How to use the Law of Attraction

Steven Aitchison
Written by Steven Aitchison

The 3 laws of the law of Attraction

If you have been using the law of attraction in your life, you’ll know sometimes that it might not work as well as you would want. Why is this?

Speaking from my own point of view, as I cannot say what your experiences will be like, there are 3 components to the law of attraction. I have read lots of articles and a few books on the Law of Attraction and they all give more or less the same advice. However I have tweaked all the information and experimenting I have done on my own and come up with thefollowing three three components:

  1. The intention
  2. The power behind the intention
  3. The action toward the intention

law_of_attraction_2The intention

Your intention is literally a statement of intent, something you want to achieve or have in the future. When I make my intentions I state the intention in the present tense while looking into the future. For example one of my intentions is to become a professional blogger so I would word it:

‘I am now a professional blogger, I have my own blog training business, I teach and write articles every day and love it and get paid for doing it.

Whilst saying this statement, internally or out loud, I visualise myself working as a professional blogger. I see myself teaching other people blogging, I see myself giving seminars. I see myself sitting at home during the day and writing my articles and talking on the phone with other bloggers.

Another important aspect of the intention is to clear any resistance to the intention. With my previous example I still have resistance as I know I have to help provide for my family so my current job needs to be kept on. This is a blockage and a major blockage but I am working on it bit by bit.

The power behind the intention

This is another important aspect that a lot of people miss and it is the power or the force behind the intention. Before setting your intention gear up toward it and muster as much energy around the intention as you can. When I muster up the energy I delay the intention and build it up to such an extent as to have an excited feeling in my stomach that needs to be released. The only analogy I can think of is that feeling when you are absolutely bursting on a pee and you have to hold it for a few hours and then at the moment you go to the toilet and pee, it’s a fantastic feeling of release and pleasure.

When you know roughly what your intention is and you can see it in your mind, make it clearer and get excited about it. Do this during the day when you are working, think about it, don’t talk about it, but think about it all day or for a few days.

When you are ready to release the intention plan 15 – 30 minutes alone and release your intention and make it focused and visualise it, hear it, sense it, smell it. Give it all your five sense and release it and let it drift out to wherever it goes to manifest.

The action toward the intention

In the past I have stated the intention and let it go and thought about it occasionally. I didn’t like this way of doing it and have now come to a more powerful way, for me, of achieving the intention. I work toward it and think about it often.

Right now I am working toward my dream of becoming a pro blogger. I am going into affiliate marketing, I am blogging for other people, and I am making more money with AdSense, all in the hope that I will make enough money
to either pay off the mortgage or make a lot more than I can working for a living.

I have found this a much better way of manifesting my intentions than the old way I was using of simply stating the intention and then letting it go.

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There are lots of different ways of making your intentions come into alignment with the present. Experimenting with lots of different ways is a good way to get to know what works for you. The more you do it the more you will get to know the blockages that may be hampering your efforts. Don’t give up with it and it can take some time to release those blockages. I found the biggest blockage is belief. I have chosen to believe in this way of thinking as I have seen it working for me.

Of course if I wanted to I could find other ways of explaining the events that have happened in my life without the intention-manifestation model. You can find proof of anything in life depending on the way you are inclined. So it is with the law of attraction.

I am a logical man and question everything and I questioned the law of attraction for a long time. When I started trying it and seeing results I tweaked it and then installed the new belief that it works for me. You have to do the same. Tweak it or leave it.

Your stories

Let me know of any interesting stories you have with the law of attraction and your experiments with this or if you think it is all a lot of rubbish, either way it would be good to hear from you.

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  • Hi Steven, thanks for the great law of attraction info in this blog. I agree with your three points and I would just add one other that is the allowing of your intention which usually means aligning with what you want energetically so basically to feel good as much as you can.

  • Great article! But I hear this time and again: “I tried to work with the Law of Attraction, but doubt crept in when what I wanted to happen didn’t.” That’s where you’re having issues, for sure. You need to see yourself reaching the goal and train yourself to deny feelings of futility. Thoughts become things, so you’re actually working toward getting the negative thing in your mind instead of what you really want and the negative will manifest.

    It’s hard, and takes some training, but learning to stay 100% sure of hitting your goals for life is so worth the effort!

  • I am a professional singer
    I am good at my work
    I want to attract more work towards me
    Seriously want to work towards it
    Thank you

  • I got what you intend, regards for putting up.Woh I am pleased to find this website through google. “Being intelligent is not a felony, but most societies evaluate it as at least a misdemeanor.” by Lazarus Long.

  • Great post. Nice way of breaking down the law of attraction to 3 components. If you have a clear idea of what you want, it shouldn’t be that hard to make it happen. We just have to believe and stay positive and attract it in our life. Thanks.

  • Hi,
    Im starting a business, and I want a great intention statement, but i know you have to be specific with your words in your intention statement. Can you please help me.

    So would it go like this..

    I am the owner of _________ productions, and I have a lot of money for my business, I am getting a lot of new customers, my business is very successful, I am getting a lot of money…
    maybe add a couple more I would love to hear back from you
    Thank You,

  • I’ve been practicing the Law of Attraction for a while now and I’ve noticed that I can manifest somethings faster than than others. It all has to do with what you truly believe that you can have and once you convince yourself that you can truly have what you desire it will come into existence.

  • I don’t know how Stephen is doing, I hope everything is going well for him. I have learned how to manifest money and other things. Just last year Ifinally manifested my dream job,in the type of office I use to visualize about. I manifested my dream car a 2007 Toyota Highlander with less than 38,000 miles on it. With the payments I wanted. This past February I manifested $17,000.00 in 30 days. Now I’m working on trying to manifest $10,000.00 in May by putting on a healthcare related seminar for hralthcare professionals.

  • Hey Steven

    As you know I dedicated a whole website to teaching people how to use the law of attraction to create their best life.. So I am definitely a true believer in this Universal Law lol…

    And Great insights my friend in your above article re How to Use The Law of Attraction… and I like how you have distilled it into “Three components”:-

    The intention
    The power behind the intention
    The action toward the intention

    You’ve really done a great job of covering the aspects re the l;aw of attraction… The only thing I would like to add re your last step of “The action toward the intention” is for a person to be alert to taking Inspired Action when the Universe is speaking loudly to you through different circumstances…

    For The Universe(God) will usually speak to us through two or three sources to give us the courage and assurance to take the leap of faith with inspired action(taking actual inspired action)towards ones goal.

    Eg three people may come up to you in one week and say,

    “I really think you need to quit your day job to pursue your passion full time!” ..

    ….will then this may be the sign we need to move forward in this direction if it resonates strongly with us.. We then needing to find the right timing also that resonates with us as to when to quit day job etc or whatever The Universe is speaking and guiding us to do…

    And I’ll link to a recent article below that might further help re this topic on how “Life was never meant to be a struggle but a flow”

    Hope this made sense and added value …

    Thanks for your awesome insights on how to better use the law of attraction Steven! …

    Chris T Atkinson :)
    PS the article is below…

  • I wish there was a place you could go to that would teach you how to apply this concept. Or at least a seminar. I want to become an international professional, successful musician by the end of this year! Definitely, going to use this law to help me achieve my goals.

  • […] 3. Take Action! When you have the opportunity to do what it is that you need to do to get what you want, do it, don’t wait for it to be done for you.  If you want a big house, but don’t have the money for one, be open to opportunities that bring you extra income, look for foreclosures, talk to a mortgage broker and real estate agent to understand what you can afford and how much you need to make to buy that house. Check out Stephen Aitchison’s post on taking action. […]

  • […] 3.)Take Action! When you have the opportunity to do what it is that you need to do to get what you want, do it, don’t wait for it to be done for you.  If you want a big house, but don’t have the money for one, be open to opportunities that bring you extra income, look for foreclosures, talk to a mortgage broker and real estate agent to understand what you can afford and how much you need to make to buy that house. Check out Stephen Aitchison’s post on taking action. […]

  • The power of the mind is nothing without the power of intention. Without intention, purpose and drive, thinking is just plain wishful thinking.

    Your three components for the Law of Attraction summarizes everything. In order for one to excel and achieve his/her goals one must indeed INTEND IT!

  • […] Thoughts and emotions have a direct impact on our physical health and what we create in our lives. Our thoughts and beliefs, as well as information from outside of ourselves are signals of energy that goes into our bodies. These signals are picked up by receptors in the walls of our cells, creating a burden that is recognized by effectors in our cells that produce proteins and then send messages to signal our bodies to act on the information space they receive. If the thoughts, beliefs, or the information is not full of negative charge, such as fear, the signal system of the body to protect your cells, forcing the body to automatically go into flight mode causes the most blood and energy flow in your arms, legs and heart. Your adrenals will fire up and your immune system gets temporarily shutdown. If this happens on a regular basis it has a very negative effect on health and mood. Positive thoughts, beliefs and emotions puts you in a positive mindset and attract health and personal growth. Under the law of attraction, thoughts and emotions are also forms of energetic expression which attracts back to you that which you are thinking and feeling. The human being is a projection of green energy and love. Constantly send thoughts, feelings and energy information. Energy is projected to return to us by the law of attraction and create the life we ​​live today. Beliefs and feelings will remain a positive level of the project for you and bring you back to the same positive vibrations, which manifests itself in physical form, as a satisfactory relationship with the partner of life, a happy and rewarding career Are you passionate about the subject plenty of funding. Beliefs and emotions kept at a negative level project on you and you will print the same negative vibration that manifests itself in physical form, as an unhappy relationship and careers unsatisfactory or unsatisfactory and unrewarding jobs, lack money, finance and debt. The four levels of beliefs: Core: The convictions are at this level are the accumulation of experience and knowledge a person has been exposed from birth until the present day. History: Beliefs at this level are accumulated experience and a person has suffered in past lives, experiences of life and global collective consciousness (belief in past lives and reincarnation is not necessary) Genetics: Beliefs at this level are accumulated experience and information transmitted through the DNA of individuals, families and ancestors Soul: Belief in this level are accumulated experience and information from an individual was exposed to a deeper level and takes from one incarnation to another. We are aware of our conscious beliefs and these account for 5% of what we project out, our subconscious stores the other 95% and it is this area that is where the majority of our projection comes from. Limiting and negative beliefs stored in your subconscious will account for why there are certain blocks and obstacles in your life that you just can’t seem to overcome. Vianna Stibal the founder of Theta Healing has found that not only are these stored in your subconscious, they are also held on different levels.      [caption id="attachment_1717" align="alignleft" width="211" caption="Limiting beliefs"][/caption] Th…n] […]

  • Hi Steven, I’ve been training the law of attraction to business people at all levels for nearly a decade now. One of the key things I’ve noticed is many people misconstrue the LOA by expecting success and happiness to magically appear before them. If you we’re to stand in a cupboard, no amount of viualising or affirming about being a millionaire will create a pile of cash when you open the door. What LOA does is create the opportunity, to me it’s about recognising the opportunities, however subtle they maybe and following them through to the next stage… in my mind this is the key to using the LOA to acheive success… keep up the good blogging… Lee

  • I have applied the law of attraction with mixed results. Honestly, I think that it might work better if you empower it. I didn’t do so, I am afraid. I always dreamed of studying acting in New York and I made it! I did so because I had the chance to travel to the USA in 2007. I lived in New Jersey for two years and I had this dream when I was a kid. Yes, I truly imagined myself in a sutdio acting with others and this came true. Unfortunately, I fell in love with a Turkish girl and she dumped me. I got so depressed that I quit acting and attracted more bad things into my life. I am from Peru. In the end I had to come back to my country, but if I had been stronger and I wouldn’t have stopped focusing on the goal, I am sure that I would have turned out to be a star in Broadway. I still believe that I can make it despite of this! I think I should try again and follow the simple rules that the experts suggest. Ask, visualize and channel your dreans into good vibes

  • I believe in the law of attraction and have had some really positive things happen but I also have blockages that I can’t seem to overcome. The things that have worked I have just thought about, written affirmations or said aloud and then left them and they have manifested. The ones that haven’t seem to be the ones that I focus on wanting too much and can’t help let negativity or doubt creep in and then they don’t happen – and even when I try to just relax and let it happen – I’m secretly wishing too hard and wondering when it will happen and how. I can’t seem to get passed that stumbling block. I am trying to be positve and not force it but no matter how much I visualise it in the present as already happening and feeling grateful – I can’t stop thinking when and how. Does anyone have any tips or ideas how to get past that.

    I do keep a gratitude journal and write what I want down too and that helps me see what I already have to be grateful for and what I have manifested.

    I ask for signs – get signs and then wonder how I should interpret them!!!

    • Lisa, I know you wrote this 2 1/2 years ago, but I am having the same problems as you. I feel like I could have written the exact comment myself. Anyway, I was wondering if you have ever found anything to help you overcome it.

      Or if anyone else has overcome this situation, please reply. Thank you.


  • I loved your article! I have been practicing the Law of Attraction for years now. Before it was called New Age, people considered it to be the practice of Occult, but whatever it’s called, I know personally that it works!

    More people need to become aware of the difference they can make in their lives! If you’re going to be creating and attracting the conditions in your life, you just as well make it worth while. Please continue to write lovely articles like the one above.

    Living Your Life – Living Your Dreams: Law of Abundance Living
    .-= Sandra´s last blog ..Jan 28, Vision Of Success =-.

  • I read your article on the law of attraction with interest. If I could make a suggestion to overcome your obstacles. Stop the excitement of your aim. The reason you encounter obstacles towards your goal is that your subconscious resists any changes to your core beliefs. The more excitement you generate the more you will encounter resistance. Try assuming your goal is a done deal, no more new or exciting than washing your car. It may take a little while, but you need to placate your subconscious not scare it to death.

    Christine Bentley – Clinical Hypnotherapist – Master of Law of Attraction

  • Hi its John Peace from the Law-of-Attraction-Guide.com, love your post Steve. It’s nice to see the KISS approach…..

    Keep it simple s****, all to often the Law of Attraction is wrapped up in complex ideas and methods, but what it really boils down to is this…

    If You Want it, Intend it!

    Great work, as always..

    Law of Attraction Guide’s great blog post..Manifesting Issues

  • when we are children we are a pure form of thought, from that pureness comes everything good in life, as a kid for the most part everything is good in life. as we grow up and let negativity fall upon our energy it drains you. it is not an easy feat to overcome, but as i can say and prove, love, and good intentions can bring you out of any bad situation, i just never knew what it was called(the law of attraction). now i apply it everyday and although it is very chalenging and i have applyied it to my everyday life. it is getting easier but i will master the law of attraction no matter how long it takes. i live by three simple rules.1-hate no one, 2- love all, 3.trust few. and it works great for me.

  • it seems to work fantastically and amazingly well sometimes and then other times no matter what I do or which strategies I use I have a zero result. Then, I do think about randomness and whether I am barking up the wrong tree. Cynical? I don’t want to be. I would like to know why it happens sometimes and other stuff you may really really want never materialises.

  • The problem that most people have is they are hoping or wishing the Law of Attraction worked, but knowing that it is only wishfull thinking.

    For those INTENDING on producing money lets say, they are so busy looking at all the reasons they don’t have wealth, and missing the opportunities that are right underneath their noses.

    I can show anyone how to make an extra $2000.00 to $ 4000.00 in the next thirty days, and yet out of the hundreds that I help do this, MILLIONS never even are aware of it.

    Don’t believe me, check out http://www.innervisionz.thesgrprogram.com

  • hola i¡m spanish ..i just wanna say that i use the secret every day every night everytime i wake up i say thanx ,,and this is working but you can’t know this just after you understand it and really feel the emotiones…but until you don’t believe in yourself you can’t start this step.i¡m 15 years and i hope that my dream it’s gonna complish one day…..

  • hi Breen

    The law of attraction and the law of attractiveness are two seperate things altogether. The law of attraction is asking for something from the universe to come to you and the law of attractiveness is a physical attraction.

    Hope this helps

  • hey, i’m only 16 and i have an extended essay about this topic, and it looks like u knw wat you are talking about, and that you knw a lot about these things….. well i just need to knw is it the same as the law of attractivness, or is it part of it, as in to say does attractivness mean physical attractions or attraction of good thing s in lufe such as succes and good wil…. and does it work when ur also using it for the wrong purposes… if u wish for success it’s a good thing that has a posibility of coming true, well does it work if the goal u set is for a bad reason such as ill health to someone else or the down fall of a person??????? pls help… if anyone could help me my e-mail is sabsoob8@yahoo.com thank you for ur help 😀

  • it does indeed work , in so far as intention is concerned you are right , it does come down to you and what you put into a given situation as far as your energy is concerned . It is all energy after all and we are all connected , so if a person is having a challenge that tends to suggest that they are holding on to a counter intention with in themselves.

  • I believe that the secret does work, I did not understand this until I looked back on my life and analyzed all the times that bad things did happen in my life occured when I was depressed and thought negatively

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  • The concept of the law of attraction is an interesting one. I think that the 2 key elements are having a clear purpose and taking active steps towards achieving it.

  • Hi Marcus, thanks for your comments. You’re spot on with this one, a lot of people forget about the action side of the law of attraction and it’s perhaps the most important aspect.

  • Hi, It’s great that you mentioned the action part as well as the intention part as both as important, and the “Secret” book emphasized more on only the thinking part! I think both the thought and action gives a messgae to the subconscious mind about what you want to achieve, so it can get to work for you as well. It’ll get the message that you’re serious about something and will help accordingly.

    Wrinkle cream and antiaging tips

  • i discovered the law of attraction via the film, The Secret, just over 24 hours ago and i can’t even begin to explain how much it has already revolutionized my life. I haven’t been able to stop gushing about the secret, the power of our thoughts and desires over the course of our own life…i’ve definitely converted several of my friends and family members already.

    best of all, i’ve generated so much energy from all the exciting potential inspired in me by the secret that i’ve gotten my life to do a complete 180. for months now, i’ve been in this rut of nothing ever ever going right, to the point where it was amusing more than shitty. but now, everything goes right…all you gotta do is release your desires into the universe, but as you wrote, you can’t just kind of make a wish and sit around on your ass waiting for it to come true. being proactive is the key. all your deepest desires, or even petty little ones, just do everything you can to get closer and don’t let little setbacks drag you all the way back to zero.

    it takes much less energy to actually achieve what you think/believe/hope you can than it does to stress about how everything’s fucked. obsessing over all the negative aspects naturally brings down your mood, and from there your potential plummets. you’ll brood all day, bump into things, forget your crucial meeting material on the bus, miss the subway by 10 seconds and then walk into meeting late…and there’s only jelly donuts left. fuuuuuck that!

    i’m about to turn 21 and i like how all this wisdom really is coming to me with adulthood. it’s truly like my renaissance and i couldn’t be happier! (and i’m normally a cynical-yet-realistic bitch who would clock any annoying happy-go-lucky person within reach) i’m physically exhausted because my mind won’t stop thinking about the secret…and i get so excited just thinking about all the possibilities.

    I would obviously love to chat further…i gotta get this energy out so i can get some sleep (my positive energy right now is fighting the ambien and winning like when the spartans fend off xerxes men until the final battle in 300).
    take it easy,

  • This discussion of the Law of Attraction doesn’t focus on things (like magnets and filings) but upon the more subtle tools we use to create our lives: our thoughts. Whatever we think about grows. The more time and energy we invest in thinking about any given subject, the bigger it gets and the more influence it exerts in our experience. A thought attracts other thoughts like it, and creates its own momentum, like a snowball rolling downhill. The bigger it gets, the faster it grows.

    The seed thought that is attracting others like it could be a memory of the past, a mental image of a possible future, or whatever is happening now. Regardless, the Law of Attraction responds to it in this present moment. Always.

    Here’s an interesting wrinkle in how this works. The Law of Attraction always works by inclusion and never by exclusion. It responds directly to the thought itself, regardless of whether you are mentally saying “yes” to it or “no” to it. If you picture in your imagination something you do not want, the universe gets the picture only, and not the idea of “do not want.”

    The Spark Family
    Free Exclusive Interview with Bob Proctor on The Law Of Attraction

  • I really appreciate your perspective . Yes It takes action on your part and you will come closer and closer to your goals as you become in alignment with what you want. I think there are a lot of confused people out there who watched the movie but didn’t have a real definable process to work with .

  • Well, the power of intention really works. Just that day as I was searching for a theme song for my group by Diana Ross. I was looking through the web pages for the song to purchase, just then, my friend’s radio was playing the exact song that I was searching for. I was so trilled. Coincidence or what? I was in thoughts about it and it manifested.


  • yes the law of attraction does work, but we have to focus on all the good things that we want if we continue to say to ourselves, I don’t want to be sick, I don’t want to be poor, then that is exactly what we are going to attract as the law of attraction is only going to give you what you think about. So the focus should always be I am going to be wealthy, I am wealthy etc.
    Like Bob Proctor said ” The law of attraction is always working, whether you believe it or understand it or not”.


  • These days I am very conscious of the Law of Attraction and I deliberately use this knowledge to create my life. But my awareness and my comprehension have grown exponentially in the past few years. I didn’t always comprehend the fact that you can actually use it deliberately. How to accelerate this process? Stephen Pierce has produced a report on this – Attraction Accelerator, you can get it free here http://www.personalgrowthselfesteem.com

  • Law of Attraction will only work when your are able to consistently stroke your goals.

    Only simple steps can help you power up your self belief, desire and ethusiasim to complete your goals.

    Goals nees to be constantly nurture for you to see, feel and taste the worthiness and value

    Fuzzy thought do not make goals
    expand your Law of Attraction

  • I was reading a report recently. It’s an interview with Bob Proctor (one of the “actors” in The Secret) by a guy called Stephen Pierce.

    Proctor talked quite a bit about the law of attraction, which is THE secret. For someone who hasn’t watched the full length version of The Secret (only the free ones on YouTube), the report really opens my mind after reading.

    Worth a look.

    You could get a copy of the report here. It’s free:

  • Yes, I agree.

    It could get quite “scary” when I thought of having more clients for my web design business when suddenly people started contacting me for design projects. :)


  • […] Have you ever experienced the true essence of this ancient proverb? I have. In the last couple of weeks I have been totally focused on attaining financial independence. Since setting this goal, a number of people and resources have shown up in my life to help me attain this goal. All it took was for me to get completely focused and to be receptive to the fact that my answers could come from anyone. For those of you familiar with the Law of Attraction, I guess you could say that I’m manifesting the things I think about. […]

  • Dear Steven,

    This is my first official “blog” (I still have no idea what that word means…)

    Your 3 step revelations are not too removed from Napoleon Hill’s great work “Think and Grow Rich” – I use to listen to his book-on-cd every day, 8 hours a day, and read his book at night or upon waking each morning to “re-program” my habits (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual). My experiments have proven that anything I do on a consistant daily basis for 90 days straight are habit forming, and manifest!

    Now I watch the DVD “The Secret” on a daily basis while working. It works best when I need it most – when “doubt” attempts to creep in through a back door I’ve left open carelessly.

    but no worries! My fuel for faith continues to be “remeber, God did not send me here to fail!”

    So remember, the Universe did not send you here to fail!

  • I really believe in Law of Attraction. I believe that it works best. Even unconciously we use it most of the times, but a little knowledge about the same can make us achieve anything we wish abt.
    Just a few days back I got to read an Interview with Bob Proctor. I am passing the url below for you to have a look around..

  • How to Use the Law of Attraction…

    This article outlines three steps that work for the author, and encourages you to experiment and find what works for you….

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