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Steven Aitchison
Written by Steven Aitchison


This weeks Sunday Siesta has been postponed as I have been working all weekend on this article.  It’s my longest article ever at over 4500 words but I think it was worth the time and the effort.

I have been resisting doing this post for a while now. However, it kept niggling away at the back of my mind and I kept getting more and more ideas to add to it so here it is.

I was originally inspired to do this by Dragos Roua who wrote a great post 100 Ways to Live a Better Life and who was inspired by Mike King in this great post 100 Ways To Be A Better Leader who was inspired by Armen Shirvanian: 100 Ways to Show Boldness who was inspired by the maniac :) who started it all Luciano Passuello and his post Tackling Any Issue With A List Of 100



So here I am with 100 Ways to Develop Your Mind

1. Do the Thing You Fear the Most.

If there’s one thing that will change your thoughts quicker than anything else, it’s facing your fears.

2. Stand up For Yourself

A lot of people have difficulty in standing up for themselves. The first time you do it can be very empowering and your thoughts about yourself will change forever. See Dealing With Confrontation

3. Stop Talking

It’s great to be silent for just a little while. Our thoughts turn inward and we begin to appreciate ourselves just a little more.

4. Strengthen Your Strengths

Sometimes we focus too much on trying to strengthen our weaknesses when we should be concentrating on strengthening our strengths.

5. Take A Walk Around an Art Gallery

You might not appreciate art or participate in it but it’s great to see the thoughts of others on canvas. It can give us a tiny glimpse of what goes on in other people’s minds.

6. Blindfold Yourself for a Day

Walk in the shoes of a blind person for 1 full day, it will forever change the way you think about life.

7. Stand on a Chair for 5 Minutes Per Day

Building self discipline is a great way to take control of your mind and your thoughts. If you just get up and stand on a sturdy chair your mind will be wondering what the hells going on and try and force you to get off the chair. Disciplining your mind is a great way to start changing your life. See Self Discipline

8. Dance When There’s Nobody There

It’s a strange sensation to dance on your own, although when I have done this I look like a dog having a seizure, nonetheless it’s a great way to let go of your inhibitions.

9. Give Money to Someone Unexpectedly

Whether it be on the internet, or in the street, just give a larger than normal donation to someone. This again is liberating and your thoughts about money will change for a few moments (that’s all it takes to start the process of changing your life.)

10. Strengthen Your Thoughts About Yourself

Reinforce your thoughts about your good points. If you are good at talking to people, tell yourself this often. If you are good at maths, tell yourself often. This has the benefit of reinforcing and strengthening your self image.

11. Take A Risk

Life would be boring without ever having taken a risk in your life. Do something that you didn’t want to do because you thought you wouldn’t be any good at it. This totally smashes the boundaries of your comfort zone and your life could change forever. Read This Post by Robin Easton

12. Talk To A Stranger

Again this is breaking our comfort zones, but just saying hi to stranger in the street or good morning can have an enormous impact on your day and the person you said hi to.

13. Walk Around The House Naked

I can almost feel the shock at this. I don’t mean when you’ve got guests in, I mean when everybody is out. Lock the door and totally liberate yourself and your thinking of what’s right and what’s wrong. I wouldn’t advise doing it all the time, but from time to time, it’s a great feeling.

14. Read A Book By An Author You Most Avoid

reading books by authors we avoid gives us a chance to take control of our minds and lets us see another side to our thinking. We’ve got to ask why we avoid them in the first place, is it something within us that we are avoiding?

15. Write An Article About Yourself

Imagine a newspaper has asked you to write an article of 1000 words or less about yourself and your life and they want to know what motivates you in life, now write the article. This helps put your life into some perspective and gets you thinking about your childhood and growing up.

16. Stop Contact With Your Down People

If you have people in your life who constantly drag you down, or are negative all the time, drop them. Honestly drop them from your life, you are not serving them and they are not serving you and they are dragging your thoughts down. Read This Post by Dan And jennifer

17. Believe In Yourself

A lot of people believe their life has been pre-destined and there’s nothing we can do to change it – absolute rubbish. YOU are the only person who controls the universe, yes I did mean universe. Your universe is different from mine so you control your own universe, think about that and start acting upon it.

18. Meditate Every Day

Another powerful thing that has the power to change your life and your thinking for good. Retreating into your mind for a few minutes every day will do you a power of good. Read How To Meditate

19. Ask For A Discount

When you buy anything from a shop that is over $100, ask for a discount. Tell the salesman you’d like a 10% discount on the item. Most people are so afraid of doing this but it’s a great way to empower yourself and let go of another inhibition, what’s the worst that can happen?

20. Risk Embarrassment

Imagine if you had seen the person of your dreams on a bus, or at the store and you didn’t do anything about it how much would you kick yourself. If this happens to you, do something about it, don’t keep it hidden. Just say to them you thought you would come over and say how attractive they looked and felt you had to tell them. You never know what will happen and how much your life could be changed. Obviously don’t turn into a weirdo and do it with every good looking person on the street.

21. Work Toward, What You Think, Is An Impossible Goal

If you work toward a goal without expectation you don’t care about the outcome as much. When you don’t care about the outcome, you don’t have as much expectation.

22. Practice Gratitude

We all know what we don’t have in our lives because we spend a lot of time wishing we had them, but are we really thankful for what we have? Spend time every single day being thankful for the good things we do have in our lives. read The Post at ZenHabits on Gratitude

23. Do Something Nice And Don’t Tell Anyone About It

We tell others about our acts of kindness to let them know how nice we are and to seek approval. If you keep your act of kindness to yourself without ever telling anyone the feeling of positive energy lasts much longer.

24. Share Your Skills

Everybody has a skill of some kind. When you share it you not only have the power to help others, but you enhance your own skill by owning it.

25. Don’t Talk Just Listen

Enhance your listening skills by not talking when someone is speaking to you. Resist the urge to speak your views when someone is talking to you, just listen to them and ask them more open ended questions at the appropriate times. This has two benefits: a) You can really listen if you are not formulating the stories in your own head when someone is talking b) you will make the other person feel great as you are actively listening to them.

26. Write Your Future Life Story

Start from the age you are just now and start writing your future life story as you’d like it to be. Be as outrageous as you want and just write about your ideal life and how you interact with it. Words on paper are powerful and can help shape your goals.

27. Give Someone A Gift For No Reason

We always assume someone buys us a gift for a reason whether it be a birthday, christmas or special occasion. Buy someone a gift just because you know they would like it.

28. Pass On Your Good Books

If you’ve read a book and it changed your thinking or life in some way, pass it on to someone else who might benefit.;

29. Spend More Time With Your Kids

Your kids will grow up very quickly, spend as much time as you can with them.

30. Forgive Behavior

The way we behave doesn’t necessarily reflect our true thoughts. Remember this when someone acts out of character and behaves in a way you don’t approve of.

31. Allow Yourself To Be A Lazy Git

We are so used to filling our time with useful things to do and being productive we have forgotten the art of laziness. Being lazy is good every ONCE IN A WHILE and it allows our mind to slow down and relax.

32. What Is Your Best Quality Today

Every morning for 10 seconds just state, out loud if you can, what your best quality is. Try and change it every day. This reinforces your strengths and weakens your perceived weaknesses.

33. Write A Comment

If you visit a blog you like, leave a comment and join in the community of people. Or, if there is not much of a community, be part of starting it.

34. Tell Your Friends And Colleagues How Good They Are

If a friend or colleague does something good, tell them how good they are at that particular task. This reinforces someone else strengths or strengthens their weaknesses and makes them feel good about themselves.

35. Make A Video Of Yourself And Post It To Youtube

Why on earth would you do this? Just because you can!

36. List All Your Worries

Make a list of every single worry you have at the moment. You will notice that you don’t have as many worries as you thought. Worrying consumes our thinking and we think our whole life is one big worry. When you get it down on paper it’s extremely surprising that you don’t have as many as you’d thought.

37. Work On Each Worry In Turn

Now that you have all your worries listed. Go through them and start acting on them in turn. If you find worries you cannot act upon it means there is nothing you can do to change the outcome of that worry, so forget it, why waste mind energy on something you cannot control at all? Read This Post for More Info

38. Read About Successful People

If you want to change your thoughts and change your life read about people who have already done it and use them as guides.

39. Tweet Your Moods

If you use twitter why not tweet your moods daily and see if there is some kind of pattern after a few months.

40. Stop Watching Soaps

Soap operas actually have the power to alter your state of mind. People get so caught up in the emotions of the soap that they experience what the actors and actresses are doing.

41. Have A News Break

What would happen if you never read a newspaper for a week? nothing at all, your life wouldn’t change, you wouldn’t run out of things to talk about, you would still be as up on the world as everyone else. Newspapers sell because of their doom and gloom, read it and you are buying into it.

42. Do Something Spontaneous

Jump on a bus without looking at the destination, book a holiday, take time off work, take your partner away, buy your kids a gift; do anything and make sure it’s out of character, (expand that boundary).

43. Write To An Author

Authors are people just like you and I and they love getting feedback about their work. If a book touched you in some way or changed you, take time to write to the author and thank them. Don’t look for a reply, just thank them.

44. Follow your instincts

We don’t trust ourselves nearly enough as we should. Follow your instincts more and pay attention to the signals your body is picking up and see where it takes you. You might find that your conscious brain gets in the way of your body signals a lot of the time. Read This Post for More Info

45. If You Find Some Money Give It To Charity

If you find money in the street don’t pocket it, give it to someone who is homeless or better yet buy them a meal with it. If it’s a suitcase full of money, that’s obviously a different story.

46. Your Thoughts Really Do Have Power

When you realize this, it will change your thinking in so many ways. I can’t tell you that it’s true you have to experience it for yourself.

47. Always Admit It When You Have Made A Mistake

Don’t blame others or hide behind someone else. Hold your hands up and admit you made a mistake, no matter what the consequences are. You will be much more respected this way. However, don’t take the blame for others.

48. Do Something Every Day To Improve Your Mind

Learn a new word, do an anagram puzzle, sudoku your mind, read a book, read a stimulating blog post, anything that will help your mind just a little. Just a little turns into something huge.

49. Change Your Thinking Style

If something is not working out, try and change your thinking style and come at it from another angle. This is true of everything in life.

50. What Do You Really Want To Do In Life

You will find most people cannot answer this question simply because they are plodding along with life. When you know what you really want to do with your life then your life takes another path. read This Post by Dragos Roua

51. Pass On Your Knowledge

Knowledge is for sharing, let others know what you know if it’s appropriate.

52. Ask For What You Want In Life

If you don’t ask you won’t get. Asking for your wants puts it out there. I mean literally ask and metaphorically ask. When you want a big house or a mansion, ask out loud and send it out there. When you want the smaller things in life, ask for them from people who can give you them. Always pay it forward.

53. When Someone Does You A Good Turn Pay It Forward

If you receive a compliment, thank the person and look for an opportunity to give someone else a compliment. If you receive a gift, give a gift to someone else at an opportune time.

54. Always Have A Good Breakfast

We underestimate the power of food to keep our brains healthy and our minds alive with energy. If you don’t eat that much, make sure you have a good breakfast to set you up for the day. Read this post on eating by Vin Miller

55. What Would People Say About You If You Died

This is not a morbid thought, but I often think about what people would say about me at my funeral. The thing is the ones who might say something bad, I can’t really not invite because I’ll be dead. However, the important people are ones I would care about most and I would like to develop my life’s values based on what people would say about me at my funeral; he was a caring man, he was a family man, he always told the truth no matter how hard it might seem, he had integrity etc.

56. Sing Your Heart Out

I love to sing, I hopeless at it, but I love it. We have a radio station over in the UK called gold and it plays music from the 60s, 70s and 80s and I sing at the top of my voice as there is always something on that’s good. My sons are not very pleased about it though :)

57. Love The One You’re With

Always let your partner know how much you love them by telling them and showing them. This way your mind is focused on them for at least part of the day.

58. Pacing Whilst Studying

This has helped me a lot over the years. I paced my way through university. My theory is that the body and mind is being stimulated with the exercise you are doing whilst walking, this makes the blood flow. Blood flow to the brain help you to study and remember.

59. Make New friends

Whether it be online or offline. Keeping yourself busy socially is stimulating for the mind and lets you see the world from others peoples perspective.

60. Make Love Regularly

Releasing the feel good chemicals, endorphins, into your bloodstream is a great way to stimulate the mind. I have to admit to feeling much more creative after making love.

61. Listen To Music

This stimulates the mind and can have tremendous benefits for your thoughts, therefore your life. I love listening to Baroque music whilst driving at night, I love rousing rock driving during the day and dance trance music at the weekend whist driving

62. Listen To A Book Instead Of The Radio

Getting downloadable books from or is a great way to spend long journeys and learn something at the same time.

63. Have A Sleep In

I am not a big fan of sleeping longer than I have to, but sometimes it’s great to lie in bed for a few hours longer than normal. It helps the brain recuperate.

64. Turn Off The TV

There’s nothing more brain numbing than having the TV on all day every day. Exercise your mind and read a book, or at least watch something educational. Read this post by Vin Miller

65. Look For Evidence Of Your Beliefs

This will develop your mind and your critical thinking. If you look for evidence of your beliefs such as ‘what is the evidence that sea water is blue or green’, you’ll discover some great information on during your research.

66. Take Micro Naps

Taking a micro nap for 10 minutes a few times a day does wonders for your brain energy. read this post on Micro Naps

67. Travel Often

Travel really does broaden your horizons especially if you really get into the local food and culture.

68. Tidy House Tidy Mind

There really is nothing better than clearing your house or office space to clear your mind. When the house is not tidy there is always a niggling at the back of your mind. When the house, office and workspace is totally clean and tidy it frees your mind to concentrate on work or your family at home. read this post at DumbLittleMan

69. Exercise Your Mind Not Just Your Body

We all know the benefits of exercising the body but exercising the mind by doing crosswords, maths puzzles, playing chess, reading, anagrams, sudoku etc, all help to increase the minds capacity for learning.

70. Read Philosophy

the beauty of philosophy is that there is no right and wrong. However, reading different philosophers views about the world will stimulate your mind. Read this post by Tim Ferris

71. Ditch The Credit Card

We have forgotten how to wait for the things we want in life, if we see something we like we want it now and using a credit card is too easy. Make the object of your desire more precious by saving up for it. This will discipline your mind as well as your money spending habits.

72. Watch A Motivational Video On Youtube First Thing In The Morning

This is a great way to start the day. Just type in motivational into youtube search box, sort by view count and watch a few videos.

73. Keep Up To Date With New Theories

Whatever field you are interested in keep up to date with new theories and discoveries. New theories in psychology are especially interesting albeit quite thin on the ground.

74. Take One Action Toward Your Goals Every Day

Your Self confidence, self esteem, and goals can only be reached by taking action. The more action you take the more your mind will help you to keep going.

75. Never Let Your Mind Go Out Of Fashion

Keep up to date with the latest research on health, beauty and intelligence. Only those whose thoughts keep searching will stay intelligent for life.

76. Confronting Your Stressors

Whatever you are stressed about the most tackle first. The less stress you have the less your mind has to cope with. Tackle the biggest stressors first and work your way down. Read this post by Jonathan Wells

77. Drink Coffee And Tea

Despite evidence to the contrary coffee and tea have been shown to help the brain. Antioxidants and/or caffeine may help fight the onset of Alzheimer’s by 30-60% drinking 30 cups a day is obviously not good but 3-5 cups per day is okay.

78. Carry Yourself With Confidence

People can tell by the way you walk if you are confident or not. Walk with purpose and have a purpose to walk. Read this post by Brandon Lindell

79. Make Up Your Own Mind

When reading or listening to the news, do your own research and make up your own mind. The government and large corporations, whether deliberate or not, is a propaganda machine feeding you information to manipulate your thinking.

80. Take Up Yoga

This is meant to be one of the best ways to relive stress and exercise both mind and body. watch this video to get you started

81. Change Your Hands

Practice doing this with your less dominant hand. If you are right handed start doing things with your left hand and vice versa. If you are ambidextrous, start doing it with your feet :)

82. Eat Plenty Of Fish

There is an abundance on new evidence that eating fish is great for our brains and keeping them healthy.

83. Reduce Your Alcohol Intake

I had to say this, I am an addiction worker. Don’t cut it out just reduce it to the recommended safe level.

84. Quit The Smoking

Yep it can be one of the hardest drugs to give up but it is worth it. I feel so much better for giving up smoking and have a lot more energy than normal and my mind can function a lot better.

85. Practice Deep Breathing

Getting plenty of oxygen to your brain is key for a healthy mind, deep breathing can help with this.

86. Get A Dog/Cat

If you live alone why not go to one of the pet rescue centres and get a dog or a cat. People who have pets are shown to be less lonely, more active, and show fewer signs of stress. read this article by elizabeth Scott

87. Break your Pattern

If you are the one who always goes shopping swap the routine with your partner. Or if you always go to a particular store, change it and go to the same store in another area. Do anything to break the patterns you have in life. This way your mind is kept more active.

88. Try New Food

We have trained our palettes over the years and have gotten used to eating certain foods day in and day out. Try new foods and train your palette to eat better foods.

89. Stimulate Your Brain By Going To A Concert

Whether it be a rock concert or am orchestral concert, getting out and hearing music live and being with people who enjoy the same music stimulates your mind and your emotions.

90. Join An Internet Group

Join an internet discussion group to further your education on topics of interest. Want to start a business? join a group and get ideas for best practice. Want to know more about tropical fish? join a group. This educates your mind, gives you ideas and lets you meet people who are interested in the same topics as you.

91. Volunteer To Help Others

Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community and help others learn the skills you have. Even if you don’t think you have skills you can still help someone out in your community just by talking or doing their shopping for 1 hour per week.

92. Read The Tao Te Ching

Has to be one of the best books, in my opinion, for developing your mind. read this blog byNaoto Matsumoto

93. Practice Patience

Waiting in queues, traffic jams, on a telephone call can be very frustrating sometimes. If you use the time to develop your mind and focus on your goals your frustration will dissipate very quickly. Use free time like this constructively instead of getting angry and putting yourself in a bad mood.

94. Practice Divergent Thinking

This is the practice of looking for multiple solutions to problems or issues that arise in your life, whether they be at home or at work. Don’t judge your solutions just put them down on paper until you can’t think of any other ways. get others involved in this as well. Read this article on divergent thinking

95. Put On A New Hat

Edward De Bono wrote a book called Six Thinking Hats in which he proposed you to put on a different, mental, hat for each area of your life. For example you put on your parent hat when talking to your kids, you can also put on your child hat for playing around with your kids. mentally putting on different hats allows you to better go in and out of different roles in your life.

96. Stop trying To Multitask

Multitasking can’t be done except with unconscious processes such as walking and talking. If you try to consciously multitask like make the kids lunches, have a telephone conversation and try and get the kids ready for school it can’t be done nearly as effectively as doing each task separately. Multitasking stresses out minds and helps to produce bad results. read this article by Dave Crenshaw

97. Write A Short Essay On The Books Your Read

Doing this will keep your mind active and helps your to read in a different way as you are analyzing books instead of just reading. this way you retain more information and in a few years time you don’t embarrass yourself by saying ‘yeah, that was a great book but I can’t remember what it was about.’

98. Allocate Time For Worrying

If you are a recovering worrier and you need some help, allocate a certain time each day to worry about everything. Once you’ve done the time of worry, leave it until the next day.

99. Stop Faffing And Just Do It

Faffing is the art of doing small things to avoid completing a bigger task. I am constantly getting on at my son and saying ‘Stop faffing!’. We spend too much time faffing instead on concentrating on the task at hand. Read this Article at

100. Read The Dictionary

Learning a new word every 2 -3 days will increase your vocabulary by 120 – 170 words per year.

101. Always Over deliver On Your Promises

If you say your going to do something, don’t just do it and get the job complete, make sure you over deliver on everything you do.

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    Do not be afraid to push yourself beyond your physical or mental limits. Such a pressure would help you see how easily things can be achieved and thereby helps you hone skills. Step out of your comfort zone.

  • Condition yourself to talk positively about yourself. Every time your mind wanders and say you are not apt at it, pause for a minute, undo those negative vibes and say you can do it. At least you should make an attempt to accomplish that daunting task. With that, you will learn more about yourself.
    Do not be afraid to push yourself beyond your physical or mental limits. Such a pressure would help you see how easily things can be achieved and thereby helps you hone skills. Step out of your comfort zone.

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  • Hi Steven just read your article and printed it off to read again and again. I already do many of the things on the list, the benefit of reading so many self-help books over the years. Yet, there remains a good many I will try out, not having any expectations for one, I do worry if a start a project and it fails, now I realise, that perhaps failing is no big deal, its what one learns in the process that really matters. I recently took up meditation, getting the habit of doing this regularly is my challenge as I can see the benefits of it.This is one of the best articles I have read in a long time. many thanks


  • Super i like the post a lot and i really want to practice all these thing daily not at a time but slowly.


    Thanks a lot.

  • Institutional Education,other learnigs and Proper work and proper relax and Proper travelling and do all the works with enjoy Must Broaden our mind.There are many wany ways to Happy our mind.

  • I can’t even begin to express my appreciation for this post. It is absolutely fantastic, and I plan to do every single one of these things to try and better myself.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to do this, I really do believe that by following these simple tasks, you can change you’re life.

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    These 100 points really changed my mood as I went through them. They really have got some power to change lives. Hats off to u for doing this. Will implement these in my life to the best of my capacity and control and I am sincerely grateful to u.

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    i think from the other comments this was worth spending a weekend on :)

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    Thanks a lot for your thoughts. still i have not tried so many things that you have mentioned. but after reading i am going to try these things in my life.

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    Vijay Kumar

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    Excellent!! short, crisp ways to develop your mind.
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  • An awesome list! Thanks, and well done, Steven. May I also add that reading aloud for 10 minutes daily; engaging in exercises that will make you perspire; reading about other religions, races, cultures, and traditions different from yours; learning a new language of your choice; and observing for a whole day without talking at all(or be as concise as possible if you have to) can help improve the quality of the mind, too.

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  • I have heard it said that things, teachers, words, forms and energy appear exactly when and where we need them. I am so grateful that this post entered my life at the perfect moment. Thank you for sacrificing your weekend to make mine a delightfully pensive one.
    Jo Anna

  • Steve, Great list. I love numbers 1 and 3. I hate it when I think I need to face my fears and we all know it is hard to be silent, but man do those two things really help. I have learned being in the now is so important and it helps me to focus. As far as doing the thing I fear the most, I have learned it isn’t as scary as I thought once I do it. What I like about your list is that I can pick one at a time and this should keep me developing and enjoying life for a long time to come. Thanks!

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  • hi,im 15 and i love this artical,this really does help just by reading it,im feeling stressed out because both of my phones broke,my laptop is playing with me,i don’t have the money for new ones or repare,im grounded which makes it worse,my parents want me to be a normal teen but i can’t help being a geek,and thinking of the future is stressful,i want to be sucsessful,i i feel much older than what i really am.phew it’s good get things of your chest.arigatou^_^.

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    what a brilliant!!
    I am really good to find out your site because my feeling is getting better by reading all of them.apparently it is easy to read but it is difficult to act like list of them.I am going to take action no.50.
    thanks for reading your list.

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  • Its amazing. Thank you very much for the insight.
    1. We fear it doing 2. Yes. Then depression finds no place 3. Its not that easy to practice 4. oh 6. Its difficult I believe 7.oh 8. Ofcourse I usually do it on a dark night on the terrace and in bathroom. Please dont laugh. 9. Can we do it, I doubt. 11. Can we take a risk? 12. I cant do it. 13. Ahhaaaaa, funny thing. 15. Yes, I did it and posted on Indyarocks. Thats my first blog even 18. See the beauty. This is originally written by non-Indian, yet he knows the power of meditation, we dont understand it. 19. I am trying it these days. 25. We usually love to talk more. 27. Can we do it? 29. I love doing this 30. Usually we cant do it 31. Ofcourse we do it, r u not? Lol. 33. On toostep we r doing it. 34. What about egos? 36 and 37. A good thing to be practiced 38. Yes, they inspires us 39. Yeah 40. ooooh. 41. I cant agree with it, without news how we can come to know. If Sarika did not send me this, even if she sends and I fail to go through can I come to know these good points. I may miss. 42. oh ok. 44. Yes, but hard to practice it. Lol 45. Oh. I bet we dont do it. Lol 47. Yes, but we cant do it. 48. Yes 50. Successful people do it. ahahahahah. We all habituated to go with the tend 51. ON toostep we all doing it, r we not? 52. Yes, even if you dont ask, even mother may not grant you anything 53. Yes, reciprocation is required 54. Oh. 56. Yeah same experience here. My daughters laugh at me when I start singing lol. 57. You must have the courage to do it anyway 58. Oh 59. ahahahahha we all doing the same here 61. Listen to music. Yes it has the power. Music here means not the nonsense cinema songs I believe 62 This is very good in deed 63.It seems point 31 sounds the same. 64. Its correct 65. Its good even, instead of blindly believing something 66. Wow, a good suggestion, because I usually do it, lol. 67. This is what our fathers suggested 68. Yes its true even. 69. Yes it needs 70. yeah 71. A great suggestion in deed 74. Yes a big Yes. 75. Yeah 77. Every now and then new theories come out contradicting each other on this, I puzzled what to follow 79. Yes 80. Yeah it is. 81. I try hard, but I am find it difficult, lol 82. I cant do it, because Im a Pure Vegetarian 83. No problem I dont have the habbit 84. No problem again 85. Yes. Try “Bhastrika” also 86. I dont know much of it. 87. Oh. 88. oh 89. Yeah 90. Ahahahahah, we do it anyway 91. This is hard to practice, but a good one 92. Oh, Let me try 93. For me, they are very boring and frustrating. 94. Yes 95. Everybody do it I believe, ru not? 96. Yes it is 97. This is what I am doing now, Lol 98. Funny suggestion, can we do it 99. Ahhhhha, correct. Our leaders are good faffers (is there a term, but I love to use it) are they not? 100. I want to practice it, for the last one decade, lol 101. Ofcourse Maruti did it, Lol.

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    they are good about 70% (i think),, now they were 98.9%
    and i gain more also :),, thank you steven, you are AMAZING
    in the past i love collecting abstract photos, NOW i love collecting
    abstract photos and you :).

  • Hay Steven,
    Thanks…. Some time, during day to day work we forgot relive, cherish and enjoy ourselves. Same is the case with me. Nevertheless, after reading this post my ideas are refreshed once again… Thanks a ton…

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    i can’t control my self from laughing xD
    7. Stand on a Chair for 5 Minutes Per day
    (your mind will be wondering) “what the hells going on” xD

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    Have a great day~~

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  • This is Lola from China, Steven. Thank you very much for this wonderful post. I really benefit from it. I think you can count me in to be one of your fans. 😀

  • ” 10. Strengthen Your Thoughts About Yourself ”
    This is a great importance, because our minds duplicate what is sees. and if you see your self weak then thoughts will not accure to you the same as a person who is thinking of himself stronger. A weak person would look at a log an say hmmmm that looks heavy I’m not even going to attempt to lift it because I’m weak, then he would leave it alone. A strong person would look at it an say that “I can do it” and when he trys if he doesn’t succeed will trying asking for help or using another means to pick it up. so a weak person weak in mind will be weak at heart, and consequently natural thoughts will not even accure to him.

  • Steven, I have to say that this is one of the most interesting and motivational articles I have read in a very long time. Thank you for the inspiration to expand my mind, and in turn, push forward in life!

  • Hi Steven, I enjoyed reading your article. some of the posts have hit home more than others, and I took action straight away by thanking one of my favourite authors. Going to his website, finding a few more things about him and actually sending him a thank you note on how much he has helped me, made me feel good… about myself. well done and look forward to reading more of your posts. x

  • WOW here am I dreaming of becoming a personal development top blogger, then i come across a site like yours. Now i know the benchmark is high. I believe it was Anthony Robbins who said ‘You don’t have to reinvent the wheel—learn from the best’, and you are for sure high up there

  • Thanks so much for this post! I’ve recently been unhappy with various aspects of my life, and it all comes back down to my personality and self-esteem, which I have since been desperately trying to improve. I’ve saved this post in a word document and left personal remarks on each one for myself to follow, and I’m excited to start! Thanks for the advice, I’ll be on the lookout for your book now!

  • Thank you for the post, it often amazes me when people make great lists just like yours. Thank you for completing the list. :) Stay safe

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    i am bettr now, i have a target now, i believe it will work…i can see it.

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    Dear Steve,you are really unique,
    You have got a wonderful site too.
    You sent me two valuable books,
    I will try,everyday,to pray for you.
    Aziz M. Tehrani ( happyoldman)

  • i just wrote my future down as one said, and i feel much more free and ready to start making those things happen! :)

  • What a fantastic post. Thanks very much.
    And by the look at all the comments, it has made some impact on a lot of people. I know there’s quite a few on here that I’m going to implement!

  • Thought provoking, definitely want to read them again. Glad to see that some of the points are already part of my way of living. Plenty left though to practice with. Thank for sharing this. There is however a small problem and that is a sharebar I can’t get rid off. Any tips on how to remove it? I can only read half of the page now.

  • Thank you so much for this list. I stumbled upon it while surfing the web and I am honestly really excited to begin trying these tips out!

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  • I really enjoy reading the list. I am a sophomore college student and recently the future has really been on my mind. Deciding what to do and if what I am doing now in school will truly get me where I want to be later on in my life is something I am still trying to figure out myself. Reading the list helped me look within and asking myself questions that I know I won’t be able to figure out now, but with time. I want to just say how happy I am to stumble upon this blog at…3:10am (LOL) today, because it had definitely given me, not only postive energy, but also ideas of what I can do to further understanding myself and what I really want out of life. I thank you again. Truly appreciate it. Hopefully someday, in the years to come, I can look back at this list and say to myself that I honestly is living life to the fullest, and no regrets.


  • This was a great way to start my day and to start making small changes in my life. I already practice many of these simple acts, however, it’s inspiring to think of combining them to live a more positive and meaningful life. Not sweating the small stuff has drastically improved my mood, patience, and overall well being.

    Thanks Steven.

  • I’m kind of really dead these days, i do absolutely nothing all day, and my new years resolution is to work on my will and my brain. Thankyou, this has actually motivated me, the things are simple and i’m sure effective, thanks alot man, keep up with the good work, i’ll definitely be returning to this list, it’s awesome!

  • i really liked this. lately i have been reading The Secret, and much of the ideas from that book are included in this post, such as thinking positive, have goals and pursue them and to practiced gratitude.

  • I find myself most days not knowing what to do and where to head and life. It seems like i go through the motions most days but i came across this article and found it very enlightening. I hopefully will incorporate as many of these into my daily life as i can. Leaving this comment alone is already outside my comfort zone and is something i never do on any website. Thank you for all this information, it already has brought new insight into my life.

  • Hi, I really appreciate you putting out your personal opinions and experience in a positive manner for others to benefit; it is truly admirable. I am definitely going to try some of the things I was not doing. Some of it was a little irrelevant for my age group, but thank you very much.

  • Great post! I want change in 2011 and I will use many of your 101 suggestions/ideas. I needed this…thank you!

  • I thought these were truly inspiring. I felt a lot of them were “speaking” to me because I have problems with a good bit of this. Thank you for writing this. I am saving it to my bookmarks so I can read it again. I have also shared it on my Facebook.

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    thank you very much.

  • Wow, this is brilliant. Thank you so much for putting this out there on the internet for everyone.

    Now, I’m going to be off to write a letter to Steven King, make a video of myself talking shit to put on youtube, and try writing a poem with my left hand.

    There is always so much to improve as a human, and this just helped me, so I’m just posting to say thank you much :)

  • I found this blog using Stumbleupon and I think it has to be one of my favourite stumbles so far! I’m in the habit of reading “Personal Development” material, I really like this because it is easy to read each point and go back without getting bogged down by lengthy explanations. I’m going to copy and paste what I put on my facebook whilst I was reading this:

    stumbleupon brought me this great blog to read and I’ve only got to number 45 and lots of great ideas are bouncing around my brain! I have made a decision…
    I’m going to pick up any money that I find. I’m actually pretty good at spotting money and can think of several instances where I found notes, so that if I add up the ones I can remember that is £120 in total! There are several good stories in this for another time… however, I have always just stuck the cash in my pocket, maybe getting a few drinks if its that kind of occasion.

    Anyway, from now on EVERY PENNY COUNTS and I’m going to pick them up and stash them all – and see how much I’ve found a month – and give it to a local charity. This is stuff that people probably realised they dropped, but couldn’t be bothered to bend down for – well I’m going to put it to good use!

    Even better if other folks like this idea too and either do it themselves for their own choice of charity or help me to find more!

  • Great list, a lot of things I try to do on a daily basis and even more that I know I should do. Appreciate it, this will come in handy in my mental training.

  • thank you so much for your post! it’s so interesting and i am going to do every single one of these within the year 2011. bookmarked and printed. have you done them all? thanks and best wishes, maree.

  • Hi there,

    I also have this page bookmarked and regularly have a read through as I am struggling with a lot of issues..

    I hope you can help me, I find it very difficult to stop thinking about negative subjects and was wondering if there are any techniques to curb this? I just want to be humble and accept my insecurities.

    This webpage contributes considerably into helping me overcome my issues but I still have this one problem.

    Thank you so much for your time, Kris

  • What a wonderful, creative, inspiring post to share with everyone. I am forwarding it to all those in my life who will benefit. Thank you for taking the time to plant seeds of change and growth in us all.

  • 1. Talk to yourself consciously. Verbalize your thoughts. Find the right words or expressions to your emotions.

    2. For those using English as a second language, re-learn your original mother tongue. Re-discover the language, it idioms and unique expressions. Do some translations.

    3. Go out of the city and listen to Nature. Close your eyes and hear the whispering winds, the sounds of insects, the murmuring brooks, the lapping of the sea, or the clap of thunder.

  • its so good .,,,,,,,i think its change everyone life . everyone read it. it improve my Knowledge and mostly in my life.”””””””””””””””””’thanks”””””””””””””””’

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  • I saved this post and going to read it more times because i need to follow all those 101 tips. Will try to do all those ideas Steven. :)
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful article. :)

  • I will print this for my children, something to remind them time and again, as they are almost all adults now. Things get crazy in our 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. We must stop and do these things. Thanks!!!!!

  • i really like this 100 method to improve our mind……if anyone use 50 mthod out of 100 thats enougt to wake up our mind…….Thanx for write such things

  • Hello Mr. Steven.
    The list’s absolutely commendable and about 70% of the points i’m already implementing in my life.
    Thanks a lot posting these since i literally feel great after going through these frequently.:-)

  • Hi Steven,

    Thank you for the inspiring list! Your blog is awesome!

    I particularly believe in the power of No.1: Doing what you fear most, and if I may add, it works for me when I force myself to do what I fear most at the beginning of the day, first thing in the morning. I used to leave it for the last, and realized I would just procrastinate and leave it for the day after.

    And as for no. 96: Stop trying to multitask, it’s true! Multitasking promotes brain fatigue. I like this article from the New York Times that quotes the example of a woman who was running on a treadmill during lunch while listening to her Ipod while watching tv and flicking through her Iphone to read her emails all at the same time! LOL

    Susan |
    Work, Life, Happiness, Innerpositiveness

  • Steven

    Imagine that what You wrote in this article, had happened-
    “20- Risk Embarrassment

    Imagine if you had seen the person of your dreams on a bus, or at the store and you didn’t do anything about it how much would you kick yourself. ”
    I met a very special person on a bus and I let him go. I will remember it for years, but it was a tremendous lesson! A Starting Point.
    But I also feel that it is exactly what was meant to be. I wasn’t ready. Full Stop.

    This list is great, I would just add:
    read great books- like “Thinker Toys” and any of Ayn Rand’s Books…

    best, Martyna

  • You seem a little straight faced in your display picture Mr Aitchison. btw how do you pronounce your last name? I really did Enjoy reading your article, somethings I do do and others I don’t at all or not very often. I do like no. 33
    I really only read online and iv never been much of a book reader. showed me this site and is partially the reason for my very late night unstoppable readings.
    21 is my fav – 23 i would like to do – 46 interests me – 60 I like the sound of – 63 i do to much of – 70 i like to do – 99 i must attend to

  • Hey, Im was browsing for methods to sharpen my mind.. This came up and there are some preety good points in here. Thanks for the list even though it wasnt made for me :p This surely helped a lot of people.

    David, 18, Portugal

  • Hi Steven,
    A good list. Thank you very much. But, as i am a veggie, i cannot take fish. Why don’t you suggest something in Veg , equivalent to fish?

    Once again Thank you,


  • I’ve never left a comment on any blog before ( even the ones I read regularly!) But I felt compelled to do so today after stumbling on your site.What a fantastic resource this is.The quality of articles is truly outstanding…the meat and two veg of self development sites.Thank you for the obvious time, thought and effort that must go in to producing work that really speaks to your readers.I shall definately be back for more.


  • Thank you so much for this post. I do enjoy visiting your site and I plan on doing so more often so keep the posts, videos and extra reference site coming. I am learning so much. I do appreciate you taking your time out to do things like this to help educate and uplift others. Do take care, you and your family.

    God bless you and your family.


  • this is great stuff steve, I find that one of the best ways I develop my mind is by reading, as they say readers are leaders and nothing develops your mind like reading and learning from the expereince and perspectives of others. I think it’s Dr Myles Munroe that said “when you stop reading you stop growing” one of the key ways to develop and build your mental muscles is through reading.
    .-= WiseMrLove´s last undefined ..Response cached until Sat 10 @ 15:42 GMT (Refreshes in 23.57 Hours) =-.

  • Thanks so much for this wonderful list. I like No 11, Taken a Risk. I am a risk taker and thats why am succeding in everything i do.

    Thanks so much. This article has open my eyes to work hard!…
    .-= Valentine Belonwu´s last blog ..5 Causes of Poverty =-.

  • In the spirit of #33, I’d like to say this is a great article. It’s so practical I feel like I can start making positive changes right now, instead of sifting through abstract mumbo-jumbo. Thank you very for taking the time to put this together. I’m excited!

  • Thank you very much for this! I guess I’ll just make everyday-to-do reminder of your advices. Hell, I’ll make myself a shock necklace if I don’t accomplish neither of a 100 things in a day… Good thoughts…

  • Some good stuff here but quit reading the newspaper. Really? It’s not just making profit off gloom and doom, it’s informing inividuals about
    the harsh realities of the world. Avoiding that information as to be blissfully ignorant is going to do more harm than good.

  • Thanks for taking the time to write this. I’m working on comment #33 now by writing you a comment!
    I’ve added a couple of new ones to my list now. Most of them I’ve incorporated over the past 10 to 15 years. These approaches make a tremendous difference in my life!

  • Thank you, Steven for motivation and inspiration on a Saturday morning.

    I appreciate your comment on strengthening strengths.

    My experience is we spend too much time focusing on shoring up our weak areas, which makes us think about our weaknesses, which causes us worry and stress, which makes us work harder at strengthening our weak points, which causes a giant spiral of worry, stress and wasted time.

  • So much insight but I tend to find in such large lists one stands out and this was no exception. Follow your instincts leapt off the page to me as it’s a truism very few follow or trust. Not me, I love going against the obvious grain to be proven correct further down the line due to my gut instinct guiding me.
    .-= John Sherry´s last blog ..The Treasures of Life’s Simple Pleasures =-.

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  • Wonderful post. Inspires me to do many things that I may not have done normally. I would add
    Sing a song for yourself, if you liked singing but were told tat you are not a good singer.
    Paint something that interests you.
    Thanks again for taking time to write this post

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  • This is clearly a quote by someone who can not multitask! A man. How do you think women get so much done?? It certainly isn’t by doing one thing at a time.

    “Stop trying To Multitask. Multitasking can’t be done except with unconscious processes such as walking and talking. If you try to consciously multitask like make the kids lunches, have a telephone conversation and try and get the kids ready for school it can’t be done nearly as effectively as doing each task separately. Multitasking stresses out minds and helps to produce bad results.” Steven Aitchison

    Isn’t that how “driving with your knee” evolved?

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    Thank you for going to all that trouble. I love all the links scattered among the various items on the list too.
    With regard gratitude, do you know about as a great site to visit daily?
    Reading has to be my top brain developing activity, as well as inspiring movies, seminars and exploring top blogs like yours! :)
    Cheers, Thea
    .-= Thea Westra from´s last blog ..Member Updates Emails 21 to 30 – Day 199 =-.

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    ..and tell you that I’m really enjoying various articles on your site; today’s my first time finding it (came over from Chris Garret’s blog), but I dig what you do & I will be back.

    Your brand newest fan – Sean.

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    but you really gave a complete package. I hope to implement most of them.
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    I’m from Haiti and have really needed this kind of post to keep my mind running as it would. Thank You.

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    Your “100 Ways To Develop Your Mind” is a great way to heal and to control ones body and mind. I’ve been trying some of your points to gain control of oneself.
    But truly intriguing part is your “Stand Up On A Chair Part” and “Stop faffing”. These were newly introduced I think and a great way to control the self.
    Christopher Duncan’s Website

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    I happened to come accorss your blog and find it very interesting. There are cetain points which we know should be part of our lives but we tend to ignore it. Your article explains it in a very simple manner. Thanks for writing such a wonderful article and I shall follow many of the points above henceforth.

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    Ghanshyam Lungan

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    Steve – This is very good. I think I would memorize at a least a few points in these and keep telling to myself daily. Thanks a lot !

  • much love and respect dude. I have experienced most of these and they work ! I wish I wrote something like that before and i will probably share it with friends!

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    I normally get bored easily, but I read this article from the first to the last letter. By writing this comment and scrolling with my left hand, I already used two of your tips and I’m planning on applying many more! Thanks so much!

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    Thank you very much !!! Your articles are so useful for me!!! I whis you a better life, good fortune and a lot of heath in 2010!!!!

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    You can see my list here:

    My best to you and yours this coming year.

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    It is also a first step, a paradigm shifter, to get the thoughts of the Human Bean flowing in a new direction.
    .-= Knatchwa´s last blog ..Microsoft – Proprietary Extensions and Linux .. =-.

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    Such fantastic list!!! Thank you for giving up your weekend. I am new to your site, I have just found it today, very inspiring.

    I will certainly practice many of the items listed, specifically numbers, 7, 10, 15, 21, 26, 73, 52, 36, 65… well you get the picture.

    Thanks again.

  • Great list. I’m glad I found it. Agree with many. Good luck.

    102. Wish people good luck.


  • Hi Steve,

    great list.

    I suggest some more points:

    1. Use another way to the places you are going to on a regulary basis.

    2. Have a walk in nature, listen to the sound of nature.

    3. Recognise what is happening in your body while you move.

    4. Release tension while you act.

    5. Touch something natural, the trunk of a tree, a stone you find, a leaf and really feel it.

    6.Smell the natural fragrances and be aware doing it.

    7. Learn a new movement.

    8. Sing, and when you run out of breath close your mouth inhale through the nose and sing further where the music is.

    Have fun practising


  • Thank you. Bookmarked your post and got through a bit of it and had to go connect with my adult ‘kids’. Found myself referring to what you shared. Thank you. And I haven’t even finished reading your post, yet. Made me smile. Thank you.

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  • i am already trying some of these things.
    but i use to think that some people who have everything are leading the best life….means i useto think i am useless…like people with good physique have girlfriends, have great jobs even if they are less qualified….

    but after reading this article iam relieved not much but to some extent…
    which i think is good for me…
    thank u

  • A really useful post. I read your post about eye exercise too. I shall be following this site from now on. Thank you so much for taking the time to maintain an awesome site.

  • Hi Steve :) What you wrote covers may be all areas and it’s really good work, thank you!
    Weak points in my opinion are points 77. Drink coffee 3-5 times a day? Come on, this is a large dosage ( and point 95. is kind of a trick but it’s somehow not so useful, I mean something quite more useful can replace it. May be it’s also worth saying that physical exercises not only develop your body, they do develop your mind maps and create new neuron networks that can boost many other zones and be useful, for exmaple if you swim 3 times a week it’s definetely changing your brain after you you’ll be able to do other things better, simple things like reading for exmaple, it’s all connected.
    And just a quickie for you, how many of the points you think you have mastered :) ?

  • The points you’ve made here are absolutely inspiring. I especially liked scrolling down and seeing the bit about not being afraid of embarrassment–because it applies to my life so directly. There is a guy I’ve been seeing on the bus, who lives in my area, whom I would love to get to know better. It’s a little like fate I think [because I believe in that]–I saw him once before while coming home from, about 5 months ago. He looked like a famous person and I went up to him, and asked him if anyone had ever told him he looked like this person. He responded pleasantly, but I made the mistake of walking away without saying anything more. 5 months later on my way to school I see him on my bus again in the morning on my way to school–I have no idea if he remembers me. On that same day, on my way home from school, I see him on his way home, and again we take the same bus home!

    I contemplated for the entire journey that I would write my name and number on a slip of paper and give it to him–I even went as far as actually doing it. But I just didn’t give it to him–now I regret that. What’s the worst that could have happened? Maybe he wouldn’t contact me, but that would have been fine, I would have moved on.

    So really, seeing you write that point, amongst the others, is really a great push for me, and hopefully in the right direction!

  • Thank you Steven, you nailed it. Hope to read more great articles from you. A weekend well invested. Wishing you perpetual inspiration.

  • Great article… I love # 29. Spend time not only with your own kids, but any children. It can not help but improve your mind. Kids are not imature adults, adults are burned out children.

  • […] Prayer Power Father, again we thank You for the purpose or call you have on our life, and we especially thank You that You have given us the talents, skills, and mind to be able to carry out that purpose. Link of the Day 100 Ways To Develop Your Mind […]

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    I found your blog post completely by accident very random. I had never heard of you or your blog. Love the post and I’ll be reading the rest of your posts. My favorite is #50. I think it is important that people love what they do and don’t just plod along. ~ Lisa

  • Hi Steven!

    can’t believe how much I really appreciated reading this post! some of these are just amazing and easy to do. I must admit that blindfolded for a day would be something worth trying to do. I have already worked out what I would not be able to do just by thinking about it! Though I have been practising most of these ideas, some of them are quite astounding. Ditching the credit card is a beauty! Live within your means and you feel like a King or Queen! great stuff Steve! glad I found you.
    .-= Nancy Wylde´s last blog ..The Secret – Deleted Scenes =-.

  • hi,Steve!
    I am very impressed with them, I already practice many of them and I am glad that there is someone else that thinks like you.
    From time to time we need to get reassurence and I got it!
    Keep it up STEVE!

  • Wow… what a great list! I think I could start by taking one of these a day, then repeating the cycle! Kindof like my motto for the day! Thanks for some really great ideas :-)

  • Nice! This is very good read. I can imagine how you racked your brain thinking about all 100 ways. Thanks for this. Could I add another? You can help develop your mind by thinking of ways to Make More, Live More, Give More (

    Kudos to your blog!

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    I went through the whole 101 ways on one breath, though I will bookmark your article for future reference :-) You came up with so many unexpected and brilliant ways to develop mind; I am just impressed with the amount of work you have put into this post.
    Tomorrow I’ll try standing on a chair and see how it ill make me feel :-)
    .-= Anastasiya´s last blog ..10 Most Important Secrets of Longevity =-.

  • Hi Steven

    Kevin Walker a friend I have made via “facebook”, directed me to your 100 Ways……………

    It is absolutely BRILLIANT – Thank you so much.

    I feel INSPIRED to have a FREE “100 Ways…………” seminar – What a fantastic way to SHARE and help people develop.

    I want to add you on facebook, but there are a few Steve A’s – add me “Maurice Kelleher”


    Best wishes

    “Keep your DREAMS alive…..”

    • Hi Maurice, the feedback on this post has given me some great ideas and I think with your knowledge at OnHoldVideo it could be doable to do a “100 Ways video series – ”

      thanks for your very kind words, I appreciate them

  • Hi Steven,
    Amazing list… I’m already trying some of those.
    The #72 remembered me of the videos… they make me change my mind sometimes already.. :-)
    Try to keep up with your comment replies, even for the disagreeing coffee ones 😉 and don’t take it personal, it’s just 1 of 101…


  • I keep looking for some fun ways to overcome my inhibitions.
    Your list gives me a bunch of ideas.. Thanks!

    But I should say, I strongly disagree with points #77 and #82 i.e. intake of tea, coffee, fish (or any non-veg for that matter)
    As far as I know, Tea, Coffee, etc. work opposite to Yoga; they accumulate stress and toxins in the body, instead of releasing them, though they give a temporary high.
    And, non-veg intake makes us dull, as it is a huge strain on our digestive system. Also, it is not healthy in the long run.

  • Either you are on some stimulatory drugs or antidepressant or you having manic attack! You have written too many good stuff. People who are struggling for survival, can’t think like this.



  • Thanks for this comprehensive list. I must agree with Dayne when it comes to meditation. That is my still point that all else seems to resonate from.

    Thanks again


  • My husband uses some of these in his classes and many are things I’ve just done on my own as I find they completely shift my thinking in ways that break old habits. Very liberating! This post is truly a work of art and a basis for a whole book. You could go into each one in more depth. I bet it would sell like hot cakes. I had fun just reading it. Great job, Steven. :)
    .-= Robin Easton´s last blog ..Bizarro Week =-.

    • Hi Dayne, readers would do well to visit your blog as well, I really like what you’re doing.

      Meditation is so beneficial in so many ways it’s hard to know where to begin with the benefits, the small ways as well as the bigger differences it can make.

      Thanks for your time.

  • Wow! What a great post.. really made me think.. and already started helping to develop my mind.. I definitely will work to incorporate each in my life..

    • Hi Charles, it’s extremely difficult blindfolding yourself for the day however I found it very beneficial. I found my other senses heightened dramatically and I found my instincts being honed more, and that’s only after 1 day. It really did make me appreciate what it would be like being blind, at least for a day and I didn’t have to stay that way for long, so I can’t really know but it gave me a glimpse.

  • Great post! I didn’t have time to read and digest all of it this morning, but I have printed it off and bookmarked it for future reference and inspiration.

    I find that making improvements in your thoughts, your actions and your life sometimes get relegated to the back shelf when life gets busy. It’s so important to have inspirational reading such as this to keep us present to what we really want in life instead of letting the urgent but not really important stuff take over!

    Thanks for the inspiration Steven.

  • Excellent article, I really got a lot from it. Very practical, straight-forward and lots of action items to get the mental ball rolling. I’m also gonna read the references provided here too. Good Stuff!

  • Steven, I must admit that, this is one of the best article I’ve read in a long time. v I wish you had wrote it earlier.

  • Okay, I’ll admit that I haven’t read the entire list just yet. But I think that’s a good thing; it means there’s enough meat here for more than one day!

    The suggestions I really like on this list are the ones about breaking patterns. Things like changing hands sound simple, but I like the idea. Sometimes it doesn’t matter -what- pattern you break or how insignificant the change may seem.

    Thanks for the great list, Steven!
    .-= Jeffrey Tang´s last blog ..The Crowd is an Illusion =-.

    • Jeffrey, I really appreciate you visiting and leaving a comment. It’s good to mix things up in life and breaking our patterns, it lets us see that life doesn’t have to be one big routine.

  • Superb list!

    Just to comment on a few.

    13 – I do this all the time. Doesn’t everybody?
    35 – That’s the scariest one on the list (for me)
    40/41 – Why do people watchthese anyway?
    82 – Any alternatives for those of us who don’t eat meat?
    .-= Ian | Quantum Learning´s last blog ..The secret of happiness =-.

    • Hi Vin, you should do one of these, it’s a great way to focus your writing skills.

      The Tao Te Ching is a great work and it brings up something different every time I dip into it.

      Good suggestion about doing the leg squats.

  • Steven, I am flabbergasted by the sheer amount of crazy, outrageous, and great inspirations you’ve given in this article.

    Of course I will continue to do Nr. 33 (commenting on blogs).

    I had an interesting experience with Nr. 43 (Write to an author). I once wanted to write a comment on Paulo Coelho’s blog, but I clicked the wrong link and send a private message to him. Just 10 minutes later I got a very nice and warm reply by him personally. I was shocked. Here I was an unknown fan in Germany and I got an answer from a famous author from the other side of the world. And it was very nice from him. I felt great the whole weekend. Why not do it, some will answer, some not, but they are humans like you. Give it a shot. Oh and BTW you might start with Steven – he will be a famous author soon, I bet.

    I could go on and on raving about your great list. I will save it and reflect on it constantly.

    And I will go on with Nr. 60 :)
    .-= Patrick´s last blog ..Release Your Fear of Scarcity =-.

    • Hi Patrick, that’s a great story about Paulo Coelho. Thanks for the kind words as well I appreciate it very much. Loving your blog just now, so we’re on the same journey as are a lot of people who’ve visited here, it’s a great feeling.

  • hey steven,
    loved the list. n i mean it. 😉
    i had already been working on several points you mentioned but there were few points which were quite stimulating especially
    1. Do the Thing You Fear the Most.
    6. Blindfold Yourself for a Day
    15. Write An Article About Yourself
    26. Write Your Future Life Story
    14. Read A Book By An Author You Most Avoid
    87. Break your Pattern
    i honestly believe just by having a look that these would be quite impactful.
    but for
    77. Drink Coffee And Tea
    don’t agree much(just to a certain extent). i mean there are very goud alternatives to it like herbal tea and oorlongs tea. these are good for health and have usually the same impact as regular tea and coffee.
    anywys great compilation
    cheers!! 😉

    • Hi Sunil, thanks for visiting, cool picture BTW. I am glad you liked some of the points in the post. A lot of people are not agreeing with the coffee one, but if you’re a coffee drinker it’s good news as it means you don’t have to cut it out altogether :)

  • Great post Steven. The list is comprehensive and not only can it be used for developing the brain, it is great for improving one’s life as a whole. I especially like #26. Writing your future story is a good way to create goals, and I sincerely believe it works better than say writing a list of goals. After all, story are more powerful in motivating action.
    .-= Karlil´s last blog ..The 4 Steps Guide To Achieving Your True Focus =-.

    • Hi Nik, writing your future story is something I have been working on and wil release another post soon about this with some work sheets, it’s a great way to plan, imagine and activate all your senses with this.

  • Hi Steven,
    These ideas are great not only for development of the mind but also to get those neurons pumping for us to write better articles 😀 .
    I’ve been stuck so many times in the process of writing and I’m always searching for thinsg that will get me out of that “mud mode ” LOL . <<<just made that one up- hee he.
    What a fantastic list. Gonna tweet and delicious this.
    All the best,
    .-= Eren Mckay´s last blog ..Whitney Houston interview on Oprah Winfrey show cd debut =-.

  • Great post Steven. Many of the points we come across many times in our lives but we forget to implement them.
    Coming out of our comfort zone (like facing embarrasement, trying new food, working on impulse rather than planning etc.) is always difficult and we often feel lonely if we do them.
    But then I agree, if we don’t keep ourself fresh (stimulate the brain) then a few years down the line we would smell as a dead fish.
    The only point is to keep yourself motivated while you try to go out of your comfort zone and try out things to stimulate your brain.
    .-= Abhinav S´s last blog ..The American Dream Continues =-.

  • Extraordinary post! I have bookmarked it and plan to read it 2 – 3 times a week… very useful information to get everything in just one reading! Thank you for sharing!

  • Great, great stuff, thanks! You made the front page at delicious — well deserved. I’m saving this piece to reread down the road. Keep up the wonderful work!

  • FANTASTIC list, Steven! I’m bookmarking this and printing out a list to put on my wall and carry around with me. I’m a firm believer in maxims, mantras and general good advice and this post is dripping with great ones.

    1, 12, 22, and 82 are ones I already try to practice regularly but I’m looking forward to dancing more often, standing on a chair for 5 minutes a day, and tweeting my moods. Thanks for this awesome collection of ideas!

    • Hi Andrew, it’s good to deep link your articles from time to time. I would definitely try and go for the 100 list as it could go viral and be one of your ‘Pillar Posts’ that brings a lot of new readers to your blog.

  • Hi Steve, really great list. The one point that jumped off the page and caught me off guard was #3, stop talking. There’s a lot of value to this simple strategy. It was nice to see several points here from other bloggers also (thank you). Great to see Vin mentioned several times, I really like his blog. I know this was a lot of work and I appreciate how comprehensive the whole list is. Thanks
    .-= Jonathan – Advanced Life Skills´s last blog ..Validation, Approval, and Happiness =-.

  • cool and thanks for getting past your resistance.
    Turning off the tv and taking action towards a goal everyday work well.
    well done

  • Great list… I know you spent quite some time on this.

    I think number 40 (Stop Watching Soaps) is so true…. The more we watch them, the more we become socially conditioned and we tend to bring more drama into our lives!

    I don’t agree with number 77 (Drink Coffee And Tea) though… and 3-5 cups a day is still too much (caffeine)! Water always win… Besides, you can get anti-oxidants in other ways…
    .-= Yee Shun Jian |´s last blog ..17-Page Info-Packed FREE Report with life changing strategies =-.

    • Hi yee, thanks for dropping by. The Coffee and tea one was for coffee and tea drinkers, I didn’t mean for people to take up drinking coffee, I meant it as a way for people not to be scared to keep drinking coffee and tea :)

  • Hello Steven.

    There is no shortage of practicality in this set.

    #20 about risking embarrassment is a quick one to get to results, because we very quickly realize the possible embarrassment is actually nothing. I recently read on some site about how the person will conquer a fear each day for 100 days. I get the feeling that they will very quickly realize that they will sort of run out in a short time since there are only a few fears that have been in our minds for most of what we do, and once those are attacked and understood better, the rest comes from maintaining that understanding.

    #53 is a winner because continuing the good is something many don’t see the value of. Being part of a moving train leaves no chance of missing the train. It doesn’t take too much to keep the train rolling, and the gains are immeasurable, or measurable for those interested in that type of measuring.

    Thanks for the package you have provided here.

    • hi am eurico , thanks for taking your time because you have no idea how much of my questions you have answered !!!!

    • Hi Steven, just wanted to say thanks for giving up your weekend and writing such a fantastic article, after reading it i realised i do actually do some of them, but there is many i have never done or even thought of doing, so i have decided i am going to work my way through and do everyone. Thank you so much for everything you have written, your website has helped me so much, I’ve always been such a worrier, but I’ve noticed since reading your web pages i feel so much better, definitely the best site I’ve been on. Thank you.

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