Do You Know What Your Animal Sign Is?

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You have a Chinese animal, an astrological sign, even a power or master number just for you and if you read and follow any of them you will see how eerily accurate all these really are. They nail your personality and can even tell you what your month will be like, and they are usually right. But it doesn't stop there. You even have an animal sign. Slightly different from the Chinese zodiac chart, your animal sign relates to more of the Native American furry critters.

So what's yours and how accurate is it to who you really are.

animal_sign.Jan 20-Feb 18 Otter.

You are unorthodox, unconventional and quirky . People don't take you seriously enough though they should. You know exactly what you're doing. You have a great imagination and are quite intelligent having a slight edge over everyone else.   Otters make good friends and can be very caring.

Feb 19-Mar 20 Wolf.

You are passionate, emotional and very loving. Wolves understand the world needs love. Fiercely independent and needing freedom, the wolf also is very gentle and compassionate. But there is a dark side as the wolf can also be obsessive and vindictive.

Mar 21-April 19 Falcon.

You are born leader and can maintain calm in chaos. People will look to you for solutions to problems and you will have them. Over confidence can lead others to thinking you are cocky and arrogant but you're not really. You just know your stuff and you're not afraid of showing it.

April 20-May 20 Beaver.

You are busy, strategic and you are totally on your game. Sometimes however you get too full of yourself with your it's my way only attitude. Aside from that you can be quite helpful, compassionate and generous.

May 21-June 20 Deer.

You are the light and lively of the bunch always quick to make people laugh. You like to have all eyes on you. You have a magnetic and bright personality but you do have a down side. Watch out for moodiness and impatience.

June 21-July 21 Woodpecker.

You are very nurturing and caring. People like you because you are very supportive and empathic. Everyone wants to be your friend. You make a great parent as you are very devoted and caring.

July 22-Aug 21 Salmon.

You are a live wire. Your enthusiasm is infectious and your personality is spot on and people want to be around you. You have focus, purpose and goals and have no trouble finding people to help you. You are also very sensual, calm, giving and relatively stable.

Aug 22-Sept 21 Bear.

You are the practical level headed one in the group. When there is a problem to be solved people will call on you. You have the answers. You also have a big heart and are very generous. The bear has incredible patience. You can tend to lean on the shy side sometimes.

Sept 22- Oct 22 Raven.

You are charming and very enthusiastic. People love your easy going nature and your diplomacy. You have a natural intuition about you which makes relationships easy for you to figure out. You can, however, be demanding and inconsistent.

Oct 23- Nov 22 Snake.

You are secretive and dark and because of that people will shy away from you. What they don't realize is that you are also very intuitive and a natural healer. You are also quite sensitive and very caring. You can be moody and have violent tendencies.

Nov 23- Dec 21 Owl.

You are the adventurer of the group and like to live life full steam ahead. You can be a tad reckless because of this care free spirit of yours. You can adapt easily and can do well in any profession. You are a great listener but you can be bitter and belligerent.

Dec 22- Jan 19 Goose.

This is the true go getter of the bunch. If you need something done right away call the Goose. You are determined and a bit of a work horse. You excel in every thing because failure is never an option for you. You are also passionate, funny and sensual when you want to be.

Was your description accurate? These always make me think just a little because they do tend to have some creepy accurate details.

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