7 Proven Health Benefits Of Showing More Gratitude

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You all know about the Law of Attraction and the attitude of gratitude but why is it that most of us still don't apply them? We know how they work and many of our friends have shown us actual proof that they do work. So why do we still not apply them? Why are we being so stub born and so close minded for goodness sakes? Many people are telling us something is good for us and it can improve our lives yet we still don't listen.

Well this may change your mind. Here's to hoping anyway. It is now a proven fact that showing more gratitude can actually improve your health. Who knew, right? Gratitude, when practiced daily, and I might add should be practiced daily, can change you mentally, emotionally, financially and now physically too. Does it get any better than this? Below I've listed just 6 reasons how showing and practicing gratitude daily can significantly improve your health. If these don't convince you then I don't know what will.

gratitude_31. Better sleep at night.

Yes, it sure does. How is this possible? Well because when you practice gratitude daily, more things will show up in your life daily that you will have to be grateful for hence leading you to a happier less stressed state, concluding in a good night ' s sleep at the end of the day. Sounds good to me.   Be grateful, have sweet dreams.

2. Less stressed.

We all know that stress can lead to high blood pressure, increasing y our chance of heart attack or stroke, well when we practice gratitude, our lives become full of blessings and abundance. When this happens, we suddenly are less stressed, once again, and our chance of heart issues is decreased significantly. Brilliant.

3. We're just happier.

And we all know what happens when we're happier. We come alive, we have more energy, we're not sad or depressed and we overall feel better. Our hearts beat normally, we smile more and have a more pleasing personality. Who wouldn't want to feel like that? Happy leads to better relationships and makes it easier to make new friends.

4. You're well protected.

From negativity that is. Negativity leads to sadness and toxicity. This leads to loss of friends and family members sometimes too. When we are grateful we are happier which in turn brings us greater joy, better relations with our peers and negativity doesn't stand a chance. It also wards off negative people from coming into our lives and bringing us down with them. Negative people can't handle happy and grateful people so they tend to stay away.

5. Better mental functions.

When we are in a grateful state, and more great things are coming into our lives, we are happier and the result of all this? We perform better mentally because we don't have our worries or stresses fogging our brain and our memory. We can think more clearly and have a much better attention span meaning, we can pay attention to the important details better than we did prior to our gratitude state.

6. More energy which leads us to want to get out and be more active.

What does all that mean? Exercise! Because we have more energy we are more apt to get out and do things outdoors or maybe even pack up a gym bag and get to the gym for a good workout. We are so grateful and feel so blessed just to be alive that we want to take care of our body and stay in shape so we can live longer and healthier.

7. It's better for your psychological health too.

This happens simply because people that are more grateful and practice gratitude everyday have higher self-worth and do not get lost in a sea of negative emotions like hate, anger, jealousy, envy or anything of that nature. They are truly happy to be alive and happy with all that they have and they are happy for others too. all this happiness has to be good for something, right?

So you can see being in a state of gratitude is really good for you completely. Emotionally, financially, professionally, spiritually and now physically/health wise. Why would you not want to be grateful every day?

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