32 Things You May Regret 10 years From Now

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Some of us are just existing and not living. Wouldn't you rather set the world on fire and do something that challenged you, caused you to get up out of bed each morning actually looking forward to the day ahead, do something about that dream you've always had, start that business you've been talking about for years, or write that book?

We've all got something we'd love to do. It would be fantastic to say to your grandchildren, I gave it my best shot, instead of saying 'I sat in and watched TV a lot and didn't really do much with my life.

It's easy to get caught in the trap of doing nothing, which actually drains your energy more than doing something; anything.


Here are 32 Things you may regret 10 years from now


1. Caring what other people might think

2. Doing what you thought would please others

3. Staying in that job you've hated for so long

4. Not going after a dream

5. Giving up at the last hurdle

6. Settling for second best

7. Putting others before yourself

8. Sitting on your arse watching TV

9. Not paying attention to the people who really do matter

10. Not taking risks to do something you've always wanted to do

11. Thinking that it's all about the money

12. Not getting over your fears in life

13. Staying in a relationship you knew had ended a long time ago

14. Not taking care of your body

15. Not finding enough time to sit and enjoy the journey

16. Not laughing at yourself enough

17. Not opening your mind to new possibilities

18. Always thinking about the past

19. Chasing money instead of seeking happiness

20. Always thinking 'mañana,  mañana' – you've got to make your own tomorrows

21. Accepting only the love you think you deserve, when you should have set your standards higher

22. Not realising that it's your own thoughts that create your world

23. Thinking that the world owes you a favour

24. Listening to reason ALL the time, sometimes you've got to just follow your heart

25. Not being braver

26. Not trusting yourself enough

27. Not realising that something good comes out of every bad situation

28. Knowing that you chose this life and that it's up to you to manage it the way YOU would like

29. Letting someone else use you as a way to realise their dreams

30. Allowing yourself to follow someone else's beliefs instead of investigating your beliefs for yourself

31. Not being honest ALL THE TIME with yourself and with others

32. Not letting the small things go, and focus on the things that really matter


What about you, is there anything you would add to this list? leave a comment below with your thoughts

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