10 Surprising Mood Boosters You Probably Never Thought Of

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Whether we need cheering up or just a bit of a jolt during that 2:00 pm afternoon slump, every now and then we all need a little mood boosting. The best part of mood boosting, in my opinion, is that it could actually be a whole lot of fun.

Many of us reach for a beverage to boost our moods, whether it be coffee, tea or wine or scotch. Whatever the case may be, here are a few more ideas to help you boost that mood without having to nose dive into alcohol or caffeine.

lavander_oil1. Essential oils.

Lavender and or lemongrass are great oils to sniff if you need a quick pick me up. There are many other brilliant oils that have other benefits besides mood boosting so you may want to try many.

2. Go to a dog park.

If you're into furry critters. The next time you are feeling glum or down in the dumps go to your neighbourhood dog park and watch dogs run around, play and be goofy. It's always a good time when we go.

3. Go visit a senior's centre.

No one will be happier to see you then a lonely senior. Many of them never get any visitors so having some one come to see them, maybe even bring some cookies or a treat and sit with them and talk is the best thing you can do not only for them but for you too.

4. Have a power nap.

When you're so down, sometimes the only thing you can do and the best cure is a power nap. It could be 15 minutes or 2 hours. Go lay down an d decompress. It's a clear sign it's time to shut the mind down.

5. A good cry.

Nothing like having a good emotional dump to remove all the toxins building up inside of you. Crying is very therapeutic and should never be held back. If you feel like crying, just do it. Too many of us hold back our tears. This is a bad idea. Let them flow.

6. Watch fish swim.

Not in the ocean or in a lake but in an aquarium. A fish tank is one of the best therapies for a bad mood. Even if you are feeling sad or grumpy. Go watch some fish swim around and be soothed by the sound of the bubbling water and the mot ion of the fish. Better yet, get yourself one.

7. Plug in and crank the volume.

Grab your iPod, your mp3 player or turn up your stereo. Whatever form you listen to your music on, turn it up. A sad song, a happy song, the heaviest metal song you have. Listen to it loud and sing along. Best therapy ever.

8. Chocolate please.

For those of us who can't live without chocolate, the best time to have some is when you are in a funky mood or need a happy boost. The delectable goodness of chocolate will cheer up even the grumpiest of people.

9. Call a friend.

We all have that one friend we can pick up the phone and call no matter what time of day it is. They are there, no matter what. Almost like a stand by friend, but they really do love you and care for you. Call them up. They are happy to cheer you up.

10. Road trip anyone?

Even if you don't own a car, go for a walk, get a taxi, subway, train, bus, whatever it takes. Get on a means of transportation and go on a short mindless journey. It is usually on these random journeys that we can solve most of the world's problems anyway.

This is my short list though there are so many more ideas out there. What are some of your tips and tricks to boost your mood? Share them with the others.

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