5 Super Unproductive Habits You Need to Drop Immediately

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For the most part, we are usually pretty proud of ourselves when we've accomplished a task. Even the simplest of tasks. You cross it off your list, pat yourself on the back and smile triumphantly. Unfortunately we have far too many moments or days when we simply don't feel very productive at all and nothing gets done. Does this happen too often for you?

Daily habits are easy to change. If you're up for a change that is. Depending on how productive you actually want to be, changing will either be fun or you will fight it. We all slip into this zone, the comfort zone, of the way we do things and how often they get done. Are you having issues with your productivity and ready to break the horrible habits that leave you feeling like a failure? Ok so maybe failure is a bit of a harsh word but really, how do you feel when you haven't done something that was supposed to get done weeks ago? Do you sort of feel like a failure? Or how about a master procrastinator?

Let's have a look at some things that may be messing with your productivity and see which ones you have and if you are ready to dump them.

unproductive_habits1. Hitting the snooze button.

Who just nodded their he ad in agreement? This is a big no no. the longer you stay in bed hitting snooze, the grumpier and less energetic you will feel when you finally get out of bed. Stop hitting the snooze. You have one of two choices. Either get to bed earlier so you get a good night's sleep, or move your alarm clock clear across the room so you physically have to get out of bed to turn it off. Studies have shown that people who do this are less likely to go back to bed. They know the consequences so they just stay up.

2. No more garbage food.

That includes McDonald's burgers and fries for lunch, donuts for breakfast and frozen entrees for dinner. This food does nothing for your physical health or your mental health. None of these things are brain food. They are just as bad for your body as they are for your brain. Eating food like this will just make you unhealthy and increase that afternoon slump feeling. You need to fuel with healthy protein, carbs and fats. Fresh fruits, veggies and water, lots and lots of water. Speaking of which…

3. Drinking more coffee and juice than water.

Water is clearly the best hydrator and everyone should be drinking up to 8 glasses daily. It not only hydrates us but it keeps our brain alert and flushes out toxins from our kidney and liver. These toxins are the ones that make us feel lazy and lethargic. Water gets rid of them, giving us mo re energy and helping us to feel more vibrant and alive! Water comes in many forms though for those of you that have a hard time drinking that much water a day. You can also get your water through veggies and fruit. Or how about adding some natural flavour to your water to make it more pleasant?

4. Unplug.

Click the x at the top of your window that has Facebook opened. Put your cell phone in another room (unless you need it for work only), put your iPad on music mode only. Get rid of all those distractions. You know that the two seconds you want to check Facebook turns into half an hour gone. Bye bye. Your mobile devices are only a nemesis right now. They serve no good purpose and they certainly do not do anything for your productivity. If you are attached, schedule them in on break time. 15 minutes. That's it that's all. Then shut them back down and get back to work.

5. Cluttered up mess.

Your desk is probably one wrapper away from being condemned by the health board. It's a mess. A big bloody mess. The only thing this is doing is keeping you from being able to concentrate and focus properly on the task at hand, which is work. Take an hour one day this week and clean up that mess. If you are looking for work, your desk won't allow for any more work to come in. You need to get rid of old work and make room for new work.

These are all super simple things that everyone can attend to and deal with immediately in order to be and live a more productive life. If you find that you feel stuck or have low energy, any of these things listed could be the culprit. Are you ready to be more productive

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