. We learn to adapt to new environments, form new habits, and readdress the way we perceive ourselves. We become stronger versions of ourselves with better defensive mechanisms and a smarter way of conquering our challenges.

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