5 Reasons Why Getting Rid Of Your Stuff Will Make You Happier

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Do you have that one room in your house that just has so much stuff? Closets packed so tight you can't even close the door properly? What about your garage or attic or how about your kitchen pantry? And then there's the other room that really is a spare bedroom in case you have overnight guests but the room is so full of stuff there is nowhere for them to sleep anyway. Why do we continually accumulate so much stuff?

For many people, things or stuff is a Band-Aid solution to a much deeper issue. We buy things because more things make us happy. The more we buy and have, the happier we get. For a while. Until the novelty wears off. Then we go buy more things. Next thing you know, you have a room or closet full of things you don't even look at anymore.

get_rid_of_stuffSo why do we accumulate things? There are many answers for that one and it could take a whole other article for that one. For now, we'll look at a few reasons why getting rid of some of our stuff will set us free.

1. Donate and help.

This is the number one way to happiness. When you go through all those clothes and donate them to shelters or homes for abuse victims there's definitely going to be some feel goods that go along with that. If you aren't wearing those clothes any longer, know for sure that someone else can use them or probably desperately needs them!

2. Make room for positive energy.

Decluttering is the most important Feng Shui rule. Declutter, and allow for more positive energy to flow in your space. When our space is filled to the brim with junk and things and stuff, it is blocking the flow of positive energy. This results in emotional fatigue and anxiety. It also results in many more illness and blocks that can stop you from living a life of happiness. Get rid of stuff.

3. Some of this stuff you've been hanging on to may be leftover things from previous relationships.

Time to get rid of that. All that holds is negative energy. We want a life of happiness and freedom, not memories from 10 years ago, that aren't even good memories. Someone probably might like that oil painting or maybe even that jewelry box that is sitting in a pile in that closet.

4. Hold a yard sale, make money.

And who doesn't want more money? If you do this, you can decide that the money you make will go towards a trip (not more stuff!!). maybe you've wanted to take a road trip or go on a cruise or something for a long time and never had the money before. Have a sale, make money, go travel and see new places. How can that not get you a little bit excited?

5. You always wanted a workshop room.

A room to call your own to maybe do scrapbooking or woodworking or sewing or painting. Now that you have finally cleared all the junk out of this room and made it an actual room again, it is yours to do with as yo u please (just no more stuff). If you've always had a passion for some sort of hobby but never had the space or room for it, well now you do. Let your creative side loose. Life will be full of fun.

If you are a stuff addict, perhaps it's time to go deeper into your emotional state and find out where the addiction comes from. I had a friend that had clothes hanging in the closet with price tags still on them. She never wore them, she just needed to buy stuff because she was so sad and stressed with her home life. Talk to a friend, seek professional help if you need to, but it's time to get rid of your stuff and live a happier stuff free life.

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