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5 Steps To Inject Happiness Into Your Work Day

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Every day you go through the same routine.

You get up, get dressed and head off to work. It doesn't feel great but you know you can cover the bills.

Still, it's not much fun knowing that everyday you have to go off to a job that doesn't truly inspire you let alone make you happy.

And even though many people would be satisfied with no more than a job where the workers are fairly treated you want more than that.

creative_flowSuppose that one day when you got up and got dressed, you decided to make a change for the better"¦

Here's a simple 5 point plan to help you do exactly that:

1. Make The Choice To Supercharge Your Work Day

It's true that you have to bring in an income but it doesn't mean that you can't change the way you do it.

You have the right to improve your job prospects and in doing so you could find yourself being a lot happier at work and at home.

Remember that just because work has always followed a particular mode, it doesn't mean that it has to stay like that forever.

It will take some effort on your behalf to make a major change like this take effect but that's a small price to pay in order to change your work-life from OK to Great!

2. Win The Mental Battle With A New Hobby

It's hard to find the time to study new areas when you are working full-time. One thing you could try is setting a time slot aside each week to focus on your new self-development plan.

This doesn't have to be exhausting and you needn't even call it learning. In fact by changing the word from learning to hobby you make it easier to accept that you will be spending more of your precious time developing your new skills.

Hobbies are things that help you relax and unwind. They offer a time for you to immerse yourself into things that you do for your own enjoyment or benefit.

By setting yourself in this frame of mind you can enjoy your new hobby at your leisure and be free to grow at your own pace. It will also help you to avoid the need to create unrealistic goals or timelines of yourself.

3. Test Out Your New Skills

OK so you've been at it for a while. You're feeling confident and you want to try out your new skills in the real world.

a.               Start by getting the word out to your close community in little discussions. Let them know that this is where your interest lies and you're happy to do some freebie work for friends. (Be careful not to overcommit yourself, this is just a testing ground.)

b.               Do a complete project based on what a person "˜might' ask for and then try and sell it on Ebay to see how the response goes.

c.               Find a request for your new skills in something like Gumtree or in a skilled freelance site and put in a bid for the gig.   If you do get the job you can really put your skills to the test.

After this you should be feeling more confident and have a better understanding of your where your skill level lies.   With that in mind, go out and start creating networks. You never know who might have contacts that can steer you in the right direction.

4. Enjoy That Feeling Of Self-Empowerment Every Time You Go Into Work

It's great to be thought of as a loyal member of the team at work. And you could be lucky enough to be in a place that recognises you for that too.

Unfortunately with businesses continuously restructuring these days and with management changing, there are generally fewer and fewer businesses that offer the kind of job security that really means something.

So if you do have ambitions or a drive to reinvent yourself in a new area of life don't hold back for your employer's sake. This doesn't mean leave them high and dry or give up your job tomorrow.

It just means that you should take the time to develop yourself further even in areas that are not relevant to your current work role.

5. What Are You Smiling About?

Being prepared like this can give you confidence in knowing that you have real choices which means that you are choosing to work where you work.   That makes a huge difference to your mental outlook.

Now when the time comes and you do choose to move on, you know that you have the capabilities to begin your new path.

Remember everything you do leads somewhere, even if we don't know where that somewhere is going to be.

So go ahead, make your day and start your journey to self-discovery with a new hobby today.

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