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I have always been naturally thin. Instead of people telling me to "watch my weight" they felt emboldened to tell me to "eat something".

So, imagine their look of surprise when I tell them that I work out religiously three times per week.

Their look of surprise is usually followed by something along the lines of, "But why? You're already so thin? You don't need to work out".

Contrary to popular belief not everyone exercises just to lose weight.

Below are 5 amazing benefits of exercising that go beyond losing weight.

1. Exercising Promotes a Healthy Body Inside and Out

You can be thin and unhealthy at the same time.

Some people have fast metabolisms, meaning their body digests their food quickly, so they are able to eat whatever they desire and still not gain any weight.

But if you are eating fatty foods, and foods high in sugar, in addition to not exercising, you could be one hot fudge sundae away from a major health condition.

Regular exercise can reduce your blood pressure, decrease your risk of diabetes and heart disease, and improve your flexibility and posture.

To be truly healthy you have to be healthy inside and out so throw on your workout gear and hit the gym!

2. Exercising Increases Your Confidence

When you start working out you will notice that your body will be more toned, you'll start dropping body fat and you will feel stronger.

As you undergo these physical changes you will build confidence, not only because you are looking better, but also because you have the personal satisfaction of being able to stick to a consistent workout routine.

When you feel confident, others will notice your confident aura and good things will magically begin to happen to you.

You will soon notice that your increased confidence will be reflected in other areas of your life such as your personal relationships and career.

Who knows "“ you may decide to finally approach that attractive guy you always see at the grocery store or apply for your dream job.

3. Exercising Can Be a Social Activity

I work remotely, and some days I barely leave my home, so my social interaction can be limited to say the least.

Thankfully, I have been going to the same gym for three years and I have developed friendships with some of the other gym goers.

While working out I am able to catch up with my friends and get some human interaction, that is not done behind a computer screen.

Exercising, whether it's going to a gym, riding a bike, walking/running or etc. can be fun and a great way to expand your social circle.

Ride your bike with other bike riders and go running with other runners. Having other people who you work out with will help you stay motivated to keep working out.

4. Exercising is Relaxing

When you set aside time to work out this is your half-hour, hour or even 2 hours to unplug from your job, spouse, kids and responsibilities.

This is your me-time to focus on yourself.

Also, exercising releases endorphins which trigger a positive feeling in the body and can leave you feeling relaxed, and like you're floating on a cloud, when you step off that treadmill.

Who doesn't enjoy a healthy and natural high?

5. Exercising Promotes a Strong Core

I prefer yoga and Pilates but there's no one-size-fits-all workout routine.

I have found that these particular exercises haven't caused me to shed pounds, but instead my tiny frame is toned, and I have a strong core.

Your core is to your body as a foundation is to your house. If you have ever had any stomach surgery you realize how much you depend on your core once you feel the shooting pain when you attempt to do a simple task, such as pick something up from the floor.

Strengthening my core has eliminated my back pain, improved my posture, increased my balance and I now have some amazing abs.

What's not to love about having a strong core?

See not everyone works out solely to lose weight. If you are naturally thin don't be embarrassed to hit the gym. There's no shame in wanting to be toned and healthy.

Whether it's CrossFit, running, or yoga, customize your routine to whatever exercises work best for you. Most importantly, make sure you keep at it knowing that exercising has many benefits that are good for your mind, body and spirit.

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