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21 Day Challenge That Everyone Needs To Take And The 6 Steps To Awesome

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You've heard it before. It takes 21 days to form a new habit. 21 days. That's it, that's all.   If you're in my life sucks mode then this challenge is definitely for you. If you're scared and not ready to change your life then stop reading. This is only for people who are ready to take their life to the next level and be happy. Are you about done having shitty things happen to you all the time AND wonder why on earth they do? Does it always seem that it's one thing after another and you are tired of it? But the most important question here is, are you ready for a new life? A happy life? A life of ridiculous joy and countless blessings?

Great. Read on. This one is for you.

awesome_challangeThere is absolutely no doubt about it, change is hard and very scary. Change takes time. We want all good things now, not in 6 months or a year from now. Because we aren't patient enough to see the results of the positive changes we have made, well, we just don't even bother making them at all. If results were instant, everyone would make changes. They're not, we don't and everything stays the same.

But how important is a new life to you? You know that living in misery is horribly depressing. You also know that being angry all the time isn't so much fun either. You have a list of things that you want to change. Are you ready? Let's go.

21 days to awesomeness

1. First thing in the morning, every single morning, say thank you.

Thank you to your Angels, or the Universe or whatever higher power you worship, say thank you loud and clear for another day. Another chance to make a change for a better life. Do not get out of bed until you've said thank you at least once. Say it many times if you feel the need. Just say it.

2. Smiles everyone smiles.

Yes, big silly grins of joy and happiness immediately after saying thank you. Or smile big even before you open your eyes. It doesn't matter it which order you do it, just make sure you do this, before you get out of bed. You can even smile while you are saying thank you.

3. Speak loving words only.

To those in the house when you wake up. If you live alone, then the first people you come across in your day make sure you say nothing but kind loving and optimistic words to them. Make them feel special and happy. The first words out of your mouth to another human should be filled with love and joy.

4. No complaining.

Oh yes this is a tough one, but go 21 days without complaining. As soon as you catch yourself starting to complain flip the no switch and stop it right away. This will be hard to do but I know you can do this. If the people around you start complaining and expect you to join in let them know you aren't interested and even feel free to share that you are doing a 21 day challenge to a better you. They may even want to join in!

5. Constant gratitude.

Continually say thank you throughout the day for everything that is happening. Yes even the bad things. Appreciate that the bad things are there to help you grow. Give gratitude all day for the people, events and things you have in your life. Let it flow like a river.

6. Be kind.

Do nice things for people at least once a day. Commit to doing something selfless and without thought. Carry groceries, buy a coffee for a homeless person, watch your neighbour's kids for an hour (unless they are demonic, then pass on this one), anything really but do something for someone. Even better if it's a stranger. You'll never know true feel good until you do something very random and kind for someone you don't even know.

Take action today. Start doing these things and do them continually for 21 days, no stopping. Do them all. If you can think of a few awesome things to do to make this challenge more exciting, throw those in too. Keep at this for 21 days and soon you will see how much happier you are and you will notice great changes start taking place in your life. You will also see that even after 21 days, you will continue to do this. Habit remember. A good one at that. Go!

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