6 Ways Your Angels Help You Manifest (and How to Ask)

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Angels are our guardians and guides.   They are divine spiritual beings of love and light that work with humanity to help us in this lifetime, brining us messages, guidance and help for our highest good. Guardian angels are unique to each person; we each have our own team.   For some people this may be one angel, for others it may be many; and you can always ask for more if you feel the need.

Angels abide by the spiritual laws of the universe, because those laws are for all of humanity.   The Law of Free Will means we each get to freely choose what we want to create in our lives and that the angels will not directly interfere in your life (unless you ask or if your life is in danger before your time).   When you ask for guidance, your angels will mostly communicate through your intuitive feelings and signs that support your intuitive feelings.

angels_ginaWhen you ask your angels directly for help with something, you create a strong connection of co-creation.   Our angels can help us with manifesting pretty much anything.   This does not mean that you ask for $1,000,000 and it magically appears; that is not co-creation.   Think of it this way, if your child asked you for help with doing something, like homework for instance, you wouldn't just do it for them.   You would help them with advice, resources, ideas and support.   This method works because the experience of learning and creating is valuable and results in growth and expansion; the same is true for the process of manifesting.

When we ask the Angels for help, especially with manifesting something we clearly know we want and that is for our highest good, they conspire on our behalf by giving or sending us inspiration, ideas, signs, resources, opportunities, helpers, and lots of other serendipitous circumstances;   all leading to making our intentions a reality.   For your part, you have to act on whatever comes your way; if you don't, you won't create anything.

Our prayers or intentions will be answered, but how won't be up to us.   What is up to how we respond; with action or with dismissal.   Taking responsibility for your part in creating your life is crucial.   It is also crucial to understand that, in truth, we are manifesting all the time.   This is the Law of Attraction in action; all day, every day, without exception.   Becoming aware of this fact, that we constantly create our reality, and making conscious choices about what we are creating makes a huge, life changing impact.   What the Angels bring to the party is serendipity, guidance, miracles and supremely high vibrating energy that can truly accelerate and amplify the creation of your intentions and dreams.

Here are 6 ways your angels can help you with manifesting:

1. Ideas and inspiration

When you ask the Angels for help with manifesting, one of the first ways they begin to assist is with new ideas and divine inspiration.   The Angels communicate with us through our intuition, giving us a download of information that can help create the path to our dreams.   Do not dismiss new ideas that come to mind once you have asked your angels for help.   It can be as simple as making a phone call to someone or as in depth as starting a business.   Whatever the light bulb or aha moment is; don't ignore and do act on it.

2. Helpers

Once you know what you want, and you ask your angels for help, they begin to conspire on your behalf.   The Angels frequently work through other people; those who, in some way can give you information, support or collaboration.       The Angels can put you on the mind of people who can help you in unexpected ways.   If you directly ask for just that, get ready for offers of help from people you could never imagine and be sure to accept them.

3. Resources

The Angels are masters at serendipity.   When you ask them for help with manifesting, definitely focus on what you want, and leave how they will help you to them; this leave the door open for u limited possibilities.   The resources you need for any endeavor will fall together and come to you much more easily if you can surrender.   When you push and give instructions, instead of intentions, you create roadblocks to resources.   The Angels see the big picture, they know what you need and, more importantly, when you need it.   Expect the unexpected as resources like financing,   materials or products (and more) come your way without you needing to struggle, strife or worry.   Take action and use these resources; if you feel uncertain, ask for a sign

4. Opportunities

When opportunity knocks, you need to answer!   When you ask the Angels for help, there will be new and even unexpected opportunities that come your way.   The biggest issue people seem to have with this form of help is acting on them; usually out of fear or a lack of faith (primarily in themselves).   Seizing opportunity mainly requires that you believe in yourself and have faith to move forward.   The timing is right and the opportunity will help, if you believe it.   Seizing an opportunity will accelerate the manifesting, avoiding it could impede your progress.   Just believe in yourself; your angels do.

5. Clarity

Being clear on what we truly want is utterly the most vital part of manifesting; if you aren't completely sure about what you want, you cannot create it.   It can be a struggle to have this level of clarity; feelings of doubt tend to hold people back from giving voice to what they truly want, so they settle from the beginning and never fully create from their truest intentions.   When you ask the Angels for help, they consistently nudge you toward the big dreams; not the smaller ones you are willing to settle for and accept.   The Angels do not play it small, and they give you help so you won't either.   They are also excellent at uncovering issues within your intentions that may be blocking your manifesting process.   For example, let's say you find the home of your dreams and want to buy it, but you need to sell your current home.   Many people focus all their time, energy and intention on the sale of the current home; this can lead to becoming stuck in the selling phase.   Clarity of intention means you focus on what you truly want, not the path to it.   In this case, focus is better placed on the dream home; visualize decorating it and focusing all time and energy on that home.   Clarity takes you to the destination so your intention is clear; making the path to it unfolding easier.

6. Blocks

It would seem odd that a block would help us with manifesting, but it can be very valuable In certain circumstances.   While the Angels will send opportunities to us when we ask for help, we are also attracting opportunities all the time with our own vibration.   Sometimes, we may attract an opportunity that is not really for our highest good; one that will inevitably waste our times and cause stress. This can happen as a result of our own lower vibrating energy that stems usually from impatience and doubt or maybe we want to take the easy way.   When these kinds of opportunities show up, you will experience blocks to them.   Maybe you won't have the resources you need (like money), or maybe communication is difficult (you cannot get in touch with the people involved), or maybe strange things happen (your car won't start when you have to go to a meeting), of perhaps a good friend questions the opportunity (confirming your own feelings about it), or maybe you feel tension in your stomach (your Solar Plexus Chakra responding to low vibrating energy).   You might even experience all of these blocks in a short time; pay attention and let it go.   Manifesting should be a process that flows with inspired action, not one you need to push with impatience.

How to ask (I AM READY!)

Asking your angels for help does not require any formal ritual or prayer.   The best way to do it is from a place of surrender; asking for their help without giving instruction.   A great technique is the "I am ready" statement.   These 3 words are powerful, and "I am" is a definitive statement that lines up energy to support it.   Use this technique with the following intention to ask your Angels for help:

I am ready to create (you fill in your intention).   Please bring me the resources, ideas, inspiration and opportunities that can help bring this into reality.   Please put me on the minds of people that can help me as well.   Thank you.

Using a Vision Board in conjunction with your I AM READY request adds positive energy to the process as well.   Include some images of angels on it as a reminder that they are with you, guiding you and helping you co-create your dreams.   The I AM READY statement makes your intention very clear.   When we ask the Angels for help, especially with manifesting something we clearly know we want and that we are ready to have, they conspire on our behalf to make it a reality.   Happy manifesting!

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