5 Ways DIGG, Reddit, Propeller and Stumble readers can change Global Warming

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DIGG, Stumble, Propeller, and Reddit readers are influencing the world around us simply by clicking on a button and making stories the front page of their respective sites. Could the same readers affect Global Warming?

There have been hundreds of experiments showing that there is evidence that your thoughts affect the world around you. In her latest book, "˜The Intention Experiment' Lynne McTaggart shows that the affect of intention could have a dramatic affect on our surroundings, including the weather.

After reading the book, I got to thinking about how we could change our thoughts to affect our own lives and global warming. DIGG, Stumble, Propel or Redditers could possibly affect global weather simply by intending to change it. Could it be that all the media hype about global warming has made it worse? I believe it could. Nobody nowadays does not know the terms "˜carbon footprint' "˜global warming' "˜ozone layer' etc. Now it is time to change this and turn it around and DIGG, Stumble, Propel or Reddit readers could be the very people to do this.

global_warmingHere are five ways DIGG, Stumble, Propel or Reddit readers could reverse Global Warming.

  1. Try not to automatically DIGG, Stumble, Propel or Reddit the stories that say we are all doomed due to global warming. The fact is there is very little evidence to back it up.
  2. DIGG, Stumble, Propel or Reddit stories that have real evidence to the contrary will bring these stories to the masses and let people make their own minds up, instead of being sheep and jumping on the bandwagon.
  3. DIGG, Stumble, Propel or Reddit stories that back up real evidence that our thoughts can affect the world around us. This way more and more people get interested and start their own experiments instead of debunking it.
  4. Start a DIGG, Stumble, Propel or Reddit group to try your own experiments about intention and try out various experiments of your own.
  5. DIGG, Stumble, Propel or Reddit stories that have contrary evidence to "˜intention manifestation', this way more and more people can read both sides of the story and make their own mind up.

Social media is changing the economic world, can you use it to literally change the climate of the world or anything else you intend on. If you are looking for scientific evidence of "˜Intention manifestation' why not read Lynne McTaggart's Book.

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