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5 Things You Should Know If You Want to Date a Libra

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So you found a sweet girl and she's all you have ever dreamed of. You are pretty sure this is going to be the girl you take home to mom and dad.   She may even get the ring on her finger. But wait! What's her sign? You do know what her sign is, don't you? You should. Astrological signs have more meaning and impact than you realize.

Ok, so she's a Libra. What's your sign? Are you two compatible? Do you even know? What kinds of challenges might you face if you're not on the compatibility list? These are the things you need to look into before you take the plunge and further deepen your bond with your beautiful Libra girl, oh and Libras are very beautiful. They know it and they light up the room with grace and ease.

libra_girlWhat else do you need to know if you are dating a Libra girl? These few pointers just may save you some grief and possibly some frustration.

1. Make the decisions for anything, everything, always, no matter what.

She like s this, no wait that one is nicer. Let's go here, no wait, I want to go there instead. Oh I really don't know what I want. Just pick something I don't care! These are some of the things that you might hear her say. Just always make the decisions. You can ask her what she wants but you will never get a straight answer. Just a few ideas. Choose from them but choose wisely.

2. If you're looking for a good fight, you got the wrong girl.

She will never fight about anything. Libra's mantra is make love not war. Avoiding confrontation at all costs, if you are looking for an argument about something she would rather just tell you that you are right and then carry on with the day. She's not interested in confrontation and, quite honestly, it upsets her balance. She wants everyone just to be happy, all the time. Period.

3. Be ready to go to fantasy land, a lot.

Like all the time. her head is in the clouds, and she is the biggest dreamer you will ever meet. She looks at life through rose coloured glasses and in her mind, everything is beautiful. She rarely sees fault or the ugliness of anything. Life is beautiful and things are awesome. She wants to talk about dreamy fun things, not serious life issues. If it doesn't involve love or beauty, she's not really interested.

4. Make sure you got money

because she can sometimes have expensive taste and will want to go out for dinner, to fine dining places. Libras love beautiful things. All beautiful things. They like fancy restaurants and nice clothes and glittery jewels and flowers, lots of flowers. She loves to be romanticized so make sure you know where all the good flower stores are in your area. She likes things, but not too many things and not junkie things either. Be sure your credit card always has an available balance.

5. How passionate are you about humanitarian needs?

She is a peace lover and she wants to make sure everyone is happy and full of love and because of this she is passionate about helping others. Homeless people, poor people, lonely elders, you name it, she wants to help them. She is quick to give money or lend a helping hand to anyone in need. If you can't be bothered to do this, you got the wrong girl. She desperately wants to change the world and make it a better place to live. You should be on board with that. You will find her at the local mission volunteering or at a nursing home. She is somewhere, helping those in need.

The Libra woman is a delight to be with. She will adore you and treat you with much love and respect, as long as you deserve it. She's also a bit of a flirt so it might be best to keep your eye on her when you are at parties. Nothing serious, but don't let her stray too far and you better not have any jealous bones in your body. She probably won't be unfaithful unless you give her reason to. All in all, just be patient with her, love her for who she is and enjoy the ride. The happy ride, because she's a happy girl.

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