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5 Great Training Programs That Will Help You Grow Your Online Business

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Today I want to do something the will seem a little crazy for someone like me and share great training programs to help you with your online business.

I am going to share with you 5 great training programs that can help you grow your online business, programs that I have personally used and/or still use today.

You might be thinking "Steve, this is your competition you're going to be talking about, why the hell would you do that?" – Simple, I want to help you become successful and if that means recommending products and programs from my 'competitors' then that is what I am going to do.

I get asked a lot about other programs when I am talking about Your Digital Formula but I usually avoid the question and point out why my program is better, but sometimes my program is not the best fit.  So today I will recommend 5 great training programs that might be a better fit for you.

And here's something else that is going to be weird for a marketer to do, I am not going to add any affiliate links in here, just to be completely transparent.

Before we go on and look at 5 great training programs I want to outline how I see an individual growing their business online and what it involves.

The MMG Influencer Model


image of 3 circles looking at mindset marketing and growth

There are three major components of becoming an influencer and being successful online: Mindset, Marketing, and Growth 

So the first part of this model is Mindset.  You need to have the right mental tools in order to do business online and truly believe you have what it takes to become successful.  Honestly we all go through the stages of believing in ourselves as an online business person.  Look at these stages of creating a training program online and see if you recognise yourself:

The Influencer's Mindset Journey:

I couldn't do that! >>
Maybe I could do something like that >>
Oh I'm going to do this >>
Shit, I just made my first sale >>
How can I make this better >>
How can I help more people >>
How can I grow my tribe >>
What other products can I add to give value >>
Shit! I just did my first podcast interview about my business >>
Wow! Just had my first five figure year >>
Shit! I've just been asked to speak on stage at an event >>
I couldn't hold my own event could I? >>
Brilliant, I just organised my own event >>
Wow! more and more people are getting to know me >>
Wow! my first six figure year >>
How can I help more people >>
What can I do to grow my business >>
Wow, my first seven figure year >>
How can I help more people >>
How can I help more people >>
How can I help more people >>

Do you recognise yourself from the influencers journey above?

The next two components of the MMG Influencer Model is Marketing and Growth.  The marketing side of it is pretty self explanatory.  The growth part of the model pertains to both personal and business growth.  As your business grows so you grow too, as you grow, so your business grows, you don't generally have one without the other.

Okay why am I talking about the MMG Influencer Model?

Well, so I can let you know about the training programs and what category they fall into.

I am not going to offer you any opinion on these as I am recommending them as great programs already and I don't want to bias your opinion of them by giving more information and how much they have helped me in my business.  Between them , these five programs have probably been responsible for around $200,000 of income over the last few years.

5 Great Training Programs



Amy porterfield webinars that convert image

Webinars That Convert

Trainer: Amy Porterfield

Type: Direct Training Via Membership area

MMG Model: Growth

Link: Webinars That Convert

Description: Confidently deliver your first webinar. Even if you’re allergic to tech, your email list & sales funnel is a “work in progress”, and the idea of having to sell has you stuttering your words.



image of brendon burchard from Experts Academy

Experts Academy

Trainer: Brendon Burchard

Type: Direct Training Via Membership area

MMG Model: Mindset/Marketing/Growth

Link: Experts Academy

Description: Experts Academy is Brendon's all new marketing training for authors, speakers, coaches, online trainers, and social media thought leaders.



Image of russell brusnon from clickfunnels

Click Funnels

Trainer: Russell Brunson

Type: Software to help grow your business with training

MMG Model: Growth

Link: Click Funnels

Description:ClickFunnels is basically a software that lets you design and create sales pages, landing pages and it lets you manage your entire sales funnel. You can create seven types of funnel with the help of Clickfunnels


[one_third]image of dean graziosi

Millionaire Success Habits

Trainer: Dean Graziosi

Type: Direct Training Via Membership area & Monthly Calls

MMG Model: Mindset

Link: Millionaire Success Habits Monthly

Desccription: With this rare training, Dean will share with you what’s working now, his latest breakthroughs, tools, and tactics to start implementing immediately.



jon loomer power hitters club

Power Hitters Club

Trainer: Jon Loomer

Type: Direct Training via Membership and Calls

MMG Model: Marketing/Growth

Link: Power Hitters Club

Description: Power Hitters Club is a community for Facebook marketers to share, learn and help one another. The PHC provides members with access to hundreds of advertisers who have done what you’re trying to do, have worked in your industry and who can pull from valuable experience.



Do you have any great training programs you would love to share with us? Leave your comments below and let us know.


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