5 Crucial Things You Must Do Today to Clear Your Mind of Convoluted Thoughts

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We all get them. Those mean, hateful, angry and somewhat complicated thoughts that pollute our brain. Not only do they do that but they put a serious damper on what could have or might have been a very productive or happy day. And why is it that they creep up at the most inopportune moments of the day? Clearly any time of day is a bad time to have these thoughts but for me, it seems when things are going pretty good, I suddenly get hit with a sour thought. No reason or rhyme sometimes. It just hits.

As much as we would love every day to be a happy stress free day, in a realistic world, we all know that isn't going to happen, ever. So how do we handle when convoluted thoughts take over? Here I will share a few of the little tricks that seemed to work for me. Try one or all. Guarantee one of them will work for you.

convoluted_thoughts1. Find out where it just came from.

It just popped in your head. In that instant, stop and observe your surroundings. What happened, what was happening and what were you doing? When you can get to the bottom of it you can then try to avoid that same scenario from happening again. Knowing the how, what, when, why and where will help you be better prepared to change your mindset.

2. Time line therapy helps us deal.

If you have never heard of this, it is well worth looking into. This type of therapy helps us to deal with things from our past in order to avoid triggers in the present and future. A lot of the time, our polluted thoughts come from our past. Something triggered a negative thought or situation that we experienced. Time line therapy will help you deal with and move on.

3. Become aware of the thought immediately and stop it.

Oftentimes we will all ow a complicated thought to enter in our minds and hang out there for a while. We want to open it up and pick it apart to a million pieces and then by the time we are done with it, we are so angry and upset. Before it has a chance to do that, you must get a hold of the thought right away, track down the source and send it off. You must verbally tell it to go away. Let it know that it will not control you today.

4. Meditate.

Of course. We all know this is the best therapy in the world and you'll hear it a million more times by a million more personal development people. Meditation by far is the best way to clear your mind of any and all toxic thoughts. Those who meditate regularly, on a daily basis, have less stress, less complicated thoughts and are generally just happier people.   They have reprogrammed and rewired their minds for peace and calmness. Convoluted thought s have no place in their minds and seldom enter.

5. Practice flipping your mood switch.

Notice your mood, notice your thoughts, and flip them right away. This is going to take practice. Lots of practice but don ' t give up. Like anything, change takes time and with practice, it does get easier. The key here is to immediately recognize and stop your thoughts.   Another key is to be ready and strong enough to change those thoughts. Robin Sharma says it best, change is hard in the beginning, messy in the middle and gorgeous in the end .

Just as easy and quickly as these thoughts flow into your mind it's mandatory that you dismiss them just as quickly as they entered. When we let these thoughts linger for longer than they should, the end result is you being miserable but not only that, it can certainly affect the people around you as well. If you are suddenly in a foul mood, the people that are closest to you are going to feel that too. Complicated thoughts can certainly do a lot of damage but how much damage is entirely up to you. Stop your toxic thoughts right away, minimal damage. If you let those complicated thoughts invade your head space for too long consider your whole day ruined. Your choice. It is possible to control and eliminate convoluted thoughts.

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