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3 Life Lessons From My Best Friend's Baby  

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When we think of the word "Teacher" we tend to think of educators, wise elders, experts, academics, who pass on their knowledge and experience. Men and Women who've lived life and pass on their lessons to younger generations.

I've come to believe, however, another type of Teacher exists- a teacher whom valuable lessons we can learn from, despite the fact, they teach not through their words and experience, rather teaching through their actions alone.


Curiously, this type of teacher has little experience of life, in fact, they've been on this planet no time at all  – yet – we have so much to learn from them, regardless of our age.

This Blog was inspired by such a teacher. This Blog was inspired by my best friend's baby girl, Lexie, who at 18 weeks old, is the most adorable, beautiful, bundle of joy you could ever meet! It's funny, I'm a Personal Development nut and read countless Blogs and Books, watch all the educational videos about and continually invest in my personal growth, yet one weekend spent in the company of this lovely little lady and I feel I learned so much (and not about changing nappies- this I managed to avoid).

These are my 3 Life lessons from my best friend's baby…

1. Communicate how you really feel

It's no secret, babies don't hold back. Oh no! When they're hungry, they cry. When they're tired, they cry. When they're happy, they smile (and if you're lucky, give off a little chuckle).

Babies communicate how their feelings, simply + without hesitation.

We adults, well, we don't do such a great job at opening up about how we're actually feeling.

We keep our feelings to ourselves for fear of being judged, upsetting people or being viewed negatively by others.

Keeping our true feelings bottled up never serves us, in fact, it's dangerous.

Imagine for a moment though, a world where we all spoke from the heart. Where we openly shared how we felt- whether on top of the world or at breaking point. The good news is we can all play our part at this. Instead of saying "I'm fine", when honestly, we are not, let's begin to say "I'm not feeling so good, and I'd like to talk about it". This takes courage but it's in everyone's interest as when you communicate your true feelings to those around you, you open up the door for them to do the same.

2. Live with Curiosity

Babies have an insatiable curiosity.

Their eyes scan around, attempting to make sense of each new environment. They are hungry to take in the world- not only through their eyes, but their ears, eyes, and mouths too. Watching my Best friend's daughter, I was stunned at how curious she was during her waking hours.

Sadly, many of us lose this appetite for exploring the world by the time we finish our formal education.

We stick to what we know, by driving to work the same way, eating the same old foods, watching the same old types of films at the Cinema. Never forget this… There is a whole world out there to explore. New places to be seen! Food to be devoured!

What were you curious about as a Child? What was your passion? It's never too late to reignite your spark of curiosity.

Why not try something different? Ask more Questions! Learn a new skill? Nothing is stopping you.

3. Live in the present moment

Did you know? The only two fears you were born with were:

1. The fear of falling. 2. The Fear of loud noises.

Any other Fears you have, you have learned. Picked up along the way.

Our fears rob us of the joy in the present moment, as they pull us away from the Now and into the future. We adults dwell on our worries and concerns, playing worst-case-scenario-movies in our heads. No wonder we feel stressed!

A baby's mind, on the other hand, is clear. Focused. Present. There are no fears consuming a baby's mind. They live focused on the here and now and the opportunities the moment presents. When there is a chance to play, it's taken! Opportunities are noticed and seized. Living with more presence takes a commitment (if anything, we are un-learning), but like all skills, it can quickly become a habit. There are loads of ways to live with more Presence. Start a meditation practice, eat food mindfully, be aware of the sounds around you in the room. Start right now.

Teachers really do come in many forms!

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