6 Trigger Signs to Let You Know it’s Time to Change your World

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Written by Jamie Flexman

Let’s have a quick pop quiz.

How many of you are living the life you have always wanted? Come on put those hands up, don’t be shy.

Okay I can’t see you but I can probably guess that not many of you did.

For most of us we end up living in our own personal Groundhog Day, and like Bill Murray’s character, we cannot seem to break the cycle. We then switch genres and end up social zombies without the mental strength or even the insight to see how far down the wrong path we have traveled.

I recently managed to get out of the daily 9-5 grind and I wish to share some of the trigger signs I noticed that helped me to break free of the shackles and hopefully set me on the path to the life I truly want.

1. You dread getting out of bed in the mornings

The alarm clock screams its horrendous tone and your first thoughts are that of utter despair and dread. It is so warm under there, why should you have to move? Yet you know deep down that you have no choice in the matter. You reach over, turn the alarm clock off, lie back and wonder if this is what everyone else feels when woken at this ungodly hour.

Honestly it shouldn’t have to be like this. Dreading the day ahead is a sure sign that you are spending your time doing something you really dislike. You don’t have to jump out of bed like a lunatic but to look ahead with purpose and passion surely has to be the goal.

2. You start to resent your colleagues

You’re sat in the office, looking around trying to remember a time when the little things didn’t annoy you. Nobody seems to be working as hard as you today yet you’re the one who’s getting the blame. The constant chatter and banality of your co-workers weekend exploits is getting you down and you’re just counting down the hours until you can escape.

As someone who recently worked in what I considered to be a toxic environment, I realized how stressful it is working around these people. The longer you stay the more they will affect your own productivity and moral. If you’re unhappy in your workplace, then please look into doing something about it.

3. Your physical or mental health takes a downturn

The mirror never lies. You start to notice the kind of person that looks back at you. The tired eyes and extra weight under the chin is a sure fire sign you are neglecting your diet and your sleep. Your clothes are getting tighter and your energy levels are getting lower. Your self-esteem takes a hit and you begin to worry whether your partner still finds you attractive. Reality dawns on you and you just don’t resemble the person you thought you were.

Neglecting the way we eat and how much sleep we get will create havoc in the long run, so it is very important that we don’t allow this to happen. The way I like to think of it is that the mind is the guard dog for the body and the body itself is the house the dog resides in. If you think that your dietary habits need changing then start today, not tomorrow. Your health is the most important thing you will ever have.

4. You are constantly thinking about doing other things

You’re trying to focus on the task at hand but there is something nagging away at you. A feeling that you could be anywhere but here doing whatever you want. You can’t though, you’re stuck right where you are and you have no way of escaping, in the short term at least. You’re like the kid that hasn’t been picked for the team, looking in from afar at everyone else having fun and enjoying themselves.

If there is one trigger that should sound the alarm bells then it’s this one. If you want to do something other than what you currently do, then for the love of God do something about it NOW! You’re the only one responsible for your actions, so go for it. Follow that passion of yours and live the life you truly deserve.

5. You are drifting apart from those close to you

The phone rings, your heart skips a beat and you hold your breath before you look at the dialer. Yes it’s your boss and you know that means overtime yet again, for the third weekend running. You vaguely remember being married, but you can’t be sure it actually happened. You’re sure you had kids too but it’s not like you ever get to see them. Well at least it’s quieter, right?

If you feel like your life is driving a wedge between your family and friends then you have to nip this in the bud before any long term damage sets in. For me time will always prevail over money and nothing will ever change my mind. You didn’t marry your job so don’t act like you owe it any favors.

6. Your ideal future seems further away than ever

Congratulations you’ve just secured that promotion you’ve been working so hard for. You’re now officially the senior technical analyst retention something or other. How exciting right? Okay you don’t get to travel the world or work for yourself but the pensions good. That’s what counts.

Sometimes we can become so focused on following the paths that society sets out for us that we can lose sight of who we really are and what we really want. We get told from an early age that we should finish college/university, get a safe secure job, get married and have kids and then retire at 65 to play Bingo for the rest of our days!

It really doesn’t have to be that way.

We all have dreams and we all deep down know what we really want, so if you feel any of the trigger signs I have mentioned above then you are probably in the wrong job, and quite possibly the wrong life.

Recognize the signs and change your world.

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About the author

Jamie Flexman

Jamie Flexman recently decided to quit the 9 to 5 existence to become a guitar instructor and a freelance writer. He also created the website Psycholocrazy, where he writes about quitting your job, finding your passion and living life on your own terms.


  • Hmmm… Is going to college just to see if I find something that just “clicks” with me counterproductive? I want to travel the world and live in different places, but it may not be the lifestyle for me… I won’t know until I try it~ But going to college right now means I get to go debt-free, and I can use study abroad to see if it’s truly a good lifestyle (though if it doesn’t seem to be…I still won’t write it off just yet!). And some of the things I’m interested in will be easier with a college education, and college helps me try out the jobs… I really want to be on an island somewhere in the South Pacific, though! :)

    So really, it’s a way to prepare. Right?

    But… The jobs I want… Some of them conflict with living on a small island orz

  • I think one of the reasons why people become zombies later on is because even though they know they aren’t living the life they wanted, they don’t know where to go if they do change their lives for the better. So it’s important that once you realize you’re not on the path towards the life you want, decide on where you should go. Find your purpose and get in touch with your dreams and life goals once again. Hence, for people who aren’t zombies yet and still know they’re on the right track, write those goals down on paper and post them somewhere you can see them, so that you’ll constantly be reminded of your goal. If you find that you’re veering off the path, just look at your goals and do something to go back on track.

  • Very true indeed. Point number four has been resonating with me for long and I did take the necessary steps to do what I want and not keep wishing for it for ever. I learnt that a strong desire is the fuel to achieve and pursue our dreams.

  • One of the scary things with change is that involves stepping out into the unknown. We humans like to stay safely in our habits. Even when our habits bore us to death. By embracing change as one of the key factors in all personal growth. We start to see the beauty and infinite possibilities in every new experience.

  • Here’s the thing (from a slightly older perspective.) If you’re a dreamer and achiever type, when you’re 65 you’ll still be wishing you could “make it” if you still haven’t found yourself. So, bingo is never an option. In your mind, you’re still 30 (or whatever.)

    So, yes … don’t wait. Take charge now regardless of your age. After all, it’s the present moment that is life. It’s not the future. It’s not the past. And if our present moment isn’t what we want … change it … NOW!

  • Great post. This proves that the signs that may seem negative are actually helpful – they’re there to tell you to make a change, and they become more and more persistent if you resist them.

    Steven – what email can I contact you with? I tried a few times but it didn’t seem to go through. Thanks!

  • What a great post, really gets you thinking about your everyday life and where you could take it! Getting back to my true self has been a journey full of these questions. I have been reading a book called A Rebal chick Mystic’s Guide by Lisa Selow and she really emphasises that we are already perfect, we just have to get there and then we can move forward with all our dreams and goals. I picked it up at lisaselow.com if anyone is interested. But I can tell you, once you decide to let it all go and play by your rules, it is quite empowering!

    • Hey Katy, it seems as though you already know your path and so good luck to you. It’s true what you say, we should accept that we are good enough for whatever change we want to make.

  • So true Jamie. Man, I began the rat race as soon as I left college. It reall was a Ground Hog day experience for me as well. Luckily the entrepreneurial spirit in me took over and I began working for myself on my own schedule.

  • Yep. Been there and that’s no way to live. There are ways out. Reduce your bills, find a side job doing something you enjoy, whatever. If you are feeling the above symptoms then it’s time to get out. Just be sure that you’re not jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. I’ve done that as well. Do some soul searching before making the change.

    Dan @ ZenPresence

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