Write your own epitaph whilst alive

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I am currently writing an article on personal values and principles and was
hoping to post it tonight.   However when I done the research I realised
it was a huge topic so have saved it for another day.   Whilst doing the
research I thought of an exercise to get us going on your values and principles
in life.

The exercise is to write your own epitaph in 106 words or less.

Purpose of the exercise

This exercise is to get you thinking about what's important in your
life and ultimately it leads you to think about your values and principles
which govern your life.

I will start this exercise and pass it on to 5 different people.   Leave
your own epitaph as a comment or write your own post entitled "˜My epitaph'.   The
person who leaves the best one on this log will receive $10 via paypal (hey
I'm still a struggling semi pro blogger!).


epitaphMy epitaph

Steven Aitchison, loving husband to Sharon and doting father to two sons.   His
family were the centre of his life.   Writing, blogging and helping others
realise their potential were his passions and he done so with a zest and vigour
rarely, often obsessionally.   His other true passion was the pursuit of
making money, not having it but making it.   He loved a challenge.   He
tried his hand at several businesses eventually settling on new media and public
speaking.   His need to be great at whatever he turned his hand to often
saw him frustrated with the mundane duties of life such as working for an employer.

I would like to pass this "˜My Epitaph' challenge to:

Steven Olson of
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Glenn of
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