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6 Reasons To Stop Playing The Victim Now

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Anything bad that can possibly happen has happened to you. You've been hard done by by many people and things. Life throws you lemons like tennis balls. One thing after an other and there doesn't seem to be any end in site. Why me? Why does bad shit always happen to me?

Sound familiar? Do you find yourself always in victim mode? Or maybe you have a friend or family member who is always claiming to be on the receiving end of bad luck. It's a vicious victim cycle.   Will it ever end though? Of course it will. Sooner than you think. Here are a few reasons why you need to stop playing victim now and if you follow some of them, you may just end that victim cycle and consciousness.

victim1. Like attracts like.

That may sound a tad insensitive but you attract what you think. If you continually think and talk about how bad life is, life is going t o continually throw things at you to complain and cry about it. For one day, try talking and thinking ab out only good and positive things. It may be hard to do but with a little practice you'll get better at it.

2. Friends are dropping like flies.

Have you noticed your friends and some family member have stopped coming around? They get tired of listening to the same old crappy stuff all the time. It gets old and tiring. They don't want to hear about all the bad stuff all the time. Sometimes, too much negativity will repel people.

3. It's bad for your health.

Being negative all the time, because face it, playing victim isn't the most optimistic of all emotions, can only lead to being sad and stressed. Now with that sad, it's a fact that people who are stressed out more have high blood pressure, poor eating and sleeping habits. The sooner you release your victim mentality, the sooner you will see your health start improving.

4. Create your own future.

Or at least your day. If you want to be happier and have a good day, as soon as you wake up, tell yourself that this is the day everything changes and things are going to be awesome. You have to talk yourself into having a better day, every day. If you wake up and your first thought is I wonder what kind of horrible stuff is going to happen today well, guess what? Horrible stuff is going to happen to you.

5. Get out of your comfort zone.

Yes, you are officially now comfortable in your victim role. Sounds horrible but it's true. You've lived like this for so long, it's all you know, and you are comfortable there. Even though it's not the nicest place to be, it's your place. To get out of that zone you have to change a lot of things, but most importantly, your mindset and change is hard. Do it anyway.

6. Bring on the good.

When you change your tone and your topic, good things will start to happen. That's what we want anyway, right? We want the bad stuff to stop and the good stuff to start. So start expecting good things. Start thinking about what kind of good things you want to happen and watch them magically appear before your eyes.

It's extremely hard to change our way of thinking, especially if we have been stuck in the same pattern for many years. It's not impossible, but it's hard. Start slowly if you have to, one step and one day at a time. Immediately change your negative thoughts to a positive one. You will eventually witness a beautiful shift happen in your life and you will no longer be the victim but the victor.

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