10 Things Every 30 Year Old Should Stop Worrying About Now

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You're not young enough to hang with 20 year olds anymore and you don't quite fit in with the 40 year olds. You're not sure if you should still be having one night stands or senseless meaningless sex or are you ready for marriage. Shouldn't you be in a high profile career by now? Oh so many things to worry about. Or should you even be worrying about any of that?

There are certainly some things you should be concerning yourself with. I wouldn't go so far as to say worry. No one should waste time worrying about anything really but definitely be considering some things. But shouldn't you be worrying about as a 30 year old?

These things.

stop_worrying1. How many friends you have on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Really? Why does that even matter anymore unless you are running a numbers game competition with your friends, but wait, what? How old are you?

2. I need a date for the staff Christmas party.

Arm candy? Don't want to show up alone? Status quo thing, what is it? Why do you need a date? You can't just show up alone or go with another single co-worker?

3. Trying to get the perfect selfie.

Last time I checked, the ones taking all the selfies and getting them perfect, were in high school. Why are you worrying about that so much again?

4. What's your ex doing now?

Who cares? If you didn't care enough when you were together then caring now is pretty much pointless.

5. Is this the job I am going to retire at?

Chances are, no. You will probably change your career path at the very least 2 more times before you retire. Keep plugging away for now. But keep an open mind. Always.

6. I wonder if there are cute chicks/guys at the gym today.

It doesn't matter. You need to go to the gym now to keep healthy not to pick up. Your body is starting t o change and age. Try to keep up with that and never mind the people of the opposite sex while you're there. You're not in college anymore. You missed your chance then.

7. Does my boss like me?

What matters here is does your boss like the work you provide for them, not if they like you or not. If you ' re a great worker, do your job well and always perform, then that's all that matters right now. It doesn't really matter if your boss likes you. This isn't a popularity contest.

8. My looks are changing so fast.

Yes, it's called aging and you've just started. Don't start worrying about that. What do you think is going to happen when you hit 40 and 50? You guessed it. More aging. If you start worrying about that now you are going to drive yourself completely mental in 10 years.

9. I have no idea what I'm doing.

That's ok, neither do most of us. Just go with life and have fun. Enjoy your time here. You will figure things out as days go by. Just like the rest of us. Don't try too hard to plan anything either. It's pointless really.

10. Still chasing clothes labels?

Really? Why does it matter whose name is on the back of your shirt? Are you still trying to impress people? Stop doing that. Nobody cares. You'd be surprised. And you'll save a whack of money if you buy clothes off the regular racks. Money is good to have for travel and stuff.

There are some things you should start thinking about at this age but the listed 10 items should not be a high priority. If you are wanting a family and you are still single then you might want to start thinking about kicking that into gear. Worrying about your retirement at this point is premature, in my opinion. Though I'm sure financial advisors around the world will argue with me. anyway, at this age, you should be enjoying life, learning new things, taking care of yourself and being kind to people. The world needs more happy givers. Start doing that.

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