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6 Surprising Things Happen To You When You Give Up Alcohol For A Month

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New Year's Eve is a distant memory now but you're still spinning from the short term effects of drinking too much. You partied hard, again. The next day you asked yourself that recurring question, when will I ever learn? You can't and shouldn't drink that much. So why do you? The list of answers is quite short. You do it to:

  •  Fit in
  •  Have fun
  •  Let loose
  •  Feel good

alcohol_stopThat's it. So why can't those things be achieved without alcohol and that dreadful feeling of morning after the night before syndrome? You know what happens after a night of drinking. You feel sick, your wallet is much lighter, your head is heavier, your clothes don't fit properly the next day and you look 10 years older.

So what could possibly happen if you stopped drinking, if even for a month or two and see how you felt after that? Now I'm not so insensitive to the fact that there are people who have trouble with alcohol and need professional help. This article targets the casual weekend party goer/drinker. With that said though, these things might be able to inspire others to not drink so much and perhaps aid in recovery. There's always hope.

1. More money.

Ok so clearly a no brainer but think about it. How much do you spend each weekend on drinks and going out and the odd bottle of wine at dinner. Add it up. The figure might surprise you. $20 here $50 there adds up very fast. You might be able to save up enough in a year's time to take a nice vacation. Get your calculator out, call your travel agent.

2. Your clothes fit better.

Really. Most alcohol is full of sugar and we all know where sugar sits in our bodies when we consume too much of it. Right around our waist line. The more you drink, the bigger that line gets, the less likely you will be able to fit into yesterday's jeans. It's a vicious cycle indeed but all kidding aside, if you have been desperately trying to lose that belly weight yet you still drink a few glasses of wine each meal or on weekends, chances are, that waist line will stay there until some serious changes get made.

3. You'll be more pleasant around others.

Alcohol is a depressant and even the day after the night before we will still feel its affects. We might be moody or cranky or even unsocial. It may very well be that you feel almost depressed and simply don't want to be around people. If you are normally a very social creature then perhaps reducing or limiting your alcohol intake might turn you back into that social creature you once were, and loved.

4. Gee you look terrific.

Yes, your skin will start to glow. Alcohol is a diuretic meaning it makes you pee more and lose more fluids that your body desperately needs to stay hydrated. When you stop drinking alcohol and replace it with water (as an example only) your skin will glow, and be much clearer, your eyes will sparkle and all your skin will feel softer and smoother.

5. You will have more energy.

It's no surprise how crappy we feel the day after a night of full on drinking. If you have tons of stuff to do the next day and suddenly can't get any of it done the result will be total guilt. When you stop drinking, you will have far more energy and more time to do all the things you need and want to do. And you won't feel guilty because nothing got done.

6. You will have more focus.

On work, home life, errands that need to get d one, school work or any other kind of daily activities you partake in that require some sort of focus or clarity. You will suddenly gain more and not only that, the people in the office will notice and have more respect for you because you didn't come in hungover again and expect everyone to cover your ass again another day.

You can see that the effects of alcohol are quite shocking. We think it's an innocent drink on the weekends but every weekend that innocent drink will have long term effects. Try and go without for one month and record your results. See how you feel after. And don't forget to check your wallet too. It will be heavier.

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