What Is The Best Spiritual Nourishment For You?

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Our physical nourishment

We all know that in order to live and function we have to nourish our body, so that it is supplied with energy that can make it function. We know that if we do not feed our body, we will eventually perish. Our whole experience of life depends on having a body that is well nourished, because if it is not, then our experience will become less than perfect, and we will get weak or ill. We cannot experience life to the full unless we give our body the best nourishment, and a lot of us are concerned with what we eat. We strive to eat healthy things that will nourish us in the best possible way, and we try to avoid things that we know are not good for us, such as sugar, saturated and trans fats, refined carbohydrates, red meat, alcohol, tobacco etc. Our knowledge about what kind of food we should put into our bodies is quite substantial, and a lot of research has been carried out in this field. We strive to get enough vitamins and the right balance of carbohydrates and protein to avoid being ill because of undernourishment. We have realized that we must learn to take responsibility for our own physical health, so that we get the best possible experience of life. We know that when we are ill or in hospital our experience of life has been reduced and a lot of us are trying our best to stay healthy.

cameron-gray-spiritualOur spiritual nourishment

But we not only have a physical organism, we also have a spiritual organism. This spiritual organism is often referred to as our psyche.   This organism must also be nourished. While the physical body needs physical food, the spiritual body needs spiritual ´food ´. What is spiritual food or nourishment? It is our thoughts. Our thoughts are ´something ´ and they are a type of energy. It is extremely important that we feed our psyche the right types of thoughts because, according to Martinus, the Danish visionary and mystic, our thoughts are the most important factor in our health. Our thoughts are more important for our health than the physical food we eat.

Hunger and satiation

Just as we have hunger and satiation for physical food, we also have hunger and satiation for spiritual food. And just as we can harm our physical body with the wrong type of food, we can harm our spiritual body with the wrong type of spiritual nourishment. And when we feed our spiritual body with the wrong type of ´food ´, our spiritual experience of life is also reduced. For that reason it is of importance that we reach clarification about what nutrition is the best for the spirit or psyche. But whereas there is lots of information out there about our physical nourishment, it is a different matter when it comes to our spiritual nourishment. There is not a lot of information about this, and a lot of people are feeding their spirit or psyche with nourishment that can only be defined as junk food.   A lack of contact with the right spiritual nourishment will result in spiritual undernourishment. When you never give any thought to what kind of spiritual nourishment you consume, you will in the long run undermine your spiritual health. The human beings must learn that its spiritual health is as important as its physical health.

What is the best spiritual nourishment?

Martinus does, however, have very clear guidelines about what the best spiritual nourishment is, and he points out that many of us have accustomed ourselves to consuming harmful, not to say deadly, spiritual nourishment. There are many types of harmful spiritual nourishment and one of them consists of ideas that have been passed down from past centuries. It could be old habits and beliefs, such as believing that you need to eat the flesh of other living beings because ´we have always done that ´, it could be being afraid of what other people might think if you do not follow the unwritten rules, it could be not wanting to go against the opinions of the flock, of being afraid to not drink and eat what the others are drinking or eating; in other words being afraid to be who you have become, because others do something differently. It is very important for our mental health to dare to stand up for who we are, even though all the others around us may look down upon us. In this connection it may be worth remembering that many of the traditions that we still live by today were forged centuries ago, so that today they really belong in a museum.   This could for instance be discriminating against others because of race, skin colour, religion, sex, age or sexual orientation. If we don't respect all people, on the spiritual level it's akin to driving an old Ford T Model, even though on the materialistic level we might be driving a Mercedes or a Jaguar.

Harmful spiritual nourishment

What then, is harmful spiritual nourishment? Quite simply, everything that makes people feel antipathy, anger and hatred towards other living beings. It is harmful to watch films that encourage revenge and hatred, films that encourage crime and unlawfulness and films that are packed with violence, blood and killing. Violence, hatred and murder are not healthy spiritual nourishment. It is worse than junk food.
Also there is a lot of harmful nourishment in magazines, such as gossip and focusing on the private life of well-known film stars, royals or billionaires, to see if they are getting divorced or are having affairs, what clothes they wore to this or that event, if they look fat or slim, if they looked good and had a good or bad hair day etc. These magazines have been produced by people whose interests are focused on the idolatry of ´glamour ´ and money, and that is not what human life is about. It is poison for the psyche and only leads to jealousy, envy and a lack of self-worth in the reader.

One should also avoid speaking badly about other persons, speaking behind a person ´s back and sowing the negative seeds of rumours and gossip. If one still has these tendencies, then one must realize that s/he has a medieval side to the psyche.

Another type of harmful spiritual nourishment is directed at yourself, by yourself, e.g.: self-criticism, dwelling on past mistakes, reliving painful episodes in the past and recycling emotional pain. Let it go! Learn from your mistakes but don ´t dwell on them. Leave them in the past where they belong and move on. If your mind keeps returning to the mistakes of the past, then make a mental catalogue of loving and happy replacement thoughts that you can activate instead.

We have an enormous choice of thoughts

It is important to realize that we have the ability to focus and this means that we have an enormous choice of thoughts we can think. We have millions and millions of thoughts at our disposal and we are free to choose which thoughts we allow into our thought sphere. Some of the thoughts may have been dressed up in a chocolate coating, so that we think that they are healthy and attractive, but at their core they can be poisonous and harmful. We all have responsibility for our own mental or psychic life. Nobody else has. Not our spouse or mother, not our best friend. Only us!

As it is extremely important for the maintenance of a healthy psyche to learn which substances are the right spiritual nourishment, what then are they, in a nutshell?

The right spiritual nourishment

It is first and foremost: humane and humanitarian thoughts. We must strive to be understanding, kind, tolerant and loving towards our neighbour and all the time evaluate and ask ourselves: is this act that I am about to do humane? Is it kind, is it loving?

The people you win with your love, will come to you to ask your advice, and the best way to influence others is by your example. The right nourishment is thoughts that make you want to be a blessing and a source of joy for your neighbour and help them when they are in need.

We must understand that nobody can be any different than they are today based on their evolution and the experiences they have gone through, and that every one of us is standing at the peak of his/her evolution. If they were wiser, they would have behaved differently, but they were not, so we should forgive, bless and send them light and love.   We all stand at different stages of our development, and blaming a person that s/he is nor very evolved is the same as blaming a thistle because it's not a rose. We have no right to judge, because we do not know the path other people are on, we do not know their challenges nor their sufferings. We have no right to criticise or throw stones, nor to feel enmity or bitterness towards anybody. When we strive to act in a kind, loving and tolerant way, we have started feeding our psyche the right kind of nourishment that will bring us spiritual health. When we think positive thoughts we magnetize our blood positively and this will bring health to every part of our body.

The spiritual hunger follows material satiation

The spiritual hunger comes as a result of our material satiation. Once we have filled our material needs, we realize that fancy villas, expensive cars, fur coats, jewellery and designer clothes do not feed our soul. What use it is to be a millionaire and be able to buy everything you want, when you cannot make your family life function because of control issues, unkindness and lack of love? What use is it for the millionaire when he gets hit with a serious illness and has nowhere to turn in his hour of need? These states will eventually give rise to a spiritual hunger and to the questions: what is life all about? Why are we here? What is the solution to the mystery of life?

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