4 Small Phrases That Could Cause Big Changes

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One of the most important factors affecting our happiness is how we perceive the events that happen in our lives. A person with a positive outlook has a much different quality of experience than someone with a negative outlook.

The great thing is, we are not born with either a positive or negative perspective. We can consciously choose to move in a positive direction from wherever we happen to find ourselves right now.

4_small_phrases_that_could_cause_big_changes1A great way to do that is to take control of our internal dialogue — to change the things we say when we talk to ourselves.

Here are 4 of the best things we can tell ourselves to increase the happiness in our lives

#1: I Love You

Everybody needs to be loved. Our family, friends, co-workers, and the strangers we happen into during the course of our day.

By treating everyone we meet with love and compassion, non-judgment, and acceptance, we perform one of the most powerful acts of kindness possible: we give people an opportunity to honestly express themselves and we can help them manage their own suffering.

And with this love, we also make ourselves safe and secure of self. By giving love to others, we increase our love of self and will find that the external world has a diminished power to harm us.

#2: I Am Here

When we spend our energy trying to be somewhere else – running from the past or to the future we can never feel content with our lives. Sure, we can experience fleeting pleasures, but until we become comfortable with the present situation, a sense of lasting happiness will remain elusive.

By saying "I am here" we immediately ground ourselves in the present — we practically force our minds into the position of accepting where we are without judgment. From here, we are able to safely and securely pursue our goals without a sense of lack — without the sense that we are incomplete until we achieve them.

#3: I Don't Know

One of the things that prevents us from growing and evolving as people is we tend to get too stuck in our ways — both of thinking and behaving. When we feel like we have good explanations for the things in our lives, we feel very comfortable. And yet we may also be limiting ourselves by blocking out new information and new opportunities to grow.

The attitude "I don't know" frees us from the societal obligation to rationalize, justify, and explain everything, as well as to open ourselves up to the whole wide world of new ideas. The pressure to be right disappears, and we improve our ability to come up with creative solutions to life's challenges.

#4: Life is easy!

Life is supposed to be hard, tiresome, stressful work, right? It can be, if that's the attitude we adopt. Or, we can make the same experiences feel light, easy, and fun by adopting the attitude that life is, in fact, easy.

We often shy away from challenges and procrastinate over difficult, boring, or confusing tasks. One of the best ways to hack our own productivity is to begin seeing these things not as obstacles to be overcome with a monumental effort, but as scenery on an interesting path we're walking down.


We have so much choice as to how we live our lives, and so much power to improve the quality of those experiences. We owe it to ourselves and the people we care about to maximize the joy and contentment we feel, because this is the best way to spread the same feelings to others. And these simple phrases can help us run our minds and do exactly that.

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