10 Anti-Aging Mistakes Every Woman Should Avoid

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There are things that you may not be doing and things that you may be doing but doing wrong that are causing your skin to come back at you with more wrinkles and age spots every time.   Below are the most common mistakes women make, which you may be making too invite more creases to show on your face:

beautiful_woman1.   Thinking that your sunscreen will redeem you from sun damage.

Sunscreen is a must for any anti-aging regimen "” it's true "” but, don't lean on it to give you 100% protection from UV and sun damage because it simply can't.   Your sunscreen has limitations too that you should respect and do something about by staying in the shade and using other means to protect yourself from UV "” wearing high UPF clothing, putting on your sunglasses, giving your car a darker tint "” in conjunction with your sunscreen.

2.   Overwashing.

It's almost epidemic for women to think that cleansing throughout the day will give them youthful skin.   While keeping your face clean and clear using the best skin care products for women "” alcohol-free and soap-free, that is "” substantially kick off your chances of achieving beautiful skin, washing more than twice daily will strip off the moisture from your skin, making your skin more prone to wrinkles.

3.   Using makeup to cover up deep seated wrinkles.

When putting on your makeup, always have this in mind, "A little goes a long way".   The more layers of cosmetics you use, the more your wrinkles will show up as the products are not incorporated into your skin but rather seep through the cracks and highlighting these more.   Prioritize treating your skin instead with products that will plump up your skin naturally, such as a Nova Derm Eye Cream or any other essence will cause your skin.

4.   Believing that every anti-aging product will give you anti-aging effects.

The better formulated ones can but, those that are merely riding the anti-aging bandwagon won't and will likely even cause your skin to age more.   Harsh ingredients from carelessly designed formulations will damage your skin.   So, it's important for you to know what you are treating your skin with.

5.   Leaving your aging issues for your creams to solve on their own.

You can't delay aging by just putting your creams on!   Aging involves so many things, including your lifestyle choices, that is, whether you drink or smoke or hit the gym regularly or eat more fresh than processed.   All the decisions you make everyday impact your skin one way or another.

6.   Making too many facial expressions and mannerisms.

Repeated facial movements cause you to grow permanent lines sooner or later.   Keep facial movements to a minimum so you don't stretch your facial muscles too hard.   Facial exercises including facial yoga can help you relax your face and keep good circulation going.

7.   Sleeping without elevating your head.

Some people don't like pillows on their head because it gives them back pains.   A little tilt though is necessary so as to discourage fluids from getting stuck around your eyes.   Sleep face up as sleeping on your sides and tummy create sleep lines that eventually become permanently etched on your skin.

8.   Spending too much screen time.

Staring down on your laptop can cause you a lot of eye strain.   Any gadget that emits blue light, including your smartphone and tablet, emits blue light, a form of radiation that can also damage your skin.   Wear sunscreen and load up on antioxidants if you can't help it.

9.   Adhering to a skincare routine that does not suit your skin type.

Choose only the best skincare products for women that distinguish among skin types.   Read the labels and understand what these are telling you.   For instance, if you have acne-prone skin, you want to read "non-comedogenic" on the labels.

10.   Adhering to a skincare routine that is not suitable for your age.

There is a time for a basic moisturizer, and there is a phase in your life when you need to reinforce your regimen with anti-aging formulas.


You may be spending a fortune on the anti-aging products in your regimen which does not seem to have an end.   However, buying more anti-aging products does not redound to increasing your chances of delaying signs of skin aging.

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