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You Know You're With an Enlightened Woman When…

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It appears that these days girl power seems to be taking the world by storm . Everywhere you turn, hear and look, women are shouting to the rooftops that they are fighters, warriors, and bigger and more badass than ever. And they are. Things have changed significantly in the last 50 years or so and women now are finally considered equal, in most of the world anyway.

Today's woman is an enlightened woman. Are you unsure if your woman is or not? If she has any of the following qualities then count yourself lucky. You have an enlightened woman.

enlightened_woman1. She's selfish in a good way.

She will always take time to care for and nurture herself, emotionally, physically and spiritually. She sets boundaries around her time and won't compromise it unless it's absolutely necessary. Her time is just as important to her as taking care of her family and loved ones. She completely understands the concept of self-care.

2. She doesn't care what others think of her.

She used to but that was so long ago. It's taken her awhile to realize the only person who should care about her is her. She holds her head up high despite everything that has ever happened to her and pays no mind to the gossip around her. She doesn't stoop to that drama level and never lets her ego get in the way of this.

3. She loves genuinely and unconditional.

And she gives that love to everyone she meets. She does not judge or play favourites. She is compassionate, kind and caring to every one and everything she meets, animals included. She has a warm glow about her and people just seem to magnetically be drawn to her. Her acts of kindness come naturally for her and no one is ever ignored or neglected. She loves making people smile and feel good about themselves. That feeling is her greatest reward and gift to herself.

4. Her dreams are big and scary but it doesn't stop her.

Yes, she has fears, but she's learned to embrace them and follow through with her dreams regardless. She will find a way around all obstacles she encounters with grace and an open mind. She doesn't easily get frustrated upset or angry when she stumbles. For her it's another learning curve and she takes it on as a great challenge.

5. She's not afraid to ask for help.

She has a strong determined side to her and she will boldly go where no woman has gone before but if she does need help she is not afraid to ask for it.   She knows that helpful people help people and that you need to reach out to likeminded people who will help you grow, not put you down or discourage you. She's not so stubborn that she refuses help. She seems help from others as a gift, a blessing an abundance and she graciously accepts it as such.

6. She's not a follower and doesn't always have to have or do what her best friends are doing.

She prefers to dance to her own drum. She's happy for her friends and what they are doing but she doesn't feel it necessary to try to be like them. She's a mover and a shaker, a leader and a motivator. People will look up to her for advice and ideas and she is more than happy to help anyone who asks. Even those who don't ask, she will reach out to them to help. She wants everyone to succeed and be the best they can be at whatever it is they want to do. She isn't in competition with anyone. She believes we are all here to experience love, joy, peace and success.

Yes the enlightened woman is a beautiful woman. She is strong, but not arrogant, brave but not careless and confident but not cocky. If you are in a relationship with an enlightened woman you are very fortunate as you can always count on having a mature and open minded communication with her. She's interested in you and you her. There is no intimidation here, only great love and mutual respect. What a beautiful union.

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