6 Things To Tell Yourself When You Are Emotionally Wiped Out

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We've all been there and we all go through this. The emotional crash. The big dump. We have put up with more than we can handle and we are pretty sure we can't take much more. The whole world can just disappear, any day now, and you'd be a happy person. You wish everyone and everything would just go away or, at the very least, leave you alone for a day, a week maybe even a month.

Emotional crashes are hard. We aren't sure when things will get better or when we can smile and breathe easy again. No one likes them, you can't avoid them, no matter how hard you try and just wish there was an easy way to get through it or even a magic pill you could take that will make everything be better in an instant. Well short of taking mind altering drugs which I would never recommend, there are a few things you can do and say to yourself to help you get through this dreadful period.

getting_what_you_want1. It's ok to cry.

Many of us try to be strong for our friends, family or whoever is involved in whatever situation happening at the moment, but fact of the matter is, even strong people need to stop, break down and cry. We can't expect to be strong 100% of the time. If you need to lock yourself in the bathroom, go up to the top of a mountain and scream or call a friend and grab a shoulder to cry on, do it. Releasing all that pent up emotion is good for you. Remind yourself it's ok to cry.

2. Your friends really do want you to call them.

We don't want to bother anyone right? Jane has enough problems of her own she certainly doesn't need to hear mine. No one wants to listen to me cry about my problems. All that is wrong. Your friends care about you and always want you to reach out to them when you need them. They would be sad or hurt if you didn't. If they don't want you to reach out then they aren't true friends. It's ok to call your friends. They want you to.

3. I need a break.

Yes, you do and you need to give yourself permission to take one. The world will still go on without you; people will figure stuff out on their own. You don't have all the answers to all the problems and it's time you stopped acting like you did. You aren't a made of steel. You are a human with feelings and a breaking point. Stop and give yourself a break, before you break.

4. You did the best you could.

There is nothing left for you to do. You did whatever you could with what you know and have. Be proud of yourself for at least that much. Most people would have stopped a long time ago but you didn't. You persevered and kept going until you just couldn't anymore.   Good for you, good job. Tell yourself you did a good job and the rest will just work itself out.

5. Things will be better tomorrow.

I know cliché but it's true. Tomorrow is a new day, with a fresh start, a fresh mind and maybe even more optimistic. Things will be better. You can't do anymore today and you need to rest. Know that you did the best, it's time to let it be, and tomorrow things will start looking up. Keep telling yourself and you will believe it. Tomorrow is a new and better day.

6. Everything is temporary.

Even your emotions. You may be drained right now and probably have been for a while now but it will end. It will all end soon. Things will get better and in 6 months or a year from now you can look back on this period and pride yourself on how managed to overcome it and see how much stronger you are for it today.

So many things come hurtling at us from all angles and it seems all at the same time. Things will work themselves out, and things will get better. Have faith. This too shall pass.

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