12 Side Effects of Raising Your Spiritual Energy

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If you’re someone who is actively trying to raise your spiritual energy and consciousness you’ve probably come across a few side effects  that may leave you feeling a little confused.

What you are doing is raising your energy to another level, to a higher level of existence so to speak.  I believe this is the next stage in human evolution: raising our consciousness to new levels, and it seems more and more people are openly talking about this.  This is good as it doesn’t make it sound so ‘wacky’ when people do talk about it.

As we go through this process of spiritual advancement and move our minds over to the next level, there may  be some side effects, some good some not so good.  This is our old patterns coming back and clouding our advancement, and it’s perfectly natural.

We are quite literally becoming lighter beings (And I don’t mean we’re losing weight), hence the term ‘enlightenment’

I thought I would share with you 12 side effects of raising your spiritual energy.

12 Side Effects of Raising Your Spiritual Energy


1.  Feeling out of place from others around you, and indeed the world.
2. Feeling spiritually disconnected
3. Hyper-sensitivity to your surroundings and other  people’s energy
4. Feeling that your mind racing at 100 Miles Per Hour all the time
5. Overwhelming feelings of sadness, joy or sorrow
6. Feeling a strong pull to spend time in nature
7. The desire to spend more time, than usual, being alone
8. Feeling as if time is running out, but you’re not quite sure why
9. A strong feeling that changes are going to happen, but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is
10. Feeling that other people, not of this world, are around you, feeling their presence somehow.
11. Increased psychic or clairvoyant experiences
12. Strange prophetic dreams, increased lucidity or astral travel episodes

If you are experiencing these side effects, then you shouldn’t worry and continue with your practice of spiritual advancement, whether that be meditation, contemplation, or just thinking more about your life.

There is always going to be a little mind resistance to change, so it’s worth noting the more you continue with your practice of raising your spiritual energy the more side effects, good and not so good, will occur.

I truly believe the energy of the world is changing and we’re entering a new phase, it’s exciting, scary and potentially life changing.


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