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Feeling off? 5 ways to get back into alignment RIGHT NOW!

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Energy"”it's everywhere.   Our bodies are composed of it.   Our world is made of it.   No doubt, over the past ten years you've heard a lot about energy including the power of our thoughts, the law of attraction, manifestation and the like.   Energy thrives in alignment.   So when you're having one of those amazing days where everything is going right, chances are, you're in alignment.   When you're feeling off, stuck, not so peppy, you got it"”the exactly opposite is happening.   You've gone out of energetic alignment.

It's ok to go out of alignment.   We all do.   We're human and each and every day is a gift of exploration, experiences and ways of being.   In fact, being out of alignment can be an opportunity.   It can show us what or who contributed to us falling out of alignment and help us to evaluate if it was even warranted or if it was worth giving our power away temporarily.   Have you ever had one of those days where everything is moving along quite well, but then one thing frustrates you or annoys you and then you find yourself slipping?   Suddenly that good mood has drifted away?   During that occurrence, you've fallen out of energetic alignment.

desireThe natural state of energetic alignment is a feeling good place.   It doesn't necessarily need to be tied to a person, place or thing.   In fact, it's more powerful when this feeling good comes from the inside.   It's always an inside job!   When we're feeling good, that's the energy we're transmitting out to the world"”just like an antenna broadcasts a certain frequency.   This transmission informs the energy in the field surrounding you to bounce back more situations and experiences that mirror the frequency of the energy you're sending"”whether good or bad.   It's the snowball effect.   The energy compounds on top of each other.   So when you're feeling good, you end up having one of those days when everything goes right.

But what about those times when you do feel off?   How do you get back on track?   It's simpler than you think.   I've found that using all five of these tips works best, however if you are pressed for time try one or two.   The point is to ignite your own minute-by-minute transformation"”from feeling off to feeling better.   These steps are the most sure fire way to get you back to that good feeling place.

Move it

Movement doesn't have to be a full blown workout!   If you're out there groaning about this one, stay with me.   This step can be as simple as taking a walk around the block on your lunch break or taking five to ten minutes to do some yoga sun salutations.   Exercise triggers movement not only of your body, but of the energy within, freeing up any stagnant or stuck energy.   Also, there are many neurological benefits such as the release of endorphins and serotonin to not only help you feel better, but help you sleep better too!


This is one of the easiest steps of the five.   Pay attention to your breath.   Most of us participate in shallow breathing during the course of our day.   Shallow breathing keeps us in a fear-based response within our body.   Taking a moment or two or three to focus on our breath, specifically deep cleansing breaths, releases your body's pent up tension.   Only three deep breaths can begin to shift your mood and your perspective.

Switch your thoughts.

As you well know, thoughts can shape your experience.   While we have upwards of 40 thoughts per minute, it's impossible to monitor each and every one.   However, there are some that come up regularly that may be negative and may not even be true!   We are often our own worst enemy.   When one of those thoughts pops up, examine it carefully.   Is there any truth to it or is it a worry, someone else's opinion, or is it something in the past that should be put to bed?   For those thoughts such as "I'm not good enough," turn it around in that moment.   Although saying "I am enough," may not initially move mountains for you, over time switching your negative thought to a positive one will eventually program that thought to the positive end of the energetic spectrum over time.


You may think this one is silly, but it's true.   When we smile, the muscles triggered in our faces release powerful neurotransmitters such as endorphins.   Yes, the same neurotransmitters released in exercise!   If you're smiling at someone it makes them feel at ease and in some cases can make their day!   Smiling at yourself in the mirror, while seeming corny at first, can actually make you feel better too.   So smile big and shine those pearly whites!


We've heard the benefits of gratitude time and time again.   Why is gratitude so powerful?   It boils down to love and appreciation.   Whenever we're appreciating a person, place, thing or experience, our focus goes there and is aligned with the vibration of love"”one of the highest energetic vibrations in the Universe.   When we feel gratitude, not only does that energy go out and bring back more experiences to be grateful for, it makes us feel better too.

Start practicing these five points daily and especially on days when you start out feeling off or not optimum.   You'll see the process working for you as you move forward.   If you're having a great day and you employ these five steps, your day will transform into something phenomenal!   Just know that as you keep working with these tips, your energy is spiraling upward and that increases your ability to feel good and attract in your heart's desires.

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