10 Confusing Signs that Indicate You Are an Extroverted Introvert.

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That in itself is confusing. Either you are an extrovert or an introvert. Pick one for goodness sakes. You can't possibly be both. You either want to sit alone in your house and read the latest fiction novels or you want to hang out at the local pub and chat it up with your friends from work. Which one would you prefer to do?

When we think of anyone being an introvert, the vision that comes to mind for many, is one of a person curled up on a cozy couch with a blanket, a nice cup of tea and good book or simply looking out the window at the sunset/sunrise. We see a quiet introspective individual who is happy being alone and would rather have a root canal than have to be in a public or group setting.

But they're really not all like that. In comes the extroverted introvert. This person definitely loves their "me" time, but they really don't mind hanging with friends at a club or social event.   Still a little unsure? Here are 10 more signs from the extroverted introvert.

1. I love being a chatter bug sometimes.

Go figure. As much as I love hanging out with me, myself and I and watching the latest spy movie, I also love to hang out with my friends and laugh, joke and catch up with fun things. As soon as I return home, I'm back to being my lovely, quiet self again.

2. I want to meet your friends.

Just give me some advanced warning and every single last detail like, how many, how many and how many. Really that' s all I need to know. I do like meeting new people it sometimes does freak me out a bit so I need some time to prepare myself, that's all.

3. I get lonely too sometimes.

Ok so now I sound like I'm contradicting myself but hear me out. Even though I do prefer to be on my own I still do like to have some human interaction, just not on a grand scale. Call me for a lunch date or something sometime. I'd like that.

4. Convince me that going out will be fun.

Don't always give up on me just because I said no the first time. If you really want me to go out and you know I'm going to have a stellar time give me a gentle nudge. Sometimes I need a bit of an extra push to get out the door.

5. Praise me but not too loudly please.

When I do something epic, I may want a little bit of recognition for it but please don't get a megaphone. I may require a little spotlight at times to keep me in check that I'm on the right personal path, I just don't want any big parties thrown in my favour because of it.

6. Speaking of parties, I love them, really.

Provided it is at my house and I know everyone there. I can be the life of the party too if I really want to be. It won't happen often but prepare yourself, it can happen.

7. I'll text you. Later.

Yes you can keep in touch with me via text, snapchat if you wish, or any other form of social media and I don't mind it a bit. I just may not get back to you right away. I'm not chained to my cell phone nor do I need to use it as a lifeline, though I've been known to do that on some days when I feel especially lonely.

8. I do what for a living?

It's been known that some introverts are actually leaders or business owners and obviously have to be assertive and, well , lead. We can do this. Very effectively I might add.   It's a nice balance for us.

9. Can we get on with it please?

I love to talk and carry on conversation as much as the next guy but it has to be stimulating. Please don't bore me with small talk. Engage my mind, keep me interested and we'll be able to talk all night.

10. Road trips are awesome.

And as much as we love hitting the highway alone on a day long excursion, we also don't mind doing it with a good friend or two. The company is welcomed sometimes.

Extroverted introverts are misunderstood. People don't see how it's possible but it is. Do you have other signs of extro-intros to share with our readers.

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