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One Powerful Phrase To Use When You Feel Life Crumbling Down Around You

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How wonderful it is when life is going smoothly, everyone is happy, work is good and everything seems to be going right. Our bills are paid on time, our relationships are amazing, our health is great. Life is almost perfect. Wouldn't it be nice if this was our life every day, all the time? We know, however, that in reality, only part of this, if any at all, is true. Sometimes, it just seems like our life is crumbling down around us and there is absolutely nothing we can do to stop or prevent it.

There never really is a good time for bad things to happen ironically though we find ourselves saying this couldn't have happened at a worse time. Is there a right time for bad stuff to happen? Doesn't it seem like when one bad thing happens it's almost like the domino effect? It's suddenly one thing after another. Just when you think you can't take another bad event, something else happens. A job loss, a death, a friend leaves her partner and needs a place to stay, your kid is in jail for who knows what. It never ends.

life_crumblingSo what do you do? Who do you call? How on earth are you supposed to handle all this? All you really want to do is scream and cry and run away forever. Screaming and crying is totally acceptable and highly encouraged. The running away part, not so much. It does seem like your world is collapsing around you and it very well could be but…

There is one key phrase. One very powerful phrase that, if you keep repeating it to yourself, not only will you eventually believe it, but it will make you become slightly more optimistic, more in control, a tad more powerful yourself and you will definitely have hope for tomorrow.

So many times when things are going bad the first thing we say to ourselves is why is this happening to me? or how much more of this am I supposed to take? or maybe this sounds like you I can't take much more! The very last thing that pops in our head is to be positive or optimistic. We are in a state of despair and talking about rainbows and unicorns do not enter our thoughts, at all.

But they should. Once the shock of whatever has happened worn off, it's time to kick into resolution mode. We don't always see or have the answers, but with the right attitude and the right key phrase, answers will come quicker. So what is the powerful key phrase that is going to help us keep our wits about us when it feels like our world is crumbling down around us? What is the one thing that we should be telling ourselves over and over again in times of trouble?

I'm going to be ok.

Sounds like malarkey. Bullshit even. But really, you are going to be ok. You have survived so much already up to this point. Your success rate is 100%. You're here, still kicking and still at it. You will definitely be ok. It may not seem like it today or tomorrow. Maybe not even in a week or a month, but by this time next year, you will see, it will all just be a distant memory, perhaps a sad one, but still nothing more than a memory. It will all be over and your life will be pretty good.

The trick to this key phrase working is repetition. Keep saying it over and over again. Replace why is this happening to me? with I'm going to be ok or everything will be ok or something positive to that effect. Use whatever positive phrase works best for you just pick one and say it. Again and again. I am going to be ok. Because, really, you will.

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