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6 Frustrating Things Highly Intuitive People Have To Deal With Daily

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Being highly intuitive is definitely a wonderful gift to have but it also comes with some frustration. Personally I am very intuitive and learned many years ago to not ignore my intuition. If it was warning me about something I listened. If it was steering me towards something good, I listened to that too. For too many years, I didn't listen to it, completely ignored it or made it shut up, and regretted that later. I believe many of us still ignore our intuition.

How many times have you found yourself in a situation where you had a niggling poke in your gut saying yes or no, very strongly, and you ignored it because you wanted to do what you wanted to do. What happened later? You paid a price, and probably a high price. That was your intuition talking to you. Many of us are so out of tune with our intuition though there still are some of us that totally pay attention.

highly_intuitive_peopleHowever, there are things that highly intuitive people have to deal with daily that isn't part of the gift and makes our gift almost seem like a curse. Here are just 6 things that we have to deal with, and trust me, it's not fun.

1. We automatically know when someone is lying and can't say anything about it.

Depending on whatever situation we happen to be in, especially if it's a work thing and the liar happens to be your boss or a co-worker, our hands are tied. We know they're lying, we feel it with every ounce of our being and everyone else is believing this person and you just want to scream, but you can't.

2. We want everyone to listen to us.

We know that something is terribly wrong but nobody will believe us. We know that this strategy is going to work no matter what, if only everyone would just stop and listen to us. We know. We just know but they won't hear any of it. It's very frustrating when no one listens and then after the fact, they realize we were right. If they would have just listened in the first place, it would have saved a lot of frustration, on everyone's part.

3. We'll just stay away.

Because of our sixth sense, there are many situations we don't want to be involved in, places we don't want to go to and people we don't want to be around. We would much rather just stay home and be alone. It's better for us and we are slightly happier that way. We'd love to go hang with our friends but our intuition will oft en keep us from events or situations that don't feel right.

4. But we really really want that____ (fill in the blank).

Whether it's a dress or suit we saw that we love or a person we think is very attractive or a job we think might be perfect for us. Whatever it is, we would love to have it, but our intuition is screaming at us saying oh no you don't and we walk away with our heads hanging low and our tails between our legs. We know our intuition is right and knows what's best for us. It's a good thing and a bad thing all at the same time.

5. If you're faking your emotions, we know it and nothing is more annoying than watching someone act.

It's actually very irritating. You being phoney is the most pathetic thing ever and serves no purpose but mostly it's just frustrating. You see, we don't really want to be around fake people. We like real people who aren't afraid of being themselves. Because of this phoney display of emotions, chances are we won't like you much, we won't trust you much and probably won't want to hang around you too much either.

6. The world works on fact, not emotions.

Everything is based on facts, logic and results, not our gut feelings. We can't just walk in to the office of the CEO of our company and suggest a new strategy because our gut is telling us something. They would probably laugh at us and tell us to get back to work. We just know things. Good and bad. And we really wish everyone would believe us and listen.

Being highly intuitive is definitely a great quality to have but you see, it can be our nemesis too. So many times we would like to shout out to someone that something is bad or great, but we can't so we don't. Instead we sit back, watch and slump in defeat.

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