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7 Steps to Loving Your Reflection – Reflection-Healing

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"Your outside world is a reflection of your internal world.   To take your power back and really start to heal and live the life you were born to live, you must take complete responsibility for your life NOW. "

When you are internally aligned with your "˜real' self you then have the key to unlock all of the unlimited potential and wisdom of the universe.   Life flows, you realise that you have a much bigger purpose in life, which is way beyond anything your "˜ego' self can comprehend, life becomes about serving the whole rather than just yourself.   The universe gets to use you for what you were intended for and you in return get to feel the unconditional love, freedom, abundance, joy and peace that before you could only have dreamed of.

We are all unique, individual snowflakes, which together make up the universe.   When we think we are just individual flakes on our own, we feel lost, confused and abandoned.   We then feel we have to survive alone and get into greed, competition, and exclusion.   The fact is we all have a unique role and purpose for being here, if we let ourselves "˜be' without expectation we will be guided easily to our function in the bigger picture of life.   Nothing in life is here by accident, everything works perfectly. On the micro level, look at our own bodies, every cell is as important as the next, all working for the purpose of the whole…..YOU.   On the macro level we are all cells, which should be working together in harmony for the greater good of….. LIFE.   This is where our ego is arrogant because it thinks it knows more than the creator that created everything.   It tries to work everything out.   When you go against what the universe wants, your life becomes a struggle.   When you learn to let go and accept the wisdom and guidance of life, you just flow with ease, because you know you are unique, there is no need for competition, acceptance, approval or validation.

The only choice you have to make is whether you want your "˜wounded child' ego running your life or do you want the creator of everything physical and non physical in charge?

Reflection-Healing FORGIVENESS

It is easy to blame other people for the way you are feeling but unless you let this blame game go, you are never going to recover.   It does not take away anything that has happened to you in the past or condone anyone's behaviour.   A great trick of the ego is to keep you going over and over what happened, how bad it was, how bad the other person was, it loves to investigate the other persons problems to see why they behaved liked they did.   This just keeps you going round in a circle.   The only way to move forward is by focusing on YOU only.   Forgiveness therefore is a must, not for the person or situation but for your own healing.   You will also have a chance to forgive yourself which is the most important part.   We all hold onto guilt, shame, anger, resentment, it's time to let it go for good.

Reflection-Healing GRATITUDE

Gratitude is one of the best ways to start connecting to your "˜real' self, ego loves to look at what's missing in our lives, when actually most of us are more blessed than we could ever imagine. When we start to live a life in gratitude for what we already have, the universe will reflect to you more things to be grateful for.

Reflection-Healing MEDITATION

Connecting with yourself through meditation is a way of really developing a new relationship with the part of you that is connected to source, universe, God.   For many years we have believed that the creator is somewhere "˜out there' not surprising as it was a belief coming from ego!   We now know it is within us, when you are really connected you start to form a relationship built on trust, guidance and unconditional love.   Sounds crazy but when you ask in meditation for guidance or help, you will always receive it.

Reflection-Healing EGO IDENTITY

There comes a time in all our lives when we question who we are.   The ego survives on identifying itself by attachments, titles such as, I am a wife/husband, I am a lawyer, I am a teacher, I am a mother/father etc.   It loves comparisons of "˜better' than you or "˜worse' than you, in the material sense.   All of these identities although important roles in life, do come and go, when you are believing you are only the roles you are playing and the roles suddenly change, it causes huge upset, confusion and suffering.   The ego loves to make itself more important than the next person, so buys or aims at achieving bigger houses, cars, jewellery, designer clothes, and lavish holidays, anything that makes it feel superior, because the ego never feels enough just as it is.   The "˜real' self, however, is just I AM, it knows it has nothing to prove, knows it is unique and knows it is the same essence as everybody around it, equally.   It knows that nothing real can ever be lost.   It knows it is completely unconditionally loved, accepted and good enough.   When you start identifying with your "˜real' self, it doesn't mean that you no longer have a house, car, job, role as mother/father etc, it means that when you receive these gifts in life, they do not add or takeaway any value to who you already are.   The ego also needs to be in control, it thinks it has to work everything out, so much time is used by going over situations, situations that have happened and situations that might happen, and it is never in the present moment.   When you eventually take a leap of faith and trust your "˜real' self you will find that everything is already in order, you do not have to work anything out; just follow the guidance that is always within you, either by inspiration or actual events. Life is so much easier; you have more time and more energy.

Reflection-Healing TRIGGERS

Nothing in life happens randomly, if you look at how perfect and precise the universe is. It is only our ego that could come up with "˜everything in the universe is perfect, except for me!'   You are a perfect part of the creation, the universe does NOT make mistakes, mistakes are all in your man-made mind.   You are that powerful, that what you believe, is what is reflected back to you always!   The pain and suffering that you experience is the Universes way of getting your attention, the more you ignore it and run away from your feelings, the more it will intensify, until you have had enough and are forced to look within.   Hopefully you will start recognising the signs before extreme pain and suffering occurs.   There is a real epidemic on our planet at the moment of depression, anxiety and stress; it is a BIG wake up call for us all.   It's time to wake up and remember what we already know deep down.   Life is always supporting you, if you are aware of the signs.   The biggest sign that you will see on a daily basis are "˜triggers', how you respond to someone's behaviour, if it causes you to feel bad, it is alive in you and needs removing.   For example if someone says to you "˜You really are a horrible person' if you react from anger, there is a belief within you that believes the statement is true.   If someone says to you' I really hate your pink hair', because you know your hair is black, it will not affect you at all, you know it is not true so it doesn't trigger you.   Silly examples but the idea works with any scenario.   If life is reflecting to you poverty, bad health, a job that you hate, loneliness etc. you need to look at the beliefs you believe within yourself that would make that your reality.   Relationships of all kind are the best form of triggers.   You are already a whole person, but your ego believes you are not, it feels it has to "˜get' love, respect, trust, approval so it seeks it in another person thinking that two broken half's will make one.   It then blames the other person because it has not filled the void inside you.   The truth is nobody will ever be able to "˜make' you feel genuinely happy.   It can only come from within.


As children we were taught to suppress how we were really feeling, so as adults we find it very hard to express our real emotions and can often feel guilt and shame for how we are feeling.   The emotions we get from triggers are usually attached to the past, emotions that have been bottled up, emotions we have ignored.   It is vital during this healing process that any emotions that come up are faced, validated and let go, either at the time or later during your quiet time alone.   Events will always come up in life that are challenging, there is no right or wrong way for how you are feeling, as long as in the present moment you allow your emotions to be expressed.   Part of being a human being is experiencing all emotions, the trick is not to hide them or tell yourself you shouldn't be feeling this way because this invalidates the truth.   Most of us get stuck when something appears bad, we want the situation to be different than it is, the ego loves, "˜this shouldn't be happening to me' when the evidence is clearly in front of you that it has happened.   With loss of any kind there is a natural grieving period that must be honoured, whether it is loss of a loved one, loss of a job, loss of a marriage, loss of a "˜role' mother, empty nest syndrome.   People stay stuck because they are refusing to accept what has happened, you do not have to like what has happened but acceptance is the key.


The great thing about Reflection-Healing is you can see daily how you are progressing, simply by what is being reflected back to you, how you are feeling internally.   It is not an instant fix but an ongoing process, to start with it will feel hard work, only because you have been so used to believing you are the ego.   Once the doubts are in place it becomes easier to see the ego for what it is and results start showing up in your reality, until you get to a point where you see the world through your "˜real' self's eyes.   Life becomes easier, you trust in yourself and your abilities but more importantly you love who you are, that love projects out onto others, and you see the love in everyone and see through the ego illusion. You no longer take other peoples egos personally.   The love you feel inside gets reflected back to you by life, that's how the real law of attraction works; you have to "˜be' it before you can receive it! Our true nature is Love, innocence, free and fun, as adults we have forgotten who we really are, we take life so seriously.   Reflection-Healing takes us back to where we belong.   To where we have been all the time, it's time to remove all the barriers that are stopping you experiencing the fullness of life and start to co-create a better world for all.

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I am a certified life coach, with a passion for guiding people back to their own source of power within. I am now living the life I want to live, rather than how other people and society thinks I should live; in service to others, knowing that I am complete, whole and part of a much larger picture. I am still a "˜work in progress' as are all of us, with Reflection-Healing I always know if I am on track, simply by what is being reflected back to me. It is my hope and mission that everyone sees a reflection that is unconditional love, peace, joy and contentment.
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