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10 Point Check List For A Good Life

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A good life. Isn't that what we all strive for. A nice house, a good loving family, a decent job that you actually like and pays well. All these things and then some might describe a good life for some people. Others are just happy to be alive and that to them is a good life. What does constitute a good life?

I personally think it's all perspective. What's good for one person might mean nothing to another.   Some people think a good life is having a big house and fancy cars where others are probably just as happy riding a bike (because they believe it's better for the environment) and having a cute little bungalow. Whatever the case, here is my 10-point check list for a good life. See if any of these things ring true for you.

good_life1. You treat everyone with respect.

You feel good about the fact that no matter who they are or what they have done, you treat people the way you would like to be treated, with respect. We all have a story and we've all maybe done questionable things, but you know that you can't judge people. Which leads me to number 2.

2. You don't judge people, ever.

Everyone has a story. Whether it be the rich people down the block who always look unhappy or the homeless guy at the supermarket that is always begging for spare change. People are people and you understand that our stories make us who we are. You have a story too and hope no one judges you on yours.

3. You easily give from the heart.

You have no problem handing over some spare change to that homeless guy. He smiles, it melts your heart and that's all that matters to you. You don't mind helping your neighbour when he might be a little short of cash or maybe needs a ride somewhere and his car broke down. You offer to help. You never expect anything back in return. That's ego and that's not your thing.

4. You forgive and move on.

Holding on to anger makes no sense to you. You want to be happy and feel at peace and free. You know that this won't happen if you don't forgive people who may have hurt you. Forgive and forget is your motto and you do it quickly so you can move on and be happy.

5. No grudges held ever.

What's the point? You have no time or room for grudges in your life. Someone did you wrong. We can't understand why people do some of the things they do and we have no time to analyze it. It is what it is. You let it go and forget about it like nothing ever happened. Life is too short for grudges and besides, you want to live a good life, right?

6. Gossiping is for high school kids.

Talking about others doesn't serve you or them and you not sure why you would want to talk about someone else unless it's to praise them. You don't like to talk about others nor do you want to engage in a conversation where someone else is gossiping. It's simply negative energy and there isn't anything good about that.

7. You make time for others.

If someone needs a friend to talk to or is looking for a movie date or a lunch date, and if it doesn't interfere with your own agenda, you are more than happy to make time to be with your friend or family member. You get the value of true friendships and bonds and they are very important to you.

8. Make time for yourself.

This is also just as important as making time for others. You understand that self care is very crucial to your well being and you aren't afraid of saying no when you have to. Taking care of yourself comes first. You know that you won't be good to others if you aren't good to yourself.

9. Road trip anyone.

The world is a big beautiful place and you like to get in the car and go on random little road trips to little towns outside of yours. Or maybe you like cruises or tropical destinations. You get that work and responsibility are important but so is downtime and enjoying life.

10. Be kind.

You love being kind to people. holding the door open,smiling at a stranger, helping an elderly lady cross the street, offering up your umbrella to a mom and baby that don't have one. You simply have a beautiful kind heart and being kind to others is very important to you. The world needs more kind people.

So you see, the checklist to having a good life doesn't include stuff at all. You can live a good life by just being a good person.

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