5 Angel Messages About Your Life Purpose That You Need To Know Right Now!

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We all have a Life Purpose.   Each human has a path chosen by his or her soul prior to incarnating.   This path includes soul lessons (for the growth of your soul) and your Life Purpose.   Each person's Life Purpose is unique and often related to your individual talents, gifts, passions and strengths.

Our Guardian Angels can guide us to and help us with our Life Purpose.   Archangels are also guides and helpers for discovering and fulfilling your Life Purpose.   This topic comes up very often during the Angel Readings I give, and the Angels are always ready to assist when asked; with detailed messages about uncovering your purpose and aligning with it.

Discovering your Life Purpose is an amazing experience that can bring peace and joy into your life.   Sadly, many people are never able to fully embrace their Life Purpose due to a lack of awareness, desire or faith.   Learning how the angels give us messages about our Life Purpose can help you discover not only what it is, but various ways you can fulfill it.   Here are 5 Angel Messages about your Life Purpose:

1.   Definition of Your Life Purpose

Your Life Purpose is to serve others in a way that brings you the greatest joy.   It is that simple.   Joy is actually the most important component, because when you are joyful you share that energy with others; spreading high vibrating positivity and helping create peace on Earth.   So follow what brings you joy, your purpose lies there (hint, look at your hobbies).

2.   Your Life Purpose Can Change

Your Life Purpose does not mean that you will do the same thing for your entire life.   You have the free will to determine how you will serve your purpose and you may have different aspects of your life purpose at different times.   For example, part of my life purpose is to be a mother (which I did full time for about a decade) as well as an intuitive healer.   Right now I do Angel Readings and Reiki Healing (still mom stuff too), but that might change if I ever feel the joy or passion lacking.   No matter what I am doing, I bring my Purpose with me to that task.   So it does not matter if it's mothering, healing, writing (another aspect of my Life Purpose) or cooking; if I am serving others with joy I'm fulfilling my Life Purpose, and so are you!

3.   Your Life Purpose is Not…

Your Life Purpose should be something you truly like/love to do.   It should be something you are passionate about.   It is something that you don't notice time passing by when you are doing.   It should lift your spirits, and it should bring you joy. Your Life Purpose is not something that feels like work, it is not something you dread, it is not merely a means to make money (but to be clear, you can make money from your Life Purpose and the angels encourage you to do so in #5), it should not make you feel drained and it is not something you complain about.

4.   Aligning with Your Life Purpose

While it is so awesome to work in a field or your business that involves your Life Purpose, you can also align with it in other ways.   What's most important is that you honor your purpose and spend time doing it as much as possible.   It could be a hobby, something you volunteer doing, a side gig or business, a club you join, a class you take or something you do for fun.   Align with your purpose however you can, but know that a business/career is possible (and encouraged)

5.   You Can Start a Business

Any of us can be entrepreneurs and start a business/career that involves doing what we love; especially if we ask our angels for help.   Look, I didn't study Angel Intuitive in college, but I did study marketing which helps me a great deal today.   Do not let excuses (which are forms of fear) be an reason you do not take a leap of faith any longer.   Love yourself enough to follow your passion and create an opportunity to be paid for it; you are your own brand!   Now more than ever the world has become business friendly; any of us can start a world wide business with a website this instance!   Your angels want YOU (the one reading this) to know it is absolutely possible.   Ask them for inspiration, resources and opportunities and believe in yourself, your angels do!

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