How to Visualize Clearly What You Want

Written by Henri Junttila

You’re already using visualization every second of every day, so why not take conscious control over it and start creating the life you want? Visualization is essential if you want to get what you want and make your dreams come true.

Most people dwell on the negative and constantly stress, worry, fear and hate. This only creates more of the same and makes you feel bad. You are the master of your life and only you can decide how it will play out. You are the only one that can take responsibility.

how_to_visualizeWhen I started reading about visualization, I thought I couldn’t do it, because I didn’t see anything when I closed my eyes. I had read about people being able to see vivid images and colors.

I have since then discovered that this is a very common problem. The truth is that you don’t have to have your own high-tech LCD monitor in your brain. When I visualize I mostly see black, red and other colors, but I FEEL what I see.

We’re all different, so let whatever you “see” be okay. The most important thing is to feel the visualization and invoke the feelings of having what you desire. With all that said, let’s look at how you can make this happen. This is deceptively simple, so read on…


Before you start, you have to get clear on what you want, and I mean what you truly want. Visualization is effective, but if you’re visualizing money, cars and things you don’t really need, it’s not going to work as well, at least that has been my experience.

So what should to visualize? I’ve found that visualizing who I want to be and how I want to help people works amazingly well. I believe we all have something to share. We all have to ability to help someone.

Get clear on what you want. What would you do if money wasn’t an issue? The more you follow your passion, the happier you’ll be. There is no need to make money just for money’s sake, not in today’s world.


Once you’ve gotten clear on what you want, you can lie down or sit, whichever you prefer. Start to relax and go through your whole body beginning with your toes and working your way up to your head, slowly.

Usually when I’m done with this exercise I take it a step further and count from 10 to 1, telling my body that with each number, my relaxation doubles. You can do this as many times as you want and use whatever commands you desire.


Now that you’re completely relaxed, start visualizing and see yourself already having what you want. If you want a new job, see yourself in that job. Include every little detail you can imagine. What does it smell like? Who do you work with? Do you have to commute?

Add anything that is important to you. Imagine it as vividly as you can. Try to feel, smell, see and hear everything. If you aren’t getting a strong enough feeling, it’s time to supersize. Make everything bigger, brighter and louder. Use the operative system of your brain.

What I do is I ask my brain questions while I am visualizing, such as:

  • What would this feeling feel like two times stronger?
  • How would this feel like with the picture ten times bigger?
  • How would it feel to have everything I desire?

Your brain automatically answers questions, so make sure you ask the right ones. For example, avoid negative questions, such as “what should I avoid.”

Letting Go

I’ve identified a pattern in my life. I have no trouble attracting smaller items, but when I go for the big stuff, it gets harder. The bigger it is, the more emotional charge it has. We’re often very attached to the outcome if we want to attract something significant, like a house or a relationship.

This is why it is so important to let go once you’re done visualizing. This can be done through many different ways. I personally like to use EFT, which helps neutralize resistance and bad feelings by balancing the energy in your body.


Visualization is not rocket science. You were born with an exceptional imagination. Use it. You can visualize as often as you want for as long as you want. There are no rules. Experiment and figure out what works for you.

It may take some practice until you get comfortable, so give it time. Visualization is a powerful tool that allows you to get what you want faster, at least that has been my experience. your mileage may vary ;).

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About the author

Henri Junttila

Henri Junttila is a freelance writer and the creator of the Wake Up Cloud, a blog about self improvement ideas for conscious people.


  • Hello Henri :-)
    It’s a great article.
    Practise,belief and
    relaxing are very important as it doesn’t work well when you’re tired or forcing yourself to see it.
    I have been practising visualisation for few days.I was visualising myself in the examination hall,taking the paper from the invigilator.The sole purpose was to write everything and get higher marks.I could see the invigilator and his white shirt.
    The next day when I sat in the examination hall I saw the same invigilator and his white shirt.I was totally surprised.My exam was good.
    Do you think it’s premonition combined with visualisation? Or simply the amazing effects of visualisation?

  • Hi Henri.Fantastic.Absolutely mind blowing thank you so much.You have cleared so much up for me.I thought that I couldn’t do it but right now it’s like I’m so free and confident about visualization:)Thank you so much I’ll email you one I succeed;)and you could read Shakti Gawain’s book “The creative visualization”. It’s a great book:)

  • hi what is the meaning of EFT? im from philippines and im so amaze of visualization and i want to practice it …

  • Hey guys just wanted to add something with regards to visualization. I’ve been visualizaing for alittle while now and a couple of things I learned that really improved my visualization technique is meditation which I usually do before I visualize and two, I talk myself through the visualization. As I go through the visualization whispering to myself I constantly ask myself what else I can add to the vision from kinesthetics to emotions and smells. What makes it possible is talking myself through it! this way I get more vivid images and I can stay on track. I hope this helps! Best of luck

  • Hi,
    I really struggle to see what I desire, I can feel it really strongly sometimes even cry, I have taken pictures and pasted them to my life and what I want, including money to help my family and people, but no matter how long I look at the pictures no big change, although I have recieved a bit of money through shopping, and boots over a year old I sent back. I have waited a few months now, even set my own account up waiting to recieve.
    What else should I do ?

  • Great post Henri-

    It’s my understanding that the mind doesn’t know the difference between what’s real or what’s not real. I enjoy this subject because in order to become something better we have to see and feel ourselves where we want to be.

    These are some great tips and I thank you for sharing! I have to practice visualization more!

    .-= Jarrod@ Optimistic Journey´s last blog ..The Benefit of Living an Optimistic Lifestyle =-.

  • Henri- Thank you for this wonderful post.
    I am a firm believer in visualizing and taking action. It isn’t always easy day to day, but finding affirmations, articles, quotes and others such things help keep me on track.
    Have a nice day!

    • Thank you for commenting, Brigitte!

      I completely agree. Sometimes we have to be reminded and inspired to keep going forward. Whether this is done through affirmations, articles, quotes, movies or books doesn’t matter, as long as it works for you!

  • Henri,

    Thanks for the very interesting post on visualization!

    I’m really glad you made the point about focusing on how you would feel if you already had what you wanted. I have come to believe that this is the most important part.

    In the past, I have tried affirmations and visualization with very limited success. But I have come to realize that the problem was that while I was repeating the right words and visualizing what I wanted, I was not FEELING like I would if I had what I wanted. And if the feeling is not there, I don’t think affirmations or visualization will work well (if at all).

    Also, it’s great to hear that you use EFT. Though I’m just starting to use it more, EFT has really helped me the few times I’ve used it.
    .-= Greg Blencoe´s last blog ..Join me in the Michael Losier law of attraction community =-.

    • I think the feeling is a huge part of visualization. It’s the essence of what you’re doing. No feeling? No results.

      I completely agree on your experiences with affirmations and visualization. I see these as tools to invoke the awesome feelings within you, which will help you move towards what you want.

  • One thing I have learned is that reality can be changed, and the reality that we choose to live in is influenced by our thoughts and beliefs.

    Visualization is a great tool! If we can imagine it, then we can believe it. And if we can believe it, then we can make it true.

    • Exactly. Always visualize as if you already had what it is you want. Feel it, smell it, hear it and all those things. And of course, like you said, relax and enjoy!

  • Does it excite you even a little bit to consider what doors this type of understanding (of the relationship between our mind and our body) might open for us? Especially when we don’t allow ‘logic’ (fear, ignorance) to get in the way of our amazing potential? Can you begin to imagine the incredible scope for change? For healing? For doing the unthinkable? If a person sitting in a chair can change their physiology in a significant and measurable way (and they can) through thought alone, then what else might be possible when we come to further understand the mind-body dynamic and the potential therein?

    What most excites me about our ability to manipulate our physiology is the potential for physical healing. And I mean healing for everything from colds to cancers. Lately I have immersed myself in the study of this subject and I’m excited to keep exploring what my mind and body can do when I don’t allow my ignorance and self-limiting beliefs to stand in the way of my body’s enormous and untapped potential.
    .-= Motivational Speaker – Craig Harper´s last blog ..Your Turn to Teach: Spirituality =-.

    • Agreed! Can you imagine if everyone did this and visualized something that would benefit the whole planet? Let’s think about that for a moment. The feeling of millions of people visualizing/meditating on the same thing. The results? As you say, unthinkable!

      Thanks for the rocking comment, Craig!

  • Henri,
    Thanks, really. Was trying to say that its all very well visualising what you want, but what I failed to clarify was that I don’t really believe i’m going to get it (especially after thinking like this for almost 40 years). Somewhat negative I realise and its a flaw that won’t be ignored any longer, so whether I get what I want or not, i’m a stage behind, becoming more accepting of the possibility, this is where i’m going. How can anyone visualise, hynotise, try nlp or cbt if that hardcore bit of resistance to the desired outcome is determined to prevail? All the same, the more I question such a belief the more I feel I will catch up many of you positive, inspiring people. Awesome prospect!

    • Don’t be so hard on yourself is the first thing I want to say, but I also don’t want to come across preaching, so keep that in mind! 😉

      Go with what you’ve got and what feels best to you. Who knows, maybe the first step for you isn’t visualizing what you want but acknowledging and accepting your resistance. Being okay with it.

      You can’t go in the wrong direction, so every step you take will take you towards something better. That’s what I believe. Maybe I’m delusional, but it sure feels good 😉

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Marko.

      It’s amazing what visualization can do. Focus on the right things (what you want) and you will almost automatically feel better.

  • […] we condition ourselves (or we we conditioned by others) to visualize the world in different ways based on the structure of information we absorb? Will a writer always see the world differently […]

    • Thanks, Klaus!

      Yes, I see willpower as this temporary boost that you only use for backup purposes. It’s always better to visualize, be motivated and move towards your goals naturally.

  • Hey man. Great post. As Srini pointed out, visualization is so simple yet we often make it so much more complicated.

    I try to visualize for 15 minutes before I go to bed and 15 minutes right when I get up.

    • Thanks Bud! You’re already rocking all this. It is simple! Even I procrastinate on doing it, but I kind of go in phases and do what feels best at that time. Currently I’m into gratitude and EFT stuff, which I love doing.

  • At one point I was good at visualizing what I wanted and it usually manifested itself into reality sooner or later. Since Hurricane Katrina hit (I’m from New Orleans originally), I’ve been working longer and harder than ever before, which has left my completely drained mentally and emotionally.

    Thanks Henri for this terrific post outlining the thought patterns that used to come naturally to me. I will heed your advice, and hopefully get back to a point where my mind’s eye can see once again 😉
    .-= Peter Egan´s last blog ..Vitamin D3: The Forgotten Hormone =-.

    • Keep rocking it, Peter!

      Sometimes I’ve noticed with visualization is that it works the best when I align my self with my true desires. I am not saying that you aren’t, just that this thought popped into my head 😉

      • That’s the problem — I’m not sure I have any idea what my true desires are, much less what I even want out of life.

        Anyway, I really enjoyed the post, and have already written a post on one of my own blogs talking about how impressed I was with this particular post.

        I don’t want to post another link in a comment as I’ve already posted one and I don’t want to take advantage of the generosity of the blog owner, but if you care to see the post, it can be found at my name (d0t) No spaces, all one-word.

        Thanks again for one of the best posts I’ve read thus far in 2010 😉
        .-= Peter Egan´s last blog ..Vitamin D3: The Forgotten Hormone =-.

  • Henri:
    Great article filled with amazingly helpful information. You touched on something very important for me because often times people give up on visualizing because they think they are doing it wrong and so it will not work. I thought what you pointed out about it working differently for people was really helpful. I think we have to let go of having expectations of a perfect visualization so we can just let go, relax and tap into our imagination. Thanks again for all the great insights.
    .-= alternaview – Sibyl´s last blog ..Choose to “Live and Learn” and Really Take Advantage of Everything Around You =-.

    • Thanks Sibyl!

      And sometimes we don’t realize that we’re visualizing all the time. You don’t necessarily have to sit down and close your eyes, you just have to become aware of what you’re thinking/visualizing all day long. What are you focusing on?

  • Hi Henri,
    Great post. I like the clarity.
    I use Reiki for balancing my energy during the process; haven’t tried EFT.
    A nice piece to add in is a feeling of gratitude for what is presently in your life or during the visualizing step for what will be coming into your life.
    .-= Tania Tyler´s last blog ..The Sevenfold Path of Peace =-.

    • I think Reiki is cool, so it’s awesome thast you’re doing that! Gratitude is a great addition. I actually use that often in my life and have found it just recently to have a massive impact on how I feel.

      Thanks Tania!

  • Hi Henri,
    Well there had to be one doubting tom, so its me I guess! Its the same root irritant at the bottom of every positive push I am really going for at the moment. The thing is I have a very good imagination indeed and can visualise the two things I desire most in life, that part is so easy because its what I want very much, problem is I don’t buy into the getting it bit very well at all. If I had given up and become defeatist 100% well then fair enough, I wouldn’t be commenting here either. Imagination, desire, great hope but not enough faith. Its not all pessimism, its just a shortfall in strength of mind. Thats why this site is so effective at promoting change.

    • First of all, no matter what you say, I like you anyway Annette :)

      Second, I have to be honest and say that I don’t completely understand what you’re trying to say. Are you saying that you don’t buy into getting it through visualization alone?

      For me visualization gives me motivation to go out and achieve what I want, because I feel good and when I feel good I do stuff. Now, I have no idea if that’s what you meant, but I hope this helps someone anyway!

    • Definitely check out EFT. It’s one of those things that you underestimate because the basics are free, but that’s also what makes it so powerful and easy!

  • Henri,

    Visualization is one of those things that we seem to have overcomplicated the hell out of. With The Secret and every other thing out there we have taken something that is supposed to be simple and made it really hard. You’ve taken it and given it a much needed explanation. I realized the 3 keys

    1) Do it every day
    2) Dont’ be attached to it
    3) Let it flow

    That’s when it becomes much more powerful.

    • Spot on as always, Srini! I’ve been down the overcomplication route and it isn’t fun and it doesn’t work. Just do it and have fun with it, that’s what makes it work for me.

  • Hi Steven and Henri,

    Great post and I like the way you have explained visualisation Henri. I have done it now and then, but if I’m honest I am sometimes too impatient to take time out to do this. It is something I keep reading about so maybe it’s time to take another crack at it.

    Great point btw: “The more you follow your passion, the happier you’ll be. ”
    .-= Jen´s last blog ..A video welcome to “Reach our Dreams” =-.

    • The cool thing is that you don’t really have to do it that much. A minute or five of focused visualization can do a lot. You’ll notice it in your feelings.

      Now, you might not be the most focused person, but that doesn’t matter. You will notice once you start to visualize what you want, you start feeling better, and that is what matters!

      Btw, I’m very impatient as well, so if I can do this, you can too!

  • Hi Henri. I feel like I’m always one comment beneath you (at Diggy’s Upgrade Reality). Haha… But yeah, visualization is an important tool to achieving the things we want in life. I like how you emphasized on the idea that all of us see things differently, but what’s most important in visualization is the way we feel inside in combination with what we see in our minds.
    .-= Hulbert´s last blog ..Jay Leno and Nice =-.

    • Exactly! The feeling is more important than what you see. I just wrote that in the comment below before even reading your comment, so that was a nice coincidence, and I agree completely with that.

      Somehow I seem to be one step ahead of you, but only at Diggy’s blog. I don’t know why that is 😉

  • Henri,

    A amazing post, you’ve cleared so much up for me in more than one area. Thank you for sharing this.

    This was me, “when I started reading about visualization, I thought I couldn’t do it, because I didn’t see anything when I closed my eyes. I had read about people being able to see vivid images and colors.”

    There are so many different stories as to what should be happening; it confuses many novices.


    .-= Paul´s last blog ..Rocky Road =-.

    • Awesome stuff, Paul! I am glad you found some value in my writing. Sometimes it helps to not take other people so seriously and just find your own way of visualizing.

      When I did that and did what I could, everything shifted and things started coming together for me.

  • Hi Henri. I just wanted to welcome you to CYT and thank you for writing such a great article. I rate visualisation as one of the best tools to change your life and used it ever since I went to see a seminar by a Personal development speaker by the name of Jack Black (MindStore). The fact that you have mentioned letting go and using EFT makes this article all the more interesting.

    Thanks again Henri and I know you will get a warm welcome from the CYT readers.
    .-= Steven Aitchison´s last blog ..Crossing The Lines In Your Mind – Video =-.

    • Heya Steven. Thanks a lot for the opportunity. It’s a pleasure to be able to write at Change Your Thoughts.

      EFT is definitely something I’ve started using more and more in my life with great success, so I recommend everyone check it out if they feel like it resonates with them.

  • Henri – Great post. I have used visualization myself and with clients. The science behind visualization suggests that when we run through something in our minds, the same neurons fire as actually performing that action or being in that state. We are running a real life rehearsal of the future. As with everything, practice makes perfect, so visualization helps create that future. Thanks for a practical guide!

    .-= Phil – Less Ordinary Living´s last blog ..How to Make a Living doing what you Love =-.

    • That’s what I’ve read as well, our brains cannot distinguish from real and imagined, which is why studies have proven proper visualization to work so well.

      I personally do it because it works well for me. It gets me focused, gives me clarity and best of all, it gives me motivation to keep going!

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