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10 Words You Should Be Using Every Day

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We use approximately 15000 words a day, women more than men (don't shoot the messenger). We talk at work, with our families, our kids, our friends. We talk and talk and talk. We talk about work, health, life, relationship issues, we talk about everything under the sun but do you actually pay attention to some of the words you use? Words have dual purpose. They can either be damaging or helpful.

We hardly pay attention to the words we use really. who has time to dissect each and every sentence anyway. However, there are a handful words you should be getting into your vocabulary every single day and you should be paying attention to these ones. Words have energy as do our thoughts and actions. Be mindful of yours.

personality_type_words1. Clarity.

Are you clear on your daily goals? Are you clear on who you are and what you want to become? Try to speak more of clarity and you will soon find that clarity will be yours. Things will become, well, clearer. Your thoughts, your intentions, your energy and your love.

2. Abundance.

Don't speak of lack, speak only of true abundance and that it is yours. Speak the word freely as if you already have abundance. Not only abundance for yourself but for those around you as well. For the whole world. Remember abundance comes in many forms, not just money.

3. Love.

Say this word a million times a day. Say it, feel it, be it and spread it. Love has its very own energy and it's always good. Think love and show love. Make note of all the things you love, including flowers, the sun, the rain, your car, everything and anything. The more you feel it and say it, the more you will have.

4. Eagerness.

Never lose your eagerness to do new things, try new things, meet new people and live life. Remember when you were a young kid and you were always eager to go outside and play? Always eager to meet the new neighbourhood boy that just moved in next door. Embrace that eagerness, feel it and talk about it.

5. Appreciation.

I appreciate you. I appreciate this. Say it often. Feel appreciation for all the things you have, are and want. Appreciation and gratitude will continue to bring you more things to appreciate and be grateful for.

6. Passion.

My passion is … .Your passion is … .His passion is … We all have passion and purpose. Don't ever lose sight of yours. Stay on track of your passion and it will lead you to a life of love and pure bliss. hold on to that and don't ever let anyone take your passion from you.

7. Focus.

What are your goals? What and or who do you love? What brings you great joy? Focus on things that bring you happiness and less focus on those that bring you sadness or pain. Focus on your goals, the end result, the middle, focus on it all. The minute you lose focus, snap it back into place. Don't let it fall to the wayside for too long or you may never regain it.

8. Purpose.

Find it, be it, live it. You are the only one here on earth with your specific purpose and gift. Discover what it is, embrace it and live it fully.   We all have a purpose and though some of us may have similar purposes, they are all very unique. Concentrate on yours and don't forget it. Repeat daily, I am here to live my purpose.

9. Determination.

You will have nothing if you aren't determined to get it. Not everything you want is going to be handed to you. Some things you may have to work really hard for. Get it with fierce determination. Let your determination fuel and fire you up. Hang on to it and nurture it. Remind yourself daily how determined you are to get what you want.

10. Confidence.

I can do this. I can do anything. I can do whatever I put my mind to. I have unwavering faith and confidence in myself and my abilities to complete the task at hand. I know I can do this and if it takes me ten tries, that's ok too. I will complete it. I am fully confident in myself. Now though this may sound like a wee lie, your mind really has no clue and it will believe what you tell it over and over again.

Tell your mind you're awesome and it will have no choice but to believe it.

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