5 Things You Must Do to Shift into New Earth.

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It's the era of the universe and its signs. It's the time of shifting into a new level of consciousness. The days of work, planning, goal setting, preparing and struggling are over. We are now slipping into the realm of the universal laws that have always been in place for us, we're just finally opening up to receive and believe them.

Our governments are in control and religions have a loud angry presence. We no longer have our own voices and we are forced to face hate, corruption, deceit, negativity, poverty, death and all other influences on this earth that are putting our world in constant turmoil. All of this is going on constantly around the world every second of the day. While all this hate is going on in the physical plain, the internet is taking on a whole new dimension.   The love and spirituality that is spreading on the World Wide Web is like a fire out of control and millions are embracing it.

Cameron Gray ArtThe time to be spiritual and universal is greater than ever. It is vitally important to shift our vibrational energy in order for the world to be a more peaceful planet. We have had our hands in making it evil an d volatile. Only we can change that into something that is beautiful and can bring us to co-exist in love and harmony.

We are collectively moving into a more spiritual awakening with good reason. The only thing left for us to do is shift our energy into something that can only be of benefit to our earth.

So how do we do this and is it possible? Anything and everything is possible. It won't be easy and won 't happen overnight. The world didn't get this way in a day. With practice and patience, we can make this world the beautiful planet that it once was.

1. Be in the here and now.

Live for the moment only. The moment of time where the only thing that matters is the present. Your life, your health , your surroundings, the people around you and the love that fills you. Ours is not to worry about tomorrow or fret about yesterday. Be here now.

2. Everything is temporary.

Jobs, family, sickness, even life. Nothing is permanent. We are all here temporarily and everything we feel and go through is temporary as well. Understanding and appreciating that things aren't permanent reminds us to love right now. Be blessed and abundant right now. Open our energy up to only love and peace.

3. All for one and one for all.

We are all equals here . We breathe the same space, we all live on this big planet together. We all have the same dreams and existence. We are born, we live and then we die. Equally. No one is better than the other. The sooner we get that the sooner we can love each other.

4. Do everything with love.

No matter what it is. Work , grocery shopping, laundry, helping a stranger, walking your dog. Make sure you do it with all the love you feel in your heart. The more love you have and feel, the more your energy w ill vibrate and reach others. That's what this is all about anyway, right? Shifting the energy to a love field.

5. Ask believe and receive.

The universal law of attraction. And it works. The universe will give you anything you want as long as you believe it and fee l it. We are spreading the laws of the universe around the world for the simple reason that the sooner people realize that they can anything they want, misery, pain and sorrow will diminish to the point of nonexistence. We won't have to fight for what we want and living in peace will be within our reach.

The new earth, or The 5th Dimension as some spiritual beings call it, is here and now and all around the world. It is open and available for anyone who is ready to learn and embrace it. It's in your heart and your mind. The sooner we understand that life is beautiful, we are all one, and everything should be done with love, the sooner this world will be a more loving place to live.

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