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5 Critical Reasons To Forgive Everyone Right Now

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The F word. So many of hear that word and squirm in our seats. You're probably doing that right now. No one said forgiveness was easy. It's just not impossible. When I talk about forgiveness to anyone, one of the very first things I hear is they don't deserve forgiveness. Of course they don't. What they did was downright shitty. But we don't forgive for them. It is critical right now for you to forgive everyone who ever hurt you.

forgiveMany of us have been hurt, very bad. Some of us have an unexplainable pain that may never go away. The pain may not be visible but it is there and it buried very deep. Others show their pain on their face and still hold it in their heart and on their sleeve for everyone to see. They want people to see their pain and rub their back. Pain comes in all shapes and sizes. So does forgiveness. We cannot judge anyone's pain as we do not know how their pain feels. We all have a right to our feelings of grief, hurt, anger, frustration and sadness without judgement.

The most important part of it all, is the forgiveness part. And here's why.

1. Forgiveness frees you, not them.

It frees you from the grips of pain and anger. It frees you from poison and toxicity. It frees you from grudges and hate. All that bottled up blackness you have stored inside of you; forgiveness takes care of all of that for you. It will stay there, locked inside of you and boil and erupt until you forgive this person for what they did to you. life is too short to live with so much blackness in your heart and soul.

2. It's not a two-way street.

You are giving so much energy to all this anger and hurt. You are directing all your attention and anger to them and what they did but they most certainly are not wasting all their energy thinking of you. They probably could not care less about you. Your thoughts of anger and hurt are yours and yours alone. Chances are they probably don't even feel guilty for what they did. Kick them out of your head; they are living there for free.

3. Make room for goodness.

If you are looking for peace and happiness or maybe even a new partner, you will struggle to find it or him/her until you release the toxicity that is taking up a huge part of your heart, mind and soul. There is no room for goodness. You are keeping it from coming to you and it really wants you too but you need to make room for it. It's time. Even if you just forgive and release one person at a time, that will make a little room each day.

4. My, your cheeks are rosy.

When we are in a total state of love and peace and we have forgiven all that have hurt us, we feel better. We have a spring in our step, a twinkle in our eye and even glowing rosy cheeks. We're just healthier and happier and it shows up in our health. Our emotions play a huge part in our physical health. When our emotions are in check and aligned, our health is prime.

5. A nicer path moving forward.

Once we have forgiven, as we move forward in life, we learn to not put up with anyone's bullshit anymore but we also learn, and now know, that forgiveness is the key. If anyone does try to pull a fast one over us and actually succeeds, we now have the tools to forgive and move on. We know that letting it stay in our soul will only poison us and we're done with that. My, how you've grown.

Forgiveness certainly isn't easy and for some it is ongoing, but the rewards are well worth it. Take one person today and send them forgiveness. Just one. You have to start sometime with someone, why not today, right now?

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