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10 Silly Things That Are Keeping You From Happiness

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We are all striving for that state of happy-ness. Our neighbours seem to have it, our coworkers, even the cashier at the grocery stores seems to have it. What do they know that the rest of us don't? Why is it so hard for some to achieve that happiness while it seems to come effortlessly to others?

Happiness is an inside job. Everything we want is already inside of us. So is that internal struggle to achieve peace, happiness and joy. What may come easy to some is a daily battle for others. A battle of gaining back control of our minds and our lives. Here I list some of the things, simple things, that you might be doing right now, that are actually keeping you from the happiness you deserve. The happiness that has been inside of you all along, but is being blocked.

happiness_11. Fear.

The more fear you feel and don't face, the longer it will take for you to achieve happiness. Fear keeps us from trying new things, especially the exciting adventurous things we really want to try but are too afraid to. Face your fear, try new things, go live life and get your happy on.

2. Worry.

Many of us worry about things that haven't even happened and probably never will. We make up stories in our heads about how a situation might transpire, and it never ends up happening anyway. Worry less, smile more.

3. Complaining.

The more you complain, the more things will show up in your life to complain about. We complain too much about silly things. Instead of complaining, try showing gratitude for what you have. Just be grateful.

4. Holding a grudge.

It's like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies. It's pointless and only causes you harm. Let them go. Trust me when I tell you they aren't thinking about you so stop wasting your time thinking about them. Time to let it go.

5. Lying.

Why do we do that anyway? Even silly little white lies. they are going to end up coming back and biting you in the arse. You are going to have a hard time remembering what you lied about until someone reminds you of what you said, after you lied. Embarrassing much? Tell the truth, sleep peacefully, be happy.

6. Guarding your heart.

We've all been hurt before, at one time or another. But you have to move on, keep exercising your heart and keep loving. Loving is a happy thing to do and the world needs more loving and happy people. Love everything and everyone you see. Just spread love around and you will see how it comes back to you, fills you back up and makes you happy.

7. Stressing out.

Most of the time we do this for nothing. Stop stressing over the little things and try to remember that the little things really are just that. Little. Tomorrow they will mean nothing, the problem will be gone and you stressed for nothing. Less stress, more smiles.

8. Greed.

Don't be greedy. Be kind and generous and loving and caring. When we become, or are, greedy or materialistic our whole world evolves around money and things. We lose the value of the really important things that money can't buy such as respect, love and integrity. Greed is evil. There is no happiness there. Remember money can't buy happiness. Ever.

9. Selfishness.

It's ok to be selfish to a certain degree. I mean we all need to take care of ourselves and make sure we are happy in order to better serve others. But, there is a fine line between good selfish and bad selfish. When you are selfish in an uncaring way, there is no love or joy there. Be selfish when it comes to self care, not care of others.

10. Gossiping.

Don't talk about others. It's not only not nice but it makes your soul ugly and dark. There can be no place or room for happiness if you are filled with toxicity. Remove the need to gossip and replace it with kind and loving words about others and you will see how quickly your heart and soul fill up with happiness and joy.

So you can see how easy it would be to be a happy person if we just let go of some of the little things that are keeping you from it. Happiness is already inside of you. It's just masked behind layers of toxicity. Get rid of those layers and your true inner happiness will soon reveal itself .

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