20 over 20. The Native American Natural Cures for Common Ailments.

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For thousands of years, Native Americans have been reaching out to the land for cures and healing potions that will take care of any ailment they were faced with. I will go out on a limb (pardon the pun) and assume that trial and error was practiced to see what worked and what didn't work, with maybe the latter possibly resulting in eventual death. Herbs and roots, bark and leaves were either steeped in hot water to take orally as a hot tea or whipped into a paste to apply to wounds. Either way, these guys knew what they were doing and still to this day, the list of natural aids below are commonly used.

I'm still surprised that more people don't reach for natural cures as opposed to polluting their livers with toxic drugs from the pharmacy. Most of these prescribed or over the counter drugs will take care of one thing but harm something else. What's the point really? All the side effects are listed clearly on the insert slip and we read them quickly but don't really pay much attention to them. We want the quick fix and we want it now.

As well as healing any ailment you might be experiencing, a lot of these herbs have some healthy beneficial properties to them. Some are great for energy, others are great for beautiful skin, hair and nails.

How about for one month we try one of these amazing remedies below and see what happens. A challenge if you will. There's enough of them here. Surely out of 25 (and these are only just a few) you can find one or 5 that can help you. Most of these are plants you can buy at your local nursery. Some of them are herbs you can find at the grocery store. Super easy to find and super effective. I've listed the ailments and the herbs/roots/seeds/ etc. you should use to treat them.

1. Arthritis "“ sassafras, honeysuckle, arnica.

2. Asthma "“ sassafras, skunk cabbage, wintergreen.

3. Backache "“ arnica, feverwort, horsemint, black cohosh.

4. Burns "“aloe, beeswax, purple cornflower.

5. Colds "“ echinacea, gingerroot, honey suckle, licorice.

6. Constipation "“ elderberry, dogwood, chamomile.

7. Depression – bayberry, comfrey, purple coneflower, flowering dogwood, peppermint, sweet grass

8. Diarrhea – juniper, black cherry, wild black cherry , dogwood, geranium, cranberry

9. Eczema "“ elderberry, yarrow, aloe

10. Fever "“ Echinacea, willow, eucalyptus, feverfew.

11. Gas "“ peppermint, spearmint, horsemint.

12. Headache "“ willow, peppermint, spearmint, feverfew.

13. Heartburn "“ sage, dandelion, chamomile, peppermint, spearmint

14. Insomnia "“ chamomile, sweet grass, passion flower, Indian tobacco.

15. Insect bites and stings "“ aloe, bee pollen, passion flower, goldenseal.

16. Menopause "“ sweet grass, sage, alfalfa, red clover.

17. Migraines "“ feverfew, willow, peppermint, spearmint, yarrow.

18. Nausea "“ chamomile, feverwort, gingerroot, spearmint.

19. Sore throat "“ Echinacea, licorice, sage, eucalyptus, purple coneflower.

20. Toothache "“ yarrow, gingerroot, purple coneflower.

There are literally hundreds, maybe even thousands more, natural cures for most of the ailments we suffer from today. If you visit your natural food store or go online to any natural source supply outlet, you can probably find any or all of these items listed here. However you decide to get them and whenever you start applying the cure always make sure to ask and get clear advice about how to use them, how much of them to use and if they will react to any other prescription you may be taking right now (quite possibly one or two you absolutely shouldn't get off without doctor's orders). You also might want to check with your doctor about allergies. Something like bee pollen might not do so well with someone who is allergic to bee stings or honey.

Another thing to note is if you are pregnant or breast feeding, consult with doc first. So all in all, common sense here will go a long way. Be careful when trying anything new, even natural things. They aren't all user friendly. For those of you with no allergies, give these guys a whirl and see what happens.

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