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Steven Aitchison
Written by Steven Aitchison

I have always been interested in the Law of Attraction, but always found there was something missing with it.  It’s only in the last 5 months that I believe I have found out what’s  missing, and the results of my own experimentation has been amazing.

I’ve been experimenting for a few months now and I’d like to share it with you today.

Other Peoples Energy

Whilst standing in a queue at the bank, I felt strong vibes from a woman in front of me.  She was extremely impatient, sighing and tutting as she wasn’t getting attended to quick enough.  There were only two tellers on at the time, and there was about 6 people in front of us.  I could feel that she was getting more and more frustrated and angry and could almost physically feel the vibes she was sending out.

She eventually turned around to me, hoping to get me in the same state, and said ‘you’d think they put on more clerks at the till.’ I smiled politely and looked straight ahead.  A few minutes went by and she turned around again and said ‘I mean it’s lunch time, you’d think they would know it’s going to be busy.’ Now, I hate being around people like this, so I said ‘What can you do about it?’ She gave me a funny look: ‘What do you mean?’ she replied, ‘Well, you’re wasting all this energy getting annoyed, but it’s not going to make the queue go down any quicker is it?’ When she realised I didn’t feel the same, she turned and waited in line quietly, but probably seething inside.

We all know people like this in our lives.  People that give off these vibes of anger, of negativity, boredom, un-satisfaction.  The thing is they don’t need to say anything most of the time, we can actually feel it inside us.

We also know people who are radiant and as soon as they walk into a room, there is a hoard of people attracted to them.

It’s the same when we walk into a restaurant, a nightclub, a party at a house, we immediately get this ‘vibe’ about the place.  Why is that, and what is it telling us?

When you get a ‘vibe’ about something, you are really saying ‘I am feeling a vibrational energy inside of me.’ think about it for a second, that’s exactly what a vibe is.  You can’t touch, it, smell it, see it, hear it or taste it, you FEEL it.

So if we presume that a vibe is vibrational energy, and it’s this energy that causes a reaction in us to FEEL something, you therefore have to presume that vibrational energy is real, although unseen, and causes a reaction inside of us.

If someone else, or a place, can cause a reaction inside of us with it’s vibrational energy wouldn’t it be a good idea to play around, with a sense of curiosity and excitement, with the idea that we can project our energy, and even match energy of a similar nature and pull it toward us to get the things we want in life.


Matching Vibrations

Have you ever tried to tune a guitar by ear?

What you have to do is pluck the 1st string (maybe tune it first), then on the second string hold the fifth fret down and pluck the string so it matches the sound of the open, first string.

Basically what you are doing is matching the vibration of the first string to the vibration of the second string, and you do this with all six strings, until the guitar is tuned.

I believe we also match vibrations when we want something in our lives.

Just like a magnet, we are repelled away from people who do not have a similar vibrational energy as us.  For example, can you think of a time when you were in a great mood, happy, and loving life.  You got to work with the same energy and come across someone who is on a real downer.  Three things can happen in this situation:

1. You avoid them like the plague as they will sap that energy straight from you.

2. You lend some of your vibrational energy to the other person to pick them up, however you can only do this for so long, as your energy will be gone before long.

3. They avoid you like the plague as you are too damn happy for them.

Matching vibrational energy helps our body/mind seek out vibrations of a similar nature.  I believe this is how we get the things we want in our lives and I’ve been playing around with this idea for months now with some great results.

How to match vibrations

There’s lots of ways to match your internal vibrations with the things you want in life:

Visualization – We all know this one and may have tried it, but there’s a trick to this which i’ll share in a moment.

Writing – write down what you want to have in your life

Belief working – work on your beliefs about why you have not got what you want in your life.  There’s sometimes, or a lot of times, when you have a limiting belief stopping you matching vibrations to the thing you want.

There’s a lot of other ways, but with all of them there is a huge factor missed out when the likes of ‘The Secret’ and ‘LOA’ authors speak about it, and that is: FEELING.

When the authors of ‘the Secret’ spoke about using our thoughts to attract the things we want in life, they were only giving you an introduction to the subject.

What has been missed is that you do indeed use your thoughts, but it’s not your thoughts that have the power, it’s the feeling you get when you have these thoughts. But, you have to keep using your thoughts to get that deep feeling inside you, ‘The Vibe’.  When you have ‘the Vibe’ then you know you are matching your vibrational energy and aligning it with the object of your desire, whether it be money, a new job, a new person in your life or whatever it is you want.

When you get that vibe, your body becomes radiant and, I believe, there are no boundaries to the distance of your radiance.

Charging Your Vibrational Energy

What I have found is that ‘the Vibe’ needs charged.  It’s no good getting your vibe charged up only to let the charge run down, you have to keep charging it up with whatever method you choose to charge it: visualization, writing, talking etc.

One word of advice.  I wouldn’t use affirmations for matching vibrations.  However, affirmations are an amazing way to change your underlying beliefs for not for charging your vibrational state

Another thing I have learned with my experiments is that desperation causes you to lose the very thing you desire in your life.

For example if you want more money in your life, and all you think about is money, you obsesses about it and get more frustrated as the more you think about it, the less of it you get.  You’re holding on too tight.  What you should be obsessing about is the process, and the service you give to others.

How it has helped me!

I’ve just finished my accounts for my online business for the last financial year, April 2010 – April 2011.  I managed to get around $1500 per month directly from sales of my books, courses and blog advertising etc.  However I also managed to spend around $1300 per month on advertising, new programs, new software, courses, coaching, affiliate payments etc.  I was so involved in lots of different programs to make more money, that I lost track of why I was doing it.  It’s not just about the money, it is about serving others and teaching what I have learned myself.  When I started to focus on the question: ‘How can I better serve my subscribers, and the readers of the blog?’ My income shot up.

This year to date I have, April 2011 – August 2011, I have a net profit of around $2000 per month, and gross sales of around $4,000 per month, with $2000 being spent on servers, email accounts, coaching, affiliates, designers etc  I still have a full time job, so the figure could be much better.

Sales of How to Become an Advanced Early Riser account for 25% of the net profit, which is great as it wasn’t really selling at the beginning.  Word of mouth, and relationship marketing alone have increased the sales more and more each month

I had a limiting belief about my income, believing that if I could reach $1,000 per month online I would be happy, but I didn’t re-calibrate this belief and sales were stuck at that ceiling when I reached it.  When I re-calibrated back in February/March sales started coming in thick and fast.

I also had a lack of urgency.  As I have a full time job there is no immediate urgency to do as well online, when I pushed myself to set target dates, coupled with getting rid of the limiting beliefs, focus, energy and income shot up.

My feeling now is to net over $10,000 per month with gross sales reaching $12,500 per month

This is purely down to realising why I write, why I do what I do, and focus my actions on better serving readers, subscribers and advertisers on the blog.  I also look at my beliefs about what I am doing and re-calibrate my vibrational energy to match what I want and how best to help others.

Got questions?

This is obviously a brief introduction to working with your vibrational energy.

If you have any questions or thoughts on this, let me know by leaving a reply below.

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  • […] influence other people, though (hence, what we call "vibes"; this site explains it: Matching Vibrational Energy to Get What You Want). I don't think that can be taken to too far an extent either. So a person might be more likely to […]

  • i would like to know how to match my vibrations with my close friend who is very nice sometimes and cold different sometimes

  • Hi I found your details while looking for someone in this field to review my ebook. It has been 20 years in development: gathering knowledge; becoming a practitioner in various energy psychology techniques; testing my theory…and ten months in writing it. Basically it is about using the vibration of words to eliminate negative vibrations and accentuate positive vibration…thus raising our personal vibration EFFORTLESSLY without having to open up your pandora’s box of unresolved emotions :-) It works BEAUTIFULLY. I am looking for people interested in this subject to review my book. If you are interested please contact me via : marjoriecgreen@btinternet.com

  • Great description Steven. Thanks! Definitely it’s the feeling that makes the difference and we can build that feeling into whatever works for us.

  • Hi Steven,
    Is this concept of vibrational energy and visualization related to the subconscious mind?

  • Hello Steven:
    I’m intrigued just by reading briefly about vibrational energy.
    An Astro-Clairvoyant that I consulted suggested that some type of opposing force has been interfering with my vibrational energy or Chi for many years now but did not go on to say much more about it and the impact on my life/future.
    Would you have any advice for someone (me, I guess!) who feels that she may need some kind of psychic or vibrational realignment? Could visualization or journal writing really help?
    Thank you!

  • Can anybody help on this one!? Why is it that when I am actually feeling really good about something happening in my life, ie: emotionally feeling and meditating on a good outcome of our desperate financial situtation something always happens. I heartfully feel things are going to change, my mood is up, up, up and I am happy then kaput!!! another blow to an already extremely stressful situtation. and guess what? It usually happens that same day, another hit, another unexpected bill out of nowhere.. I dunno! Beats me. Anybody got any magical answers. My answer is give me all the financial hardship now so I can get it all over with before I retire. By the way, we are getting our mess cleaned up bit by bit so its time for the good to start to come and I expect it but…..

    • Hello Linda,
      I can provide you with some support. I have a few questions to ask you so I can understand your situation. What is your financial blue print? Do you have a limiting belief about money? Do you manage your money?

      I am glad to see that you are able to tap into the power of attracting abundance in your life. It seems to me like if you can shift some of your mindset and attitude, you can better realign your vibrational energy and be able to attract more abundance in your life.

  • Hi Steven,

    thanks for addressing this topic that many people find difficult to get going right.

    I have a question. I experience contrasting energies at home and at work. My home environment is not exactly real great now. I live with my in laws with my two children and wife. There are some issues and I always feel this negative energy at home. In fact I can sense it far away. At work I m all fired up and passionate that I m often in the flow. How do you handle such a contrast given that I have to go back to at the end of the day? You mentioned some ways to respond when facing negative pull but I m not so sure if that can be done. Can the negative energies at home be improved?


  • Hey Steven,

    I think we are indeed equipped as humans to get a good feel for people and situations. We are very intuitive, and can feel what someone else is feeling.

    It can definitely be used to build rapport with people.

    What do you think?


  • Nothing is more important than feeling good. We can use LOA to provide anything…but if we are not careful we place the happiness on something in the future by saying I will be happy when…
    Ask LOA for feeling good no matter what and the rest fits in to place.

  • Though I do believe vibes express “them” through our physical energy…it is our own spiritual energy that deflects, accepts, rejects or embraces the vibes of others. I would like to hear more about the light theory…as you so eloquently stated “What has been missed is that you do indeed use your thoughts, but it’s not your thoughts that have the power, it’s the feeling you get when you have these thoughts. But, you have to keep using your thoughts to get that deep feeling inside you, ‘The Vibe’. When you have ‘the Vibe’ then you know you are matching your vibrational energy and aligning it with the object of your desire, whether it be money, a new job, a new person in your life or whatever it is you want.

    When you get that vibe, your body becomes radiant and, I believe, there are no boundaries to the distance of your radiance.”…
    I guess I am thinkin more in relationship with others. It is easy for me to find love and happiness all by myself and then I have to go “be around” others and all their energies. Listening to everyone’s thoughts I know deep down I don’t really have it all figured out within myself or I would not worory about what my reactions will be when I am around others…I will be love or light or happy and I will attract those “energies” or “vibes”. Are they the same? Funny, I hear the word radiant and I see, think, feel “light”
    I really appreciate reading thoughts from likeminded people…thank you so much…Making a great day! Lisa

  • Steven, I find what you have to say interesting but it is not particularly well written. I find this is distracting and think it takes away from your message. It could also be affecting your sales. Find a good editor / proof reader.

    Please don’t take this the wrong way, I am not trying to insult you or put you down.


  • Interesting thought on trying to match the vibrations. As an empath I immediately feel my energy sucked up or down dramatically when in a charged situation (which could be something as simple as being in the presence of an angry, bitter, or nasty person). I now take precautions before going anywhere to raise my vibration and center and clarify my energy, which has made a big difference in my happiness and keeping things level. “Matching” (raising up our vibration) makes sense to me but I am not so sure about “pulling it toward us.” We don’t want to “take” anyone else’s energy. I’m not trying to parse your words, just saying we need to respect our own and everyone else’s energetic space.

  • Hi Steven, I agree absolutely on your point about feelings – in fact for me you have to feel whatever it is from your Soul, the very essence of who you are. Agree also on the power of visulisation. However, in terms of affirmations, it’s not about wanting (or you will for ever and and a day); for me, it’s about realising that whatever you desire already exists and the ‘I Am’ affirmation will therefore attract (get in vibe as it were) – without the limitation of doubt in your mind. ‘Beginning to’ or ‘becoming’ (as Ann suggests) also still contain an element of doubt – have faith. Anyway, this is yet another no nonsense piece on LoA – thank you. Stephen

  • Hi Steve,
    Thank you for another nice article. I think you are only effected negatively by other people’s behaviour when they push buttons already residing inside you. In fact, when we feel the negative vibes we should ask ourselves “what energies are in me that need cleaning? and give our thanks for the situation for the opportunity to awaken. Trying to stay positive when confronted with negativity only serves to send your own reacting emotions deeper. That is how I feel about this subject.
    Love and good wishes, BETUL

  • What do you recommend as methodologies for “charging” your energies? I’m still looking for that thing that really resonates with me. I’ve tried meditation, exercise, music, etc…I’d love to hear what other people have great luck with!

  • Hi Steve,
    I totally agree with your tips: visualization is really important as well as examining our beliefs and writing down our goals. I’ve found that, for me, affirmations do work though.

    I’ve also found that things come to me in the most amazing way when I make my “claim” and then let go and relax about the whole process. When you’re calm and there’s a quiet joy bubbling inside, you evolve into, what I’d call a person with “universally matching vibes” (sort of like a universal blood donor)where all the good in life matches your vibration and it comes to you synchronistically.

    Great post and great topic!

  • My good friend Tom Evans teaches that thoughts are things in his book Flavours of Thought.

    I’m a great believer in visualisations which involve all the senses – seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting and internally knowing what you want. By associating yourself into the picture (ie building a scenario of you being, doing and having your outcome) your unconscious mind will not be able to determine if it’s real or not and will seek a way to make it true.

    The only barriers then are your limiting beliefs and this is a sure fire way to smoke them out to be dealt with!

  • Affirmations work, when you believe them. The problem is we often say I want to change this behavior or have that and make the affirmation be exactly that. So, we want more confidence and we say “I am confident” or more money so we say “I make x each month.” The problem is we don’t believe it deep down, so it won’t work. For a good affirmation you need to think about what it really means to have or be what you want and come up with an affirmation that you believe in. You’re right though, saying an affirmation alone isn’t going to make it true. You also need to feel what it really means as you say it. I used to use the affirmation “I am strong and capable,” when saying it I would also think and feel what that meant. Repeating an affirmation is only half of it – but they do work :)

    I like your three examples for matching energy. I’ll be using at least one this week.

    • Hi Evie, that’s what I meant about affirmations not being the best, there is a cognitive dissonance between what we are saying and what we deep down believe.

      I still believe they have a place and Ann’s suggestions below make them more viable.

      Thanks for your comments Evie, really appreciate them.

  • Hi Steven,

    I think you are on the right track re feeling.

    In addition, I think there is much to be said for the perspective expressed by Jon Rappoport below.

    You can’t just sit on your ass, think good thoughts, and wait for something to happen.

    You have to take responsibility for your life by TAKING ACTION via conscious creativity.

    YOU create what you want.

    Love your work, Steven. Keep it up.

    BTW, my grandfather was a Scottish coal miner who left Musselborough to work on Henry Ford’s assembly line in Detroit.

    Rob Christie

    Here is a link by Jon Rappoport your readers might find interesting.


    • Hey Rob. I totally agree with you and that was one of my arguments with people who were saying the law of attraction doesn’t work. People expected to sit on their couch, munching away, thinking of becoming rich, and wondered why the LOA wasn’t working. The thoughts lead to feelings, the feelings lead to action, the actions lead to alignment with what you desire.

      Everybody’s got a link to Scotland Rob, it’s the heart of the world :)

      I hope you don’t mind me editing your comment to show just the link to Jon’s blog.

  • nice post steve…but what i found to be really important is firstly u must write down exactly what u want, 80% of the people don’t. and it must state your desire as though u have already achieved it. the feelings is the emotions that actually trigger the power for the vibration to be in alignment with the universe vibrations which will then deliver your desire in it’s own way. what is important is to use all 5 senses (sight, smell, etc) to trigger the emotions when u visualise which gives it so much power that it can manifest instantly. i have been able to manifest little things within a day or 2 because i believed i already had it in my possesion.now i’m working on greater things….kind regards…vicky

    • Hi Vicky. I am with you, I do write down my outcomes for life. Once it’s written down it’s out there, it is then my responsibility to recharge those words with my thoughts and feeling, and take action on them every day. It’s great to hear that this is working for you.

  • Hey Steve,
    You nailed it here in your post my friend. Being an empath I easily pick up the vibes of a person, a room, a house a town and so on.

    I find that I have extreme difficulty being around low vibrational people and I do my best to avoid them.

    Way to go on your kick-ass results as far as earning online goes. :)

    • Hi Justin, I like your phrase ‘an empath’, sounds almost Star Trekky :)

      I have tried lots of different techniques for dealing with ‘low vibrational’ people, and avoidance is still the best for me.

      Thanks for your comments about the earning online, it’s finally going the way I had planned :)

  • Hi Steven,
    This is an interesting post. People like you and me have always put out vibrations. It is in recent times that we have become more “aware” of this. Matching vibes to what you want to me is really another version of focussing one’s thoughts. Get your thoughts in order followed by action will have you heading in the right direction…..
    Thank you &
    be good to yourself

  • This post has come at the right time for me, Steve.

    Believe it or not, I started to read The Secret again today. I have read The Secret twice and although I enjoyed reading it, I too felt something was missing. I have read other books on the Law of Attraction and felt, there had to be more to it, than just changing your thoughts. I just could not explain what it was.

    I believe you have found the missing puzzle for me. I will continue to read, applying what you have revealed today.
    Thank you for sharing the results of your experiments with us and most of all thank you for being genuine and showing that you really are passionate about chaging the lives of others.

    Blessings to you.

    • Hi Carole, I am so glad you connected with this. I was frustrated at the bad press LOA was getting as I know it is powerful, and after discovering that it’s the FEELING that has the power, it’s renewed my interest in LOA and see the likes of ‘The Secret’ as an introduction.

  • Loved your explanation on “affirmations” versus “vibration”.

    As a long time athlete, and one who has created more than a few scenarios that would seem impossible in life, I believe that vibration is huge in the process.

    It’s a hard thing to explain, but once it happens its easy to practice. This article was awesome in describing the process. Thanks!

  • Steven,

    I appreciate your intelligent approach to the law of attraction and the way you have learned and fine-tuned by experimenting. I’m glad it’s been so successful for you and continues to be so. I also feel that you attract people because you are genuine and have such a good heart.

    My take is a little different when it comes to the law of attraction. My aspiration is to be in the present moment and to not reject anything that comes my way, but to transform my perception of it. In the end, I find it’s all the hope and fear, acceptance (this is “good”) and rejection (“this is bad”) that brings me suffering.

    I also find, like Tess, the more I can simply be in a state of openness and love, the more everything feels perfect. The challenges and frustrated person in line as well as what I label good.

    • Hi Sandra. I love your approach to the law of attraction and your approach to dealing with other peoples energy. We learn from others and we learn by the way we deal with other peoples energy. Acceptance and being open to others is a great way to learn more about the world.

      Thanks as always for your intelligent and insightful comments.

  • I am so happy to read these words Steven. Thank you both for the words and your clear and compassionate spirit. Most of my life starting very young my whole passion was for “spiritual” values and truth, it has only been more recently that I have faced the deeper truth that actually life is one thing. And material well-being is part of spiritual well-being and vice versa.

    I am late to the party but I actually love the sense that is just starting to percolate more vividly in my consciousness — the FEELING as you say that material abundance is not only okay but is part of my birthright. And what am I doing to imagine that birthright into reality?

    Love and blessings to you and keep up your wonderful work. Proud to be a friend.

    • Hi Christopher, great to hear from you my friend. I believe you are a shining example of when vibrational energy is passed on through the power of words, Just what Tess was saying in the previous comment.

      Always happy to hear from you and proud to have you as a friend.

  • Is there any objectively verified, peer-reviewed evidence for this “vibrational energy”? Why make woo-woo sophistry out of rational psychological phenomenon?

    • Hi Steven. Being honest I don’t know if there is peer-reviewed evidence of vibrational energy. I am sure if there was, it would be refuted by evidence to the contrary. Scientists don’t even know the powers of the human brain, so why would I wait until they found out before experimenting myself?

      If you had an serious illness that was being treated with a new drug, and it had been working for thousands of people around the world, but there was no peer-reviewed evidence for it working, would you take it?

  • Steven,
    I find the more my words, thoughts, and actions are lined up in love and happiness for myself and others, not much else is needed. It’s easy to get into the comparison game and my ego wants me to be jealous blah blah blah…not good for abundance and prosperity.

    My life, goals, and values are uniquely mine. Comparison is the biggest form of human suffering brought on by ourselves.

    Don’t know why I got off on this tangent…LOL
    Thanks for giving me the space to rant. You’re honesty and clarity is what attracts everyone to you. You’re as much for others as you are for yourself. xo

    • Hi Tess. As always, you bring something else to a conversation.

      Words are extremely powerful. Our everyday language has the power to change our energy states, and it’s one of the topics i wanted to talk about, but the article was already long enough :)

      I am reminded of a quote from Ghandi, which sums up perfectly what you are saying:

      “Your beliefs become your thoughts,
      Your thoughts become your words,
      Your words become your actions,
      Your actions become your habits,
      Your habits become your values,
      Your values become your destiny.”

      Your rants are lessons Tess. Thank you.

  • The people who have the negative vibes are also known as ‘toxic’ people and yes, they should be avoided whenever possible. Unfortunately, sometimes we end up with toxic people among our friends, relatives and even family members. That’s when we have to perhaps learn to spend a little bit less time with them and balance it out by spending more time with others who do have positive energy.

  • Great article and so easily absorbed. I have a few questions
    How would you recommend identifying and removing limiting beliefs?
    How often do you recalibrate?
    How do you protect yourself from other people’s moods when you can’t avoid them?

    • Hi Lily, thanks for your questions.

      To remove limiting beliefs I would suggest you watch the cartoon video I made at Getting rid of limiting beliefs

      To re-calibrate is personal. If you have a desire to find a more fulfilling job, and you then find one, then you re-calibrate from desiring the job, to making it even more fulfilling.

      When you can’t avoid others , I would say it’s a matter of keeping yourself in a positive state and accepting the other person for what they are. You are the one who chooses to accept to give your energy away to these people. When you realise you have a choice whether or not to accept another persons energy, you can then look at ways of letting it bounce off you. I have, in the past, put up a mental barrier, a white light, which repells other peoples negative vibes.

      I hope that helps Lily.

  • i get your point and i try to do same in my day to day life.
    before reading your blog i only concentrate on result but now i will concentrate on all process.


  • I have very bad vibes lately due to increased stress and pressure from work plus some things going on in my life. No matter how hard I try to change the vibes, they don’t move. And more stress will only attact more stress. It’s actually making me ill. What is your advice for breaking this cycle?

    • Hi Gina. You obviously have a lot going on in your life just now. Are you taking time out at all for yourself? We all need that little bit of time to just let go of everything, even 20-30 minutes per day.

  • I’m getting what you mean.
    It makes sense to me and I will try to do something like that.
    I’ve felt those bad vibes and they can make you sick.


    • Hi Annie, I do believe the vibes affect us physically. If they have the power to make us feel happy and excited, then they have the power to make us sick. Thanks for your comments.

  • thanks for the great Post Steven
    i discovered that some people sometimes put me into a negative state without i notice, i think we should all put more attention to avoid getting infected by negativity
    thank you:)

    • Hi Farouk, thanks for your comments. I think it’s easy to fall into the trap of getting caught in the web of negativity, but,a s you say, if we become conscious of it we can learn to avoid it, or downplay it might be more appropriate.

  • You are so right steven about feelings being the Key. One of the ways of getting feelings into the visualization, I have found is to play music in the background that really makes you feel passionate and loving…even devotional music does it…when your eyes brim with tears, thats a sure sign that you have put feeling into your thoughts…

    Thank you for the wonderful work you continue to do Steven. I had an invite to your keynote address at the Nasscom session in Chennai but was travelling at that time and unfortunately missed a golden opportunity to meet you in person. Sending you much love and good wishes


    • Hi Gita, another great suggestion about the music. Music can provoke emotions in us, which is obviously going to strengthen the feelings we have.

      Sorry I missed you at Nasscom. I met a few people there who I connected with online, maybe next time :)

    • Hi Everyone,

      I m new here. Allow me to join in the discussion about using music to increase vibes.

      I find that before I write an article or post, listening to music or watching inspiring videos really put us in the positive state to get great vibrational work done. Somehow the end results goes with your flow and matches the vibes you want to create. It’s really very effective and powerful.

  • I have been interested in the Law of Attraction for a few years and really feel, as you do, that there is something to it. But I have run into frustration in the past when my dreams were not coming true fast enough. I can see that what you are suggesting, matching vibrational energy, just might be what was missing.
    One area of my life where I was trying to attract good things was housing. We really needed (and still do) a better house. I got frustrated thinking about it not happening, but I kept trying to focus on positive feelings of our new house and visualizing it.
    I can’t wait to try matching vibrational energy!

    • Hi Ann. I believe affirmations can work, I just don’t think as effectively as visualisation. I love your suggestions of using ‘becoming’ and ‘beginning’ instead of using the present tense I am.

    • Visualizations and affirmations each have their place. My affirmations frequently pop into my head when my mind starts wandering down old paths.

      When I feel the resistance that Steven describes, I feel like it’s a good thing — I’m aware of the resistance I have to what I want. It helps me sculpt better affirmations AND visualizations…

      Love the blog, Steven!

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