4 Challenges To Get You Back Into Shape

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It doesn't have to be January for you to consider that resolution you made last year about getting back to the gym. Just like gift giving (not only reserved for Christmas), getting back into exercise (not only reserved for New Year's Day) has profound effects on all parts of your life. If your body is unhealthy, your mind and self esteem takes it and transforms it into negative energy. If you feel overweight or out of shape, your confidence will take a direct hit from it and your whole perspective will be jarred. W e are our own worst critics, and in a world of constant comparison we do not need to enforce it any more than it already is.

If going to the gym sounds like a chore of a task, re member that you don't need to go anywhere to take care of yourself. There are several bodyweight exercises that can be easily googled and done at home, if you can clear out a bit of space and find the motivation. Sometimes exercising at home is the hardest thing to do because we are trying to do new things, in new clothes, in rooms we normally don't do these things in. It only takes a few times for anything to become routine though, and if you can get past the first bump, you're on your way to victory.

sport and lifestyle concept - woman doing sports outdoorsA kilometer at the gym is better than a kilometer on the couch

You're always a lap ahead of everyone sitting down

1. Watch exercise videos

This might be out of your usual internet routine, but try to find a few health and fitness blogs or YouTube channels. If nothing can motivate you, these guys surely can. You might find tons of stories of people who went from being terribly unhealthy, to becoming an exercise idol. The first thing they had to do was start. Some internet channels are entertaining, and enjoyable to watch, and others are instructional and informative. Regardless, you will find tons of people who are very good at what they do, and will inspire you to take charge of your health.

2. Challenge your mind

Overcoming the first hurdle is always so difficult. Changing into workout clothes. Deciding what to do. Are you doing is properly? It's always so easy take a step down and relax. Even my friends who look great have trouble get ting down for a few pushups. How are you supposed to do it? Remember that nothing comes for free. Quitting smoking doesn't happen in one day and neither does taking care of your health. If you have an idea, grow it. If you have just an inclination, it's something. Have patience and evolve with your mind. Who knows where your ideas will take you.

3. Charge your self esteem

People who exercise have more energy and therefore tend to be more confident people. They are on the right track to living longer, healthier lives, and possibly get to look better and have better control of their self esteem in the process. They say if you are looking for something, you will find it easier. Throughout the day, take note of healthy looking people and unhealthy looking people. Notice the trends in success, happiness, and gait. Who looks better to you and others? Finally, which category do you want to put yourself in. Mold your life and don't be afraid to go after what you want.

4. Challenge apathy

Everyday you have two choices; continue to sleep with your d reams, or wake up and chase them

In this, our only life to live, we have two choices to make, as I've outlined above. We should all live a spectacular and momentous life, but it sure is a lot of work to do that! Find a way to be humble and adventurous. Where most of us live a 9 to 5 life, stand out from the crowd by keeping up with your health. Exercise and sweat a little each day and as your body and mind grow stronger, see where your spirit will take you after you've engaged it. Challenge the status quo of being a couch potato; don't watch sports, do them; buy new shoes and take them for a run – and see where your feet will take you.

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