6 Simple Healthy Habits To Help You Feel Amazing

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As both a mum and business owner sometimes it can feel like climbing a mountain when it comes to getting it all done, as well as leading a healthy lifestyle for both myself and my family.

You can be forgiven for cutting the odd corner as I sometimes do, but keeping healthy habits help me stay on track (for the most part!)

So here are 6 simple healthy habits that will not only make you feel good, but that are achievable for the busy person:

Crowd out the bad with the good

This is an obvious one but it's a great habit to get into. When you crowd out your pantry and fridge with wholesome choices and eliminate the foods that don't serve you, then you can only eat what's available.   This shouldn't be about deprivation, so make sure they're foods that not only nourish you but that you really enjoy.

healthy_habitsCarry a water bottle with some squeezed lemon

Having a bottle with you makes it hard to forget to drink it so fill up and go! Your body will thank you for it and you'll feel fresh and hydrated throughout the day.

Smoothie prep

If you adore smoothies like I do, then prepping can save you a lot of time.   Grab some small plastic freezer bags and fill them with some spinach, banana, raspberries, blueberries, or whatever your favourites are, and seal up the bag and place in the freezer.   Then when you're ready for your smoothie just empty the contents in the blender with your preferred liquid and super foods (if you add those).   This is a fantastic "˜breakfast on the go' option!

Align yourself with good thoughts and feelings

If I don't align my thoughts with how I want to feel, I start to feel the burden of my to-do-list and/or I start to berate myself for "˜being too much of this' or "˜not enough of that'.   The script can become so repetitive we barely notice it, but when you do, think about how you can change it to something positive "“ for example, saying something like  "˜Everything is working out just perfectly "“ I feel peaceful', can make a profound shift in your mind-set and how you go about your day.   Remember, our thoughts become things.

Schedule in your "˜self-care'

The more I practice this, the more I promote it, because this simple practice has had such a profound effect in my own life. It's a game-changer!

Set a day and time for you to truly nurture and care for yourself.   Write it in your diary and treat the appointment with respect, as you would for an important meeting.   You wouldn't be late for an important meeting would you?   Perhaps it's a bath with essential oils (I know that's my favourite), but whatever it is, book it in.   When we "˜fill our cup', it's easier to give, and it's easier to love.

Move to feel good

I don't have any positive memories of my wasted gym memberships. I loathed going!

Exercise and movement must feel good to you and your body, otherwise you won't do it, right? If we don't find what truly works for us, then we view it as a chore. Finding what works for you and your body is key to your sporty success and enjoyment.

If you enjoy the outdoors then head to your local park and run, walk, power-walk, or roller-skate, do whatever's going to get you excited about moving.   If you prefer to exercise in the comfort of your home then find an exercise DVD that's going to get you excited.   Then just wait for those endorphins to release that happy feeling!

In a world full of health advice it's easy to feel lost and confused about what and how you should be taking care of yourself, so the advice I give my clients is to  "˜do what makes you feel good'.   Then once you find what aligns you with feeling good, make it a healthy habit.

When we adopt healthy habits that become as natural and routine as brushing our teeth, then it makes it all the more easier to stay on track.

We're creatures of habit after all.

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