10 Simple Steps to Start Your Day Energized

Written by Lori Lynn Smith

It is first thing in the morning, you are on your second cup of coffee and barely moving. Sally on the other hand, she is on the move, she has already been to the gym, she is looking bright and sunny and is sharing her happiness.

Don’t you just want to smack her? Okay maybe that is a little harsh, maybe just turn her down a few notches. She must be related to the energizer bunny.

I bet you think that you could never be that energized… but honestly you can! You might not want to be an energizer bunny, but maybe a nice feeling that you are ready for the day and looking forward to getting stuff done.

Early to bed and early to rise makes and man healthy, wealthy and wise

early_riserYou can just put into practice a few simple steps that will lead you to the energized feeling you are looking for:

Become an Early Riser.

It sounds counterproductive I know, but even getting up a few extra minutes earlier will set a tone for you day and it will allow you to fit in other really great steps for building your energy. These days I get up at 5am every day, it is beautiful and quiet and I am able to get all my energizing routines done in the morning before I start me work day.

Get Enough Sleep.

Getting up early does mean that you must ensure that you are getting an adequate amount of sleep for you. Everyone is different, so I can’t say how much exactly, but try for a minimum of six hours.


Ah, drink a cool glass of water as soon as you wake up. This helps your system get going after sleeping for several hours. Everyone has their own level of water as well. Many people say 2 liters a day, but use your best judgment and check with your health care provider.

Get Moving.

Exercise first thing in the morning lights a fire that lasts most of the day. While I am not a doctor, (nor do I play one on TV), a lot of studies and highly regarded fitness experts place a high value on working out first thing in the morning before your first meal. This fires up your metabolism and sets the stage for the day.

Listen to Motivational Music/Audio Books/Podcasts.

On your way to work or while you are exercising, listen to positive messages from experts who inspire self-confidence and energy. This is the perfect time to listen to all those CDs you have bought that you never find time to listen to.

Eat your Wheaties. Avoid skipping breakfast at all costs.

Breakfast is your opportunity to fuel up your engine. I am big fan of including plenty of protein in the morning meal to energize and set you up for long lasting energy during the day.

Write Out your Goals.

Whether you’ll be staying at home or going to work, clarifying your day’s goals will ignite your energy. Once you’ve written them, jump into action and get started.

Most Important Task First.

Now that you have your goals for the day, time to get at your most important one. This gives you a huge boost of motivation. I love putting those check marks beside completed tasks.


What you say to yourself matters greatly and can affect your energy inventory. Setting yourself up with a great list of affirmations can motivate your through tough times, it can strengthen you resolve and it can just make you feel content and safe.

Focus on Being Mindful – Deep Breathing.

This one is wonderful. Sit comfortably with your feet flat on the ground, or laying Shavasana. Breathe out counting to 5, hold and count to 5, breathe out counting to 5. Repeat 5 times.


Aromatherapy. For example, the smell of peppermint can bring about feelings of energy and revitalization. Shower with peppermint soap. Use peppermint lotion to massage your feet and legs. Burn peppermint scented candles to take advantage of their aromatic effects. Smells so good!

Inspired Actions

Select one or two things from the list, start them right now. Play with them, test them out. See how they feel for you. Do you like them? Then adopt them into your regular schedule, if they don’t move on to the next one. Select another couple, repeat the process.

Increasing your energy ensures you’ll accomplish all that you want in your busy day. Plus, you’ll have the energy to really enjoy your life instead of resignedly watching it pass you by.

That is what you really want right? you are not concerned about becoming an energizer bunny, just having enough good quality energy to get you through the day doing whatever you would like.

Now go out there and have a great day!

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About the author

Lori Lynn Smith

Lori Lynn Smith is a passionate and an authentic teacher who shares her real life experiences about creating a more nurturing and fulfilling lifestyle. As women, mothers, lovers, sisters, friends we often forget that we need to re-charge our batteries. We need to take care of ourselves; we need to love ourselves FIRST!

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  • This is a very appropriate advice for work at home professionals, especially mothers. Sometimes the big bulk of work, for the home and for freelance jobs, gets us so overwhelmed! These tips are both practical and logical. Thanks Lori!

  • Exercise is really a key positive habit that changes everything!

    One other thing that I find absolutely important was to create a weekly plan that I adjust daily to fit the goals of the day. It helps to keep myself focused and avoid mindless drifting

  • For me, the sleep thing is hard. No matter what get to sleep, I get up very early. I often stay up late because I love to read and write, and sometimes I get these crazy bursts of energy at night. Getting good sleep is an area in which I really do have to put forth effort. I can say share from personal experience that losing sleep is not good, and staying up late just causes the next day to feel funky!

    I also want to comment on your suggestion to do your most important task first. This is such good advice as it does make you feel so empowered. Brian Tracy suggests you “Eat That Frog” (one of his book titles), meaning do the most dreaded task early on to get it out of the way.

    All of your suggestions are spot on!

    Thanks for sharing,


    Margo DeGange,
    Founder, Women of Splendor

    • Thanks Margo. Agreed sleep is important, I think the quality of sleep is even more important than the hours. Typically I only need 4-5 hours, but they do have to be super good quality.

  • Thankyou Lori,
    I needed that today. Not feeling so energized today but I decided to start anyway. My method was watching an inspiring video on youtube, thinking about my goal and listening to good music. :)


  • Hi Lori,

    So many helpful tips here. ‘Most important thing first’, is a great one. I can imagine the day going so much better after starting with a success!

    I’m terrible at drinking water, but have managed to build the habit of having one glass of water before I let myself have a cup of coffee. Having that first drink of water gets me wanting to drink more during the day.

    Being an early riser is next on my list :)

    • Setting yourself up for success is a perfect way to start the day!
      water is something I have good days and bad days, but I do the same if I start out right then I am good for the day

  • I always remind myself that strength comes from multiple sources:

    1. Mind — How our thoughts shape how we feel.
    2. Body — How our fuel and physical reserves catalyze or drain us.
    3. Emotions — How we feel shapes our thoughts and actions.
    4. Spirit — How our compelling vision and mission can inspire new heights.

    One thing that surprises me time and again, is how much a lack of sleep can trump everything else, and how much lean functional muscle can be a source of strength whether the challenge is mental, physical, or emotional.

    • It is a totally package and you need to find the perfect balance for your personal needs. I think that some people just zombie through life without even thinking about it. we need to get the conversation going.

  • Starting of the day is very important, if it’s ruin, then whole day won’t be productive and effective. So always start ourself with these tips will get us moving forward. :)

  • Great article Lori and I especially like the breakfast part. A large number of people I have worked with used to be in ‘on’ mode as soon as their feet hit the floor. Having breakfast allowed them to stop briefly to allow their brain to catch up with those feet!

    I would add though about the early riser. I myself am part of the 5am club, however I work with a lot of creatives and their power hours are the quiets times of 12 – 3am. This is when it is most quiet and they can get in the zone. We all have slightly different body clocks and for them it was more about being most efficient within the times they were already used to.

    Again great article.
    Aaron Morton

    • Thanks Aaron!

      I actually know exactly what you mean. I am up at 5:00am and most nights up until 12 or 1am. You should find your zone for sure to get the best results.

  • I always try to stay positive, especially after I noticed being negative drained me and I was not motivated to do anything.

  • Hi Lori,
    I love what you are saying here. I ended 2012 becoming an early riser. I am a night owl and I love the peace and serenity during the night. But, the most of the world is on the day shift I realized that staying up late and getting up late did not work for me no more.

    Take Care

    • Awesome Justin! Happily for me becoming an early riser didn’t impact my night time quiet. for me a definitely feel different kinds of energy in the morning vs the night.

  • If not Sally, I would keep to my lazy daily routine:)

    I was worried if I start getting up earlier, I will be sleepy all day. I was wrong! I have an additional hour or two to do the important things. It’s easier to do the most important task first in the morning. I don’t wake up regretting that I don’t have time to finish my tasks.

    Most importantly: I don’t feel sleepy or lazy most of the time.

  • I think you have hit the nail on the head. Many people never look at their morning routine and change up certain habits on a regular basis.

    Oversleeping, rushing, lack of sleep, or nourishment, make for a day full of stress. You never seem to get anything accomplished or worst you always seems to be falling behind.

    The only thing that I would add to this list would be to write out your plan the night be before. I believe you have to have a game plan going into the next day. Why wait until you are in the game to come up with a plan?

    • that is so true, you can definitely do your planning the night before. If you can hit the ground running that is the way to do it. I am usually doing my planning while I am on the treadmill :)

  • Hi Lori,

    Agree 100%… I find the best out of the 10 you mention is writing your goals for the day down… very very important. An alternative is to do this the night before and then simply review them in the morning.

    The key as you mention, is to do the most important things first. Take action and start building the momentum for the day. Simply taking action can energy you and switch your brain on.


  • Perfect timing for the new year! I need to wake earlier and then exercise. My new job does not require me to be there until 9a.m. Consequently I sleep a bit later, drink coffee and lounge. I really want to begin a morning yoga routine so this post is inspiring. Thanks.

    • oh yes, I can not speak more highly of getting your work out in first thing in the morning. you are so energized and you have accomplished so much so early, it just gets you moving in the right direction.

  • I’m a BIG fan of getting up early to get things done. Actually – not a fan so much of the “early” thing as much as the peace, clarity, and quiet that I enjoy at that time. Enjoyed the post!

  • No, Lori, I really DO want to smack Sally!

    😉 Kidding.

    Via some of your other posts, I’ve been trying to get up earlier and I have really been enjoying the extra time and quiet that comes along with it. Thanks for another reminder with even more great tips!

  • I do all of these each day except for 7 & 9. With the other systems in place I don’t feel the need to make lists or practice affirmations.

  • It seems funny but one of the best things to do when you’re tired is to get up and move. Exercise really gets the brain firing, the blood pumping, and makes you feel good. It’s that first step that can change your entire day. Good points Lori Lynn.

  • Hi Lori, exercise does it for me every time but I have also been using some really inspirational affirmations lately, trying to drown my mind with positive thoughts.

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