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5 Things You Could Be Doing That Are Making You Ugly (And You Didn't Know)

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Ouch that hurt didn't it? Who's calling who ugly? OK so you're the life of the party, the centre of attention, the go to person for all events and everything important. You are the best of the best, Mr. /Mrs. Popularity. So what can possibly tarnish that? You got it going on. Right?

Wrong. What you don't know or realize is that sometimes you are leaving a bad taste in people's mouths. You aren't all that and a bag of chips if you are doing some of the thing s listed below. Often times we get too caught up in ourselves and our social status that we feel we are almost untouchable. Nothing can take our status away from us and everybody loves us. Period.

Photo of two gossip girls on white backgroundWell wakeup call time. If you are doing any of these things, chances are you aren't as pretty as you think. And by pretty I mean, likeability wise. If you recognize any of these things in your behaviour perhaps it might be time for a readjustment.

1. Gossiping.

Is ugly. Plain and simple. It makes the most beautiful person in the world very ugly. You could be charming the crowd without a care in the world, owning the room, but the minute you point and start talking about the women across the room, you're done. You just turned into a monster.   Little people gossip. Mindless ignorant little people. Oh, and ugly people.

2. Lying.

Is just really bad to do anyway but if you do it and get caught at it well that's another story. Just don't do it and you won't have to worry about getting caught right? But if you do it (but really you shouldn't) and you do get caught, you're doomed. People will start treating you like you have the plague. No one will ever believe you again and t hey won't want to listen to you or your stories. Yup, no matter how beautiful you are, you are now Godzilla.

3. Being judgemental.

So of part and parcel with gossiping but you've just taken it to the next extreme level, really. Judging is horrible. No one likes to be judged and no one should judge. If you happen to be judging someone with someone who doesn't like to judge people they will immediately switch you off and toss you. Or hopefully they will tell you to stop judging people because it's rude and ugly.

4. Complaining.

No one likes to listen to endless whining and complaining about really silly stuff or about any stuff really. You want to complain about your husband or your boss or your neighbour? Do it in private in the bathroom in the mirror and see how ugly you look. What does anyone have to complain about anyone? If you don't like something change it, if you can't change it, the change the way you look at it.

5. Bullying and being mean.

Is super horribly terribly ugly and bad! There is no place in this world for bullies or people being mean. The world needs peace keepers, healers and lovers, not bullies and mean people. What does anyone get from being a bully anyone? Temporary satisfaction of having control? And why do you feel the need to have to have control anyway?

In this world where there are so many hate crimes and so much competition to see who has more and bigger and better and who's more beautiful and skinny and on and on, wouldn't it be nice to just be kind and loving and caring? Imagine how beautiful a person could be if they didn't have any of those ugly traits listed above? Imagine how beautiful this world would be if none of us did any of those things? If we just loved and spread love.

It's not too late to be that person. All of us can be. We all have it in us to be the best we can be and treat everyone with love, respect and kindness.

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