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Blogging has grown up up over the last few years and no longer will you see cute little pictures of cats and dogs, instead you will get serious debate going on about every topic imaginable. I have been reading blogs for a few years and I like the serious blogs, ones that really can change your way of thinking or at least lead you to a new way of thinking. I have chosen a few that have really made me think about different aspects of my life and would like to share just 11 of them here with you. Let me know if you would add any to this list.


  1. Steve Pavlina – A scientific Method for exploring consciousness "“ One of the best personal development blogs on the net and Steve has certainly change my way of thinking on the topic of "subjective reality". The posts go back as far as 2004, but starting with this one post could change the way you think about life forever.
  2. Tim Ferris "“ Dr Stewart Friedman on "Time Bind" vs Psychological Interference and more "“ Another great blog, which I started reading after reading the "˜4 hour workweek'. I think this guy is a genius and someone who thinks outside the box on every aspect of life. This post really made me think about focusing on the task at hand instead of drifting off to another place in my head, you'll understand when you read it.
  3. Richard Dawkins "“ Imagine no Religion "“ Richard Dawkins is someone I admire greatly and after reading "˜The God Delusion' I admired him even more for having the courage and conviction to stand and speak out about what he believed in. In this article he talks about the tribal mind of religions and what it is doing to the world.
  4. Bruce Lipton "“ Biomagnetism and Energy Medicine "“ Another author who thinks outside the box and has the courage to stand by his convictions. Bruce believes that we can literally change our body and cells by the information we feed them from our thoughts. His book "˜Biology of belief' is a life changer and a must read. His videos are amazing to watch also, he has so much energy and passion about the subject of biology.
  5. Seth Godin "“ No Middleman, no insulation "“ Seth is a marketing genius and this one blog post is just one of many that shows his awareness and understanding of the marketing world. Even if you are not into marketing Seth can teach you a thing or two about life and interaction we have with each other and the businesses around us.
  6. Yaro Starak "“ Engagement "“ The magic ingredient you need for success online today "“ Yaro is one of my blogging heroes and has some fantastic articles on the business of blogging. This article is all about engaging with your readers and the relationship you have with them, for me it is one of the articles that can change the way you blog for good.
  7. Business Week "“ How top bloggers earn money "“ this article from Business week really put me onto the power of blogging and how it can change people's lives. It is a great article and very inspirational for online business owner and bloggers.
  8. Christian Thomas kohl "“ Buddhism and Quantum physics "“ What is reality? Kohl tries to explain here the differences between the western concept of reality and the Buddhism explanation of reality mixed in with quantum physics. This is a totally fascinating read and one which made me think seriously about life itself.
  9. Jill Bolte Taylor "“ My stroke of insight "“ A TED lecture by Jill Bolte who suffered a stroke ane observed exactly how the brain started to shut down as it was happening. A thoroughly fascinating lecture.
  10. Matthieu Ricard – The Monk in the lab "“ Matthieu has been studying happiness as an inner state for years and this article shows how inner peace can reflect our lives and how we can change through meditation.
  11. Win Wenger "“ Two guaranteed ways to increase intelligence "“ I have been reading this website for years, on and off, and the writings always fascinate me and lead me to new ways of thinking about life, intelligence and creativity. In this article win talks about awareness of breath and how we can increase our lung capacity which inevitably affects our ability to communicate more effectively, this is a must read and take a look around the whole website you won't be dissappointed.

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