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6 Natural And Easy Ways To Get High Without Drugs

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How many can remember sitting in the parking lot at their high school, back in the day, smoking a joint (or whatever your drug of choice might have been), and looking up at the night sky, all high and loving life? It's ok, you can admit it, your secret is safe here. At some point in our lives, we realized we didn't need or want drugs anymore, for whatever reason. Some of us got high on life.

High on life? Yes. It's possible. We also realized there were other ways to get high. Totally natural ways to get high. Here's a small list of ways I've found to get high without drugs. If you have other methods, please share below.

get_high1. Volunteer.

You want to feel like the most ridiculously happy person in the world? Go help someone who can't help themselves. Or volunteer with an agency. Go visit a lonely senior in a nursing home, foster a pet, feed a homeless person, the possibilities are absolutely endless. Anything that will bring great joy to someone who needs help, will ultimately lead to your joy. Your happiness. Your high.

2. Take a walk in nature.

Or maybe down by the lake or hike up a mountain. Get out and get into nature anyway you can or want to. Want to go tubing, or snowboarding? Maybe you would like to go zip lining. Choose an adventure, either radical or calm and soothing and go do it. There is just something about the great outdoors that gives us that high on life feeling that we all desperately seek.

3. Sex.

Yup. Mind blowing, or erotically intimate, you pick. No two ways about it, sex is definitely a great way to get high. If you aren't feeling high after love making or sex then you're doing something wrong, or your partner is. No partner? No problem. I'm sure I don't have to explain this one. Making love to yourself (ok masturbating, there I said it) can certainly be just as satisfying, if not, maybe even more.   Orgasms are also great stress reducers, among other things.

4. Flotation tank.

If you haven't tried one, you definitely need to put this on your list. Hopefully they are available in your area or close to you. Not for those who have claustrophobia, a flotation tank is peaceful, liberating, exhilarating, relaxing and stimulating all in one, and then some. These tanks will take you out of this world into a whole other realm. After an hour, you won't even know who you are.

5. Meditation/yoga.

These age old practices have stood the test of time and gained popularity for one reason, they work. They do exactly what they say they are going to do, and then some. Want to slip out of normal life and stress mode and go into a deeper more peaceful place? Give one of these a try. You will feel the effects of these long after you have completed a session. Keep them on your calendar to do them a few times a week and the results will be mind blowing.

6. Hypnosis anyone?

Many shy away from hypnosis and some claim to be unable to hypnotize (I'm sorry for you, you don't know what you're missing) but hypnosis is a wonderful state to be in and is probably the closest high to drugs you will get, in my opinion anyway. As we all know, hypnosis can be used to retrain the brain to break habits or improve our lives in any way we need them to, but it's also great for taking you to a whole other realm. If you haven't been hypnotized yet, you should try it. I think everyone should.

Can you add some other natural ways to get high without drugs? I'm sure there are probably hundreds of other ways. Share your ideas below.

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