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4 Remarkable Ways to Increase Bravery

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The definition of bravery is: brave spirit or conduct; courage; valor. If you want to successful in any area of your life, you will need to show resilience and bravery.

We all wish to be a little braver, though crippling fear can sneak into our day to day activities. Fear keeps us from taking action, starting or finishing jobs, and it can even cause us to procrastinate.

It makes sense to become brave, less scared, and more resilient. But what does bravery give us?

Bravery provides confidence, mental strength, knowledge, and passion, all under one trait. A dose of bravery allows us to make quick and tough decisions, with bravery we avoid deliberating and take action if needed. You need it when you take on unfamiliar tasks at work or to challenge another colleague's opinion.

When you become braver, you become capable of dealing with situations in a calm, firm, and confident manner.

So how can we increase it?


Far too many of us possess fears that stop us moving in the direction we are capable of heading.

Yes, a lot of our fears are very real, and very rationale. But it is our choice to let them fears break us down and define us.

You don't have too!

Approach every fear with a brave undertone and a perceived ability to cope. If you trick your brain into believing it can cope with fear, the likelihood is you will handle a fearful situation with ease.

That being said, for the most of us, fear only exists in our imagination. Most situations aren't in fact fearful and it is our overthinking that builds a situation or circumstance to be worse than what it is. Don't let your imagination hinder you from achieving all you are capable of.


Displaying bravery exudes a quality which is worshipped by people. We look up to others who dare to push themselves.

Think about it, all those people you follow on Instagram, the music artists, movie stars, influencers. You follow them because they are a leader in their field and they are brave enough to put their voice out there into the public domain.

How are you supposed to be brave if you can't lead others? Let's go back to historic times. It was the kings that led their troops into war. Today you have managers that lead teams in businesses and organisations.

No matter what profession you are in, you have to be brave and step out into the limelight to become someone who is noticed and valued. You have the capability to lead a team through good and bad times, you just need to be brave enough to show it.


Despite what everybody says, believing in yourself isn't easy, especially in the beginning. What you need to develop is an unwavering belief that you will be successful.

To believe in yourself you need to develop self-confidence. This is entirely a mindset hack. Everybody has the potential to work towards anything they want to do. Take me, I work full time as a marketing manager, but my goal is to develop freedom which allows me to focus on blogging and the things that matter most to me in life.

I believe I can do that.

Remember every successful person started somewhere just like you and I. Why can't you be the next successful story? You can even right your own script by starting today.

The key to self-confidence is to take action every single day.

If you take consistent action for one year the results will be astronomical. Your confidence will be sky high, you will demonstrate bravery, the results of your vision and goal will be apparent.


Life will stand still for you if you aren't willing to take risks. You must take risks to put yourself in with a chance of winning a reward.

By taking risks I don't mean quitting your job and travelling the world. For this you would need a concrete plan.

I mean take smaller risks, for example, starting a side hustle or blog, or taking that next step in your relationship. Not every risk has to be do or die.

But immediately you need to stop creating excuses for taking risks. Usually we make up excuses as a reason to not go ahead and take a risk. If your excuse is rational and very real, then find a different route, but still take that risk.
The point of taking risks is to get out of your comfort zone and become brave. Eventually the risks you take with start to feel familiar inside your comfort zone and at this point you can gradually increase the level of risk.

You wouldn't be normal if you didn't feel nervous taking a risk. But the choice comes to, do you want to be brave enough to change your life or remain how you are?

You will never achieve your vision by playing it safe.

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